“I make but a simple statement of fact when I say that for years I was like on bound hand and foot to a log racing madly on a torrent, saved miraculously time after time from dashing to death against the many boulders projecting out of the swirling water on every side by just a narrow margin and in the nick of time, turning and twisting this way and that, as if guided by a marvelously quick and dexterous hand infallibly correct in its movement … At times I felt Instinctively that a life and death struggle was going on inside me in which I, the owner of the body, was entirely powerless to take part, forced to lie quietly and watch as a spectator the weird drama unfolded in my own flesh.”
Gopi Krishna

Kundalini – The Evolutionary Energy in Man

My Business Model


This is a business model I have started using in the WordPress projects I do. I try to apply it to other things as well.

Like-Hearted People

I am getting involved in projects with people who are involved in some kind of personal spiritual practice. This indicates to me that there is a good chance that these people share some of my core beliefs.

  1. They live as if their actions have consequences and they are aware of and care about those consequences.
  2. They are conscious of their intentions and their intentions are meticulously selected and constantly refined.
  3. Their intentions go beyond themselves – their work is dedicated to others.
  4. Their work touches other people – they are sensitive to individual predispositions and preferences.
  5. They have faith in what they do and in the people with whom they work.

This connects me with people who are caring, sensitive, curious, passionate and trusting.

A Simple Objective

I don’t enjoy doing complex things, so I do simple things. If there are complicated needs I break them down into small things and choose one as a starting point. The rest are set aside for a later time. A project starts when we can embrace a simple and shared objective – something that can be stated in one or two sentences without any technical terms. A good objective brings a smile to everyone’s face and a general feeling of lightness.

No Schedule

There is no project schedule, though due to their simplicity projects are relatively short. Time is not an issue. The most precious resource I allocate to a project is my caring attention. It is a limited resource so I treat it with care. The people I work with naturally recognize this because they do the same in their work. A project receives a limited share of my attention.


I do not have and do not give set fees. Payment is up to the people I work with. I have faith in their perception of value and  their ability to translate that into money. Whatever the payment, it is offered and received with a smile and an open heart.


A successful project is an enjoyable project. This is pretty much guaranteed when working with like-hearted people.

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