“… but it was the saxophone soloing that challenged credulity, it’s length and perhaps its unwillingness to tell a traditional story… If there’s one thing the facile critic needs to do his job, it is some verbal personality from the bandstand, some words to transcribe into the review – anything to make a thoroughly musical endeavor more literary or conversational. Coltrane would not provide it.”
Ben Ratliff

Coltrane - The Story of a Sound

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06


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  • RT how wonderful :) @erangalperin: if you like cats + piano, well… :) http://bit.ly/2FfXW #catcerto #
  • "We make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give" (Norman MacEwan) #
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  • if you are shopping for "yoga clothes" you're looking in the wrong place #
  • Hello @JangalaRetreat – thank you :) you've been on my mind for the past few hours, letting my thoughts collect, will write you soon #
  • increasing frequency of firefox crashes is turning from frustrating into a welcome experience, karma sweeping away web-pages I don't need 2c #
  • choosing a #Yoga mode of practice that is right for you and your energy: http://twurl.nl/nqebsi #
  • according to the #Yoga Sutra – meditation is a gradual process: http://twurl.nl/q4ti31 #
  • RT @JangalaRetreat: "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." The Dalai Lama #
  • here in the north of Israel if feels like summer is already coming to an end, days are getting cool & breezy… delightful! #
  • @t I choose power of will over empathy, the latter can cloud perception: http://twurl.nl/p6m1db in reply to t #
  • "meditation is recognized more by the beauty of the discoveries we make than rather by the number of facts we know" Desikachar #
  • simple postures allow you to go deeper, and deep is where you find things you can take off the mat: http://twurl.nl/oso1jj #yoga #asana #
  • i can't believe Leonard Cohen's manager doesn't want me to photograph his Israel concert :) http://twurl.nl/euurum #
  • @fredwilson re: health care is not medical care, confusing the two is great for medical not so great for health #
  • I love to be reminded that everyone (absolutely everyone!) knows good: http://twurl.nl/hvxl2s #
  • “No posture makes us more concerned about others. This is worth meditating on” Desikachar #
  • how to recognize a yoga teacher? there are no preconditions! http://twurl.nl/8p44f8 #
  • an honest presentation: http://twurl.nl/h415sb #
  • getting lots of email offers to execute the wills of rich people who have died… is there a plague no one told me about? #
  • Meditating on Sabbath: http://twurl.nl/icg0fp #
  • beauty and beauty in the beast – watch all the way through :)http://blip.fm/~cwb5s #

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Meditating on Sabbath


We have new neighbors – they moved into the house next to ours – they are religious Jews.  They moved in this week, and from the day they moved in, their house emanated noises of a hectic family: children running & playing, a constant hum of a washing machine, babies crying, children yelling, parents yelling back, dog barking, etc. Today is Sabbath and their house is dead-silent – a welcome change.

The Hebrew word “Shabat” can be translated as a break or recess. From what I know about Judaism, there are many subtle manifestation of this idea – for example: time is allocated for prayer three times a day, time is allocated for short prayer around meals. I believe it requires a caring and attentive practice to create a balanced application of this wonderful and simple idea of taking a break from the daily flow of life to rest and observe (and pray, if that is your inclination). The duality of rest and work flows through our life on many levels:

  • We rest & shower after intense activity.
  • We are active during the day and sleep during the night.
  • We travel out in summer and stay in during winter.
  • We are playful in childhood (when life begins), contained in adult life and meditative as we near an end of life.

This morning as I was preparing coffee and looking out the window at the silent house next-door, meditation came to mind. It feels to me as if their house and family are in a meditative space. It also feels to me like an extreme shift – from a violent week to a peaceful weekend. It’s reminds me of people who come to Yoga classes, they claim to experience peace and integration but before they’ve left the studio they are already on their phones in agitated conversation (I wonder what these people are like when they get behind a steering wheel after a Yoga practice!).

We need to find a healthy combination of meditative practice & involved life. There can be no single formula to do this  – it is unique to our individual cycles of life. When a meditative quality is missing from our living-cycles there can be a sense of emptiness – as if something is missing. From that perspective we look at meditation as if it were some kind of sacred or elevated practice – we expect it to carry us into the light. This is an illusion caused by it’s absence. Meditation is a quality, a meditative practice is intended to introduce that quality into our lives. An effective meditation practice can cast a new light on all of our actions. It can change the way we view ourselves and communicate with others. It can change the way we move and breathe. It can change the way we sense and perceive. It can change meditation itself and our outlook on life.

Being meditative is not how long you can sit, how many words you know in Sanskrit or your philosophical knowledge.  It is about your capacity to love and your ability to communicate with your loved ones.

After thought: Sabbath carries a mathematical property – it is one-seventh of the week. Maybe this is a hint about a healthy meditative balance? Maybe it carries a prescription that one-seventh of our time should be allocated to meditation? Is your practice like this?

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Having a Price


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How to recognize a Yoga teacher?


Following is a paraphrasing of text from “What are we seeking?” By TKV Desikachar:

If you are seeking for help from a Yoga teacher then they should meet you on your own ground, as you are. A teacher should adapt the teachings so they reach you.

There are no preconditions

No preconditions means that a teachers accepts you as you are, with your personality, views and culture.

No preconditions means that there is no standard method. How can a teacher help you by forcing a uniform model on you? Is this a sign of respect to you?

No preconditions means that a teacher accepts your situation however difficult it may be and regardless of any differences between you.

No preconditions means that there is always hope – a living force which tells you that things are never blocked. A teacher will remind you that by embracing things as they are, hope will arise and bring about change.

No preconditions means that a teachers accepts you as you are and doesn’t tell you that you are wrong only because your opinions differ.

Comment: a relationship is a mutual experience, no preconditions applies to both sides. Come with an open heart to a teacher that greets you with an open heart.

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People know Good


The book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance opens with this:

And what is good, Phaedrus,
And what is not good -
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

A couple days ago I picked up Andreea from work, she had just treated a couple to a massage. She was happy and filled with energy and said she had a great time and that the couple enjoyed them-selves. This isn’t the first time, I’ve seen her like this before, I’ve seen people leaving her after a treatment and I’ve heard her praised by others. Andreea belongs to a rare breed of professionals who are a league apart from most of the people in her field – she was gifted with opportunities to study with inspiring teachers carrying quality teachings, and in very intimate settings over a substantial period of time. I have experienced the touch of both her & her teachers and it is a world apart from most of the “spa” treatments on the market.

Almost everyone who has experienced her touch can tell the difference