“… my whole being revolted at the ide of becoming a homeless ascetic, depending on the labour of others for my sustenance. If God is the embodiment of all that is good, noble and pure, I argued withing myself, how can He decree that those who have a burning desire to find Him, surrendering themselves to His will, should leave their families, to whom they owe various obligations by virtue of the ties He has Himself forged in the human heart, and should wander from place to place depending on the charity and beneficence of those who honor those ties?”
Gopi Krishna

Kundalini – The Evolutionary Energy in Man



I suppose it’s about time I made a formal introduction of SweetClarity here at StillCreation. The best way for me to describe SweetClarity is through it’s manifest which you can read here. SweetClarity was born during the summer of 2007 shortly after Shahar & I completed our second collaboration and my first exhibition. The best way to understand SweetClarity is to experience it. So I will take this opportunity to share a new SweetClarity publication.

These images were taken a couple of months ago during Shahar’s second Orchard Labs project. We were invited to perform at a dance festival at Mitzpe Ramon. The festival experience was not very pleasant and at one point Shahar decided that we need to get away from it all so we drove out to a vantage point overlooking the Ramon crater. We were there together but everyone did what he/she needed to do. At one point Anna got up and went to the edge of the crater and my eyes followed her. As she neared the edge I felt something was going to happen – and the rest is in the images you see above.

You can see previews of additional SweetClarity publication at SweetClarity.

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