“The ancient postulate of perennial philosophy - the inseparability of value and reality - is psychologized into the demand that reality must satisfy us; the denial of the necessity of this demand is followed by the exclusion from philosophy of most of its traditional problems and the "raising to the dignity of philosophy many trivial and often foolish questions"”
Wilbur Marshall Urban

The Intelligible World: Metaphysics and Value

One Life Force


As I continue to read and summarize an overview of Vedic Philosophy, I have come across the chapter dedicated to Yoga. Tomorrow I will probably publish the summary of the first part of this chapter, but I did want to share a paragraph that shimmered for me. Reading it gave me hope and support.

The Yogi views nature as a single force working in two directions. From the outside, it struggles to separate; from the inside it struggles to reunite. The inner force is called Life; the outer force is called Death. The purpose of Yoga is to unite these two.

The following paragraph is taken from my “about me” page.:

My life in recent years has been a combination of extreme fulfillment and unprecedented difficulties & challenges. Yet whenever I get tired or down and turn inwards I realize I am doing exactly what I want to do and should be doing. When I turn to face the world in action I face doubts and challenges – yoga? art? photography? technology? startup? business? social? value? quality? private? public? isolate? immerse? Outside there are questions inside there is coherency.

We all tend to pick out “facts” that corroborate our perception of reality. I am happy to find mine in Vedic philosophy, especially since they don’t appear in many other places.

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