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Great video I came across here:

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Glimpses 09 – April 2010


If you speak hebrew I invite you to listen to this 18 minute interview with Shahar. If you don’t, I invite you to listen to it anyway and just let the vibrations move through you. This interview took place shortly after our previous performance.

Click to play the interview with Shahar

We decided to try something new in the performance. We avoided the somewhat obvious use of live-stills. We decided that I would spend the first part of the performance collecting images and then taking the time to edit the images and constructing them into a SweetClarity-like presentation – all created live. A first attempt. As I was shooting I felt distant from the space. As I was editing I felt torn from the space, I wanted to watch it instead of the screen. I wasn’t happy with the images on the screen. I felt pressure. I surrendered to it and threw out all the images I instinctively did not want to show. I was left with a short collection – and that was what went back into the performance space. As I write these first words in this post I still have not spent time with the images (which I intend to do before it is published). It was an experiment that I do not wish to repeat again (at least not in a performance space).

The performance was a first of three visits we made to the center area of Israel from the distant north where we live. This is way more then the usual visit once in two or three months. I expected it to be a taxing month and it was. The combination of being away from home, traveling, spending time at my parents home and in a city landscape, irregular food, inconsistent (almost lack) of practice … all left me quiet and edgy. I feel a friction between myself and my own skin, from the inside… like an itch that can’t be scratched. I spend my days trying to let time pass in peace… letting my energy reconsolidate itself and looking forward to looking forward to getting on the practice mat again.

The backdrop for all this is a life defined mostly by unknowns. The unknows feel more menacing when my skin is itching from the inside. The unknowns are more angering when the itching is stronger. It is also spring, a time of change, windy. My breath is constricted, I barely play the Shakuhachi.

In this setting comes another invitation from Shahar to partake in the next performance. I don’t know. It is what I want most to do and what I fear most of doing. It will fill me with a sense of purpose and expectation from the second I say yes through to the end of the performance itself. But the present is weighing down on me, immobilizing me. I don’t feel well … I am not scared. I know this will pass, I know I will find my way through it, I know my practice will find me once again, I know… All that does not change the present moment – a heavy, agitated, sticky, annoying, itchy, sad moment. My practices have all trained me to be in the present – and so I am. Not waiting for it to pass or fade or change. In it, it in me.

I don’t know what a future time holds in store for me – neither in life nor on stage. I don’t know. This present moment is just about all I can take – it consumes me. The other day, Andreea spoke to me about moving to Romania, later that day my energy sank and eventually crashed leaving me with a headache for the remainder of the day. The present has me and there is very little space for anything else.

