“I too did not want to take the path of a warrior. I believed that all that work was for nothing, and since we are all going to die what difference would it make to be a warrior? I was wrong. But I had to find that out for myself. Whenever you do realize that you are wrong, and that it certainly makes a world of difference, you can say that you are convinced. And then you can proceed by yourself. Any by yourself you may even become a man of knowledge.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

Light and Mud


I think I got this nice meditation story from the first book about meditation I ever read. I’m sure that book was given to me by Shira, though I’m not sure it was where I got this story:

A meditation practitioner comes to his teacher after a meditation practice and excitedly tells the teacher “this time I saw the light” to which the teacher replies “keep practicing and it will go away”.

I’ve been (much to my surprise) doing quite a bit (much more then I’ve ever done before) of digging … and its quite muddy outside (transitioning to from winter to spring). Fortunately I have a pair of rubber boots which protect me from the mud itself. Yet sometimes, when I am done working the boots are covered with mud with quite a bit clinging to the soles. For that we have an inverted-U-shaped metal bar stuck in the ground which is used to get the chunky parts of the mud off.

Yet I am never quite happy with the way the boots are left … that is … muddy. So I’ve been thinking if there is an easy way to get the mud off. There are a few ways … but I found that the easiest way comes in the spirit of the meditation teaching. If you keep wearing and working with the boots eventually the mud will come off on its own!

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