“Everything we do, everything we are, rests on our personal power. If we have enough of it, one word uttered to us might be sufficient to change the course of our lives. But if we don’t have enough personal power, the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and that revelation won’t make a damn bit of difference.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

Romania – Our Temporary Home


So we rented a nice apartment in a quiet neighborhood to the south of the city center (10-15 minute walk). At first I thought we were living in the only apartment building in the neighborhood – but I have since spotted a few more (quite near to us) – so we are not alone 🙂  When you walk in our door you arrive in a small hall and pantry closet AND super cool trolly for carrying food from the market:

Tip to first time trolly owners: the 3-small-wheel mechanism really does climb up stairs – but the small hard-plastic wheels can be very noisy – I would stick with the simple two rubber wheel version (so much so that there is a devlish part in me that can’t wait for this new one to break already – so we can get a quiet one : )

To your left is the kitchen:

If you continue straight you arrive in the living room:

From there you can see the not too complicated maze of doors that connect all the other rooms. Back from the hall is the room we chose to make into a bedroom:

In case you are wondering, like I was, why all the doors – keeping doors closed improves the efficiency of the central heating. Every room has a water based radiator – all hooked up to a central gas heater (that you can see in the kitchen – it looks like a small cupboard with a bunch of pipes running in/out of it) which is configured to heat water to a fixed temperature. There is a wireless thermostat that we can place wherever we want – we set it to the temperature we want in that room and it tells the heater to switch on whenever the temperature falls below the desired temperature. If the room is closed it will warm up faster and less energy will be expended by the heater.

Down from the kitchen is the bathroom:

And at the end is our designated Yoga & office room:

… and the view out the window when sitting in the chair is this (well it was this today):

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