I wrote most of this post yesterday. Today I intended to visit the images. I just turned on the computer with the image processing tools on it, and now I know without a doubt I do not yet want to bring the images from the previous performance into my consciousness. They carry with them a mass from the past and a hint of a future. This post will remain written and spoken and unseen.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • yuck #
  • the rush for the iPad demonstrates that the hypocrisy of American consumerism is as much in it's consumers as it is in it's corporations #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • מישהו מנגן או מכיר מישהו שמנגן באקורדיון? אני מחפש עצה. ברכישת אקורדיון משומש. תודה מראש :) #
  • “Truth is indestructible. It seems history shows (and it’s the same way today) that the innovator is more often than not met with some #
  • degree of condemnation; usually according to the degree of departure from the prevailing modes of expression or what have you. #
  • Change is always hard to accept…. Quite often they are the rejects, outcasts, sub-citizens, etc. of the very societies to which they bring #
  • so mush sustenance…Whatever the case, whether accepted or rejected, rich or poor, they are forever guided by that great and eternal constant #
  • – the creative urge. Let us cherish it and give all praise to God.” John Coltrane #
  • get Ubuntu compatible, competitive hardware from System76 – checkout the added value: http://bit.ly/940yLs #
  • is WordPress evolving into an operating system – a potential home for personal online presence? http://bit.ly/aXeC5D #
  • wonderful WordPress plugin for translations, a gr8 opportunity for non-develpers to contribute to the community: http://bit.ly/c6ElIk #
  • @photomatt it would be great to have Gravatar as an OpenID provider too… #
  • if you take away rewards for success & punishment for failure… you are left with intention #
  • @raymondpirouz WordPress & open source are not exactly "about people" – rather about a a small&closed circle of people http://bit.ly/3tHBEq in reply to raymondpirouz #
  • "Rock-bottom became a solid foundation" http://on.ted.com/8DdN an awesome talk by the author Harry Potter books via @JudithYoga #
  • @raymondpirouz why do u believe that open-source is primarily JUST another business model? http://bit.ly/aB75g6 http://bit.ly/9RPZMT in reply to raymondpirouz #
  • @raymondpirouz I believe murkiness in "open source" is rooted in naivete, in business it is rooted in misperception & deception in reply to raymondpirouz #
  • @raymondpirouz open-source has a leg-up on business – it needs to mature and grow into design awareness while in reply to raymondpirouz #
  • @raymondpirouz business has a-lot of growing-out (of old-die-hard habits) to do before it can approach and appreciate design in reply to raymondpirouz #
  • @raymondpirouz I feel that if design were 2find a way into open-source software, they could do wonderful things 2gether http://bit.ly/3nivEJ #
  • @janeforshort the WordPress UI group is (4now) mostly about usability tinkering, design is (can be) so much more! cc: @raymondpirouz in reply to janeforshort #
  • 4th article on Doshas – how to manipulate a fire http://bit.ly/9qsRa2 #yoga #ayurveda #

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Doshas – Manipulating Fire


From the many parts that make up an engine, the carburetor ,where air and fuel are mixed together to create a volatile mixture, is most instructive to understanding how a fire can be manipulated. Anyone who has driven a car knows that the engine is controlled using the gas pedal. I am guessing that few people realize that the gas pedal does not control the flow of fuel – rather it controls the flow of air. A more proper name for it would be the air pedal.

The air pedal controls an opening through which air flows into the carburetor. Pressing down on the air pedal closes this opening – which affects air flow in two ways:

  • The first, and obvious result, is that less air gets into the mixture. This creates a rich mixture that has more fuel in it – which will burn stronger & faster.
  • The second, less obvious result, is that the air gets sucked in faster (the chamber into which it flows is a vacuum that wants to get filled). The speed of air flow causes more fuel to get sucked in to the chamber. This creates an even richer mixture.

In a similar fashion, air (Vatta) is the primary control mechanism of the fire inside the body – it is regulated through breath. Breathing is a unique action in the body – it is both autonomous and controlled. Breathing takes place all the time, including when we are not conscious of it (for example when we sleep). Yet if we choose to become conscious of it, we can, at almost any time, control our breath – the next time you inhale, stop for a few seconds and hold your breath – you have just manipulated your breathing.

The breath has four parts that can be consciously arranged into breathing patterns – formulas. Breathing formulas have an immediate & accumulative effect on the fire that burns within. Their effects may vary from one person to another – we all have unique engines, and each engine responds differently to changes in the flow of air. Breathing formulas can be used in asana practices (assuming that conscious breath & movement is a part of the practice) and they are a cornerstone of Pranayama practices.

Fuel (water) represents what we take it. An obvious aspect of fuel is nutrition – the food we eat provides it’s with physical qualities and resources for keeping the fire burning. A less obvious aspect is lifestyle: how you eat is as important as what you eat; how you digest is affected by how you feel; how you feel is affected by pretty much everything you encounter in life. You can change much in both the gross (food) and subtle (lifestyle) aspects of your life – and through them the fire that burns within.

A combination of on-the-mat practices (such as Asana & Pranayama) and off-the-mat practices (nutrition, lifestyle, relationships, etc.) come together to affect the inner workings of the physical body. Everything we take in is an inevitable mix of desired qualities and impurities.The dance of the three doshas offers us a perspective to the inner working of the body. Yoga & Ayurveda offer us tools for purging impurities (purification by fire) so that our true nature and potential can shine through.

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