“… the daily world exists because we know how to hold its images; consequently, if one drops the attention needed to maintain those images, the world collapses”
Carlos Castaneda

The Second Ring of Power

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • another Shakuhachi recording: http://bit.ly/bUSRjR #
  • RT @SaraJChipps Social media ruins lives [me: maybe it highlights the parts that are already ruined?] #
  • עשיתי את עמי פוני כוכב, חפשו בגוגל "עמי פוני" ותראו מה קורה :) #
  • I've been getting a lot of email viagra offers, now some retalin is starting to appear to bring me back down! #

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I Shakuhachi – Feb 1, 2010


I recorded myself playing Shakuhachi yesterday and today. I wanted to share with you today’s recording.

click to play shakuhachi recording

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • back to Yoga Asana – this time Savasana – a subtly demanding relaxation http://bit.ly/8LvOsQ #
  • beautiful palette of colors – glowing sunshine on green hills with a backdrop of ominous dark gray clouds #
  • @yogawithluc I was subscribed 2 Enlightenment Next 4 a year, encountered many names, including Tolle, over-intellectual and uninteresting in reply to yogawithluc #
  • @yogawithluc as if the mind has outgrown the heart in reply to yogawithluc #
  • RT @ronenk בוקר טוב, אני רונן. #
  • RT :) @ronenk @iamronen :) #
  • having a "family-work-meeting" with @andreea_hl to discuss redesign of http://www.feminitate.org #
  • גשם, רוח, עניים, קור… חורף קומפלט! #
  • לא תאמינו איזה גודל גזע נכנס הרגע לקמין… הכי גדול שאי פעם הכנסתי… ממש חתיכת עץ.. כזה שגודל ביער #
  • והערב – מבשלים על הקמין מרק כרוב!! #
  • working on a laptop with a dead (as in doesn't recharge) battery and a shaky power connection can be … spiritually challenging #
  • @Yogispot and vice-versa … in reply to Yogispot #
  • @NaamaSegal כל מי שבפייסבוק צריך לקרוא את זה http://bit.ly/4TxiUq ולעזוב את פייסבוק in reply to NaamaSegal #
  • מלא זמן לא הקשבתי לכוכב האהבה של ארקדי דוכין, נעים לי ! #
  • @NaamaSegal מזמן מזמן מזמן מזן עזבתי את הפייסבוק (ולא ממש הייתי שם גם כשהייתי) ואני ממליץ על זה בחום בכל הזדמנות :) in reply to NaamaSegal #
  • what is the runner up for an iPod for a media player? Archos? #
  • I now regret burning all my university books, could have used them to light the fireplace, now I know better… there's an education! #
  • @ronenk a while back you mentioned 2 web-based wireframe tools, do you recall what they were? in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk thank you, yes there are many, but I was impressed with one you mentioned… I agree on pen and paper but need to com. with others in reply to ronenk #
  • my woman is in the kitchen mixing, cooking and what not… all sorts of oils, plant abstracts and the like … 20th century witchery #
  • a little something for the weekend – a yoga sequence anyone can practice: http://bit.ly/d6bjMy #
  • playing bamboo leaves: http://bit.ly/i4sGb #shakuhachi #
  • gift your body with some very simple yoga movements to counteract effects of seated meditations http://bit.ly/a43kvz #

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Movement after Meditation


Yoga asana (physical postures) practices are very helpful in preparing the body for seated meditations in which the body is usually placed in an unnatural static position in which legs are folded to form a base and the back is held erect. Regardless of preparation, static sitting places certain stresses on the body. Such stresses, especially when meditation is practiced regularly, can accumulate and manifest as discomfort, pains and over time even lead to injury.

Fortunately a few simple movements can go a long way to relieve stresses and help in a transition from stillness to movement. Two postures are all it takes to stretch the arms & legs, bend the back and gradually and safely restore movement. It takes at most a minute or two and is a great gift to the body.

Clicking on an image/animation will lead to more details and guidance on each of the postures.

If you can make the time for it you may wish to explore an extended version of this sequence, your body will be grateful for it.

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Playing Bamboo Leaves


During my first Shakuhachi lesson my teacher moved two fingers through the air in a way that described a shape of a bamboo leaf. He suggested I try to play tones accordingly – starting from silent, growing fuller and stronger and then fading out slowly and gently, almost if the sound never comes to an end. This metaphor touched me deeply and has been at the core of my practice ever since. For me it seems like a never-ending exploration of refinement and subtlety and it has kept me deeply involved with playing.

Here is a short recording I made of practicing just one tone with this idea in mind: playing bamboo leaf shaped tones

When I viewed this recording in a sound editor I could actually see the tone shapes and how they change. Though it can be very challenging to reach a consistent shape and tone the practice is always rewarding. I experience great pleasure every time I experience a soft and effortless fading of a tone, every time I complete a tone just as my breath comes to an end, every time I discover a new potential for refinement (I realized fading in is a very different challenge than fading out). This simple image of a bamboo leaf created a vast space for me to explore.

Finally, here is a recording I made of playing the first 5 breath of Take Shirabe where I try to incorporate this idea of bamboo-leaf shaped tones: 5 breaths of Take Shirabe

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