“Fright is something one can never get over. When a warrior is caught in such a tight spot he would simply turn his back to the ally without thinking twice. A warrior cannot indulge thus he cannot die of fright. A warrior allows the ally to come only when he is good and ready. When he is strong enough to grapple with the ally he opens up his gap and lurches out, grabs the ally, keeps him pinned down and maintains his stare on him for exactly the time he has to, then he moves his eyes away and releases the ally and lets him go. A warrior, my little friend, is the master at all times.”
Carlos Castaneda

A Separate Reality

1st Degree Burns


I studied for my BA in a distance learning program – which meant that I did a lot of reading and summarizing. I specialized in nothing – most of the courses I took belonged to social sciences, and because I wasn’t on a fixed track I tasted from as many disciplines as I could. I was coerced to study because people who cared about me felt it would open up career opportunities (I think work and money were implied) for me. It didn’t.

Ever since then I’ve had a pile of books following me around. Over recent years I tried to unload them and donate them to someone who may benefit from them. That didn’t work out – I got silly replies – like there’s no room in the library, we don’t have time to pick them up. When we moved to our current house I decided this would be their last transition – so they never made it into the storage room.

Shortly after we moved, it came to me that the books were taking up not just physical space, but also mental and karma space. So I decided it was time to free that space and make way for new knowledge and new experiences. when a huge pile of dried wild-growth branches was ready for burning and set on fire, all of my books and summaries joined in. The following day these image occurred (some higher resolution images are presented as StillCreation):

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