“To learn how to chant develops this precious ability to listen without preconceived ideas or interference from our memories and habits.”
TKV Desikachar

What Are We Seeking?

One Night Stand?


Yesterday, we went to see Arkadi Duchin’s premier performance of his new album and songs. At the last minute (to be more precise – the last 24 hours) some of my images were incorporated into the visual art-work that was displayed on a large screen on stage.

My efforts to share my photography work (StillCreation, SweetClarity) have always been rooted in a wish to share with others something of the magical experiences that have been bestowed on me. Almost all of my work has taken place in improvised settings – creating alongside talented, inspiring and passionate people. For me, images that are created in this work are echoes of fleeting and sometimes life-changing moments in which I was present. I make images available to others in the hope that something from those experience will touch them as well.

In this spirit I answered the invitation to incorporate my work into Arkadi’s performance. Arkadi is a talented and well renowned artist in Israel. His recent songs are anchored in spiritual studies and the texts I encountered offered a warm embrace to my images. With this in heart I embraced the invitation and offered my works. Yesterday some of them met an audience of ~500 people, and over coming months they may meet many more. For this I am grateful.

On a more personal, may be more egoistic, note, I did not enjoy seeing my images the way the were displayed. There were a 2 or 3 moments in which incidental meetings between images and words resonated in my heart. There were many more moments where I encountered wonderful opportunities for wonderful meetings between words, music and images – but they did not manifest. When my images were screened, I felt as if I was one of the musicians on stage – but it felt as if my microphone wasn’t properly connected – I was getting cut off mid-phrase and then reappearing out of context.

The dialogue about including my images began a week before the performance. 24 hours before the performance I spoke to the video artist for the first time and sent her images for preparation and editing. There simply wasn’t enough time & space to create a caring and intimate relationship between the images, the songs and the performance. I would have liked to spend more time creating a deeper relationship. I would have preferred that the visual art work received caring attention as the songs did when they were written, the musicians forged in rehearsing and playing together and the production received in light, sound, documentation and recording.

I hope this was just a beginning and that there will be an opportunity to develop the work.

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Arkadi Duchin


Arkadi DuchinTomorrow is a premier concert of Arkadi Duchin‘s new album “September”. Most of the texts on the new songs are rooted in spiritual teachings of Kabala.

Amit Shalev is an inspiring video photographer I met during my first year working with Shahar (which brings back a memory for another Glimpses). I was contacted by Amit, who studies and collaborates with Arkadi, a few days ago about an opportunity to present my works within the settings of the new performance (on a large screen that is part of the stage design).

Amit sent me a list of songs in the set-list (and a tight schedule), and over two days I roamed my image repositories with Arkadi’s music in the background. It was a wonderful journey. Though I don’t study Kabala, the spiritual contexts resonated clearly with my outlook on life and my teachings and practices rooted in Yoga. The songs gently illuminated the vast collection of images and some images popped out asking to be present. Initially images appeared for specific songs – but after the first few songs an aura was set and images appeared from different directions. Some images came up that had never been presented or published in any context – they came to life with Arkadi’s new songs.

I sent out a selection of images matched to songs and then after a couple of days of silence I got great responses. Arkadi and others in the production team were moved and excited by the images and it seems that most of the visual work during this concert (and probably during the following tour) will be based on my photography work.

So tomorrow Andreea & I have another unplanned visit to the city. I am honored, excited and looking forward to this unique opportunity for my work to meet new audiences in a special and moving setting. I invite you to come (Thursday 21/2/2010 Noga Theatre – Jaffa 21:30).

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Proteins & Prayers


I first saw this video, “A New Biology” by Bruce Lipton, a few years ago and I was awed and moved by it. For the first time in my life it provided me with accessible and interesting teachings of biology. It is delivered by a caring and passionate researcher. A couple of days ago it came up during a conversation with Andreea. I watched again and it continues to be insightful, inspiring and miraculous. Hearing a scientific researcher cross the bridge into spirit and prayer gives me hope.

It is much longer then your average internet video (total length ~2 hours and 40 minutes). I realize it may be a challenge for many people, but I am convinced that it will be a rewarding and potentially life changing experience for those who make the time for it. Enjoy :)

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

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Silence is an echo of sound
Sound is an echo of words
Words are an echo of thoughts
Thoughts are echoes of knowledge
Knowledge is an echo of silence

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