“Truth is indestructible. It seems history shows (and it’s the same way today) that the innovator is more often than not met with some degree of condemnation; usually according to the degree of departure from the prevailing modes of expression or what have you. Change is always hard to accept…. Quite often they are the rejects, outcasts, sub-citizens, etc. of the very societies to which they bring so mush sustenance… Whatever the case, whether accepted or rejected, rich or poor, they are forever guided by that great and eternal constant – the creative urge. Let us cherish it and give all praise to God.”
John Coltrane

Coltrane - The Story of a Sound

Dear Dalton 2


Just yesterday I published my first Dear Dalton … and so much seems to be happening. I wish I could write you a “wow, great job” … I really do … but this isn’t that.

You are taking a familiar path instead of a path you should be taking.

The screenshots you posted tell me you have skipped designing both a platform and a product … you are creating just another Twitter. The problem with Twitter is not in its web-client … but you know that because you are copying it.

The problem with Twitter is its social/business ecology … and yours is not elaborate enough to make a difference. At $50 a year you are going to keep many people out (I probably won’t be there). You are essentially creating a walled-garden version of Twitter. You will not be able to challenge Twitter to become a “dial tone of the internet” … you will be a “dial tone” for those who can afford to pay $50 a year. You will put yourself in direct feature-competition with Twitter … a competition  you will be hard-pressed to win.

You are using Twitter’s open-source library … and still don’t see how important it is that the platform be open-source? Karma is screaming in your face!

You are being impulsive and taking wrong steps.

Most important though is that my interest is waning … and that bums me out.

I can only wish you well and hope my instincts are wrong (me energy has been very volatile these recent weeks … but my instincts seem to be intact).

I think I’ll go and check what is happening with that other project that lost its way

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