“The reason you keep on coming back to see me is very simple; every time you have seen me your body has learned certain things, even against your desire. And finally your body now needs to come back to me to learn more. Let’s say that your body knows that it is going to die, even though you never think about it. So I’ve been telling your body that I too am going to die and before I do I would like to show our body certain things, things which you cannot give to your body yourself… So let’s say then that your body returns to me because I am its friend.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

Flowers in the Guns Revisited


A while back I wrote a post about a childhood event where I drew a picture of flowers coming out of guns. Then a few months ago, out of the chaotic workings of the internet I got a surprising and pleasant email appeared in my inbox from a fellow human named Stu Martin. Stu is a song writer and performer who’s 2006 released album Love & Peace opens with a song called “Flowers in the Guns” (written in 2002).

We emailed back and forth very slowly over a few months (Andreea and I had just moved out to Mociu and we were flooded by work and mostly disconnected from the Internet) in an attempt to get the song to me using online means. That didn’t work out so some weeks ago (I think – I don’t really have a sense of time anymore) Stu asked for my address to send me a CD. I forgot about it … very busy these days.

Yesterday on the way back from the village center we stopped at the postoffice and Andreea came out holding an envelope containing a CD – Stu’s CD – it came from Australia. It’s a beautiful CD and I am greatful for the universe’s generosity in bringing us together and granting us this experience of connection around the planet and across time.

Thank you Stu for reaching out and for the CD.

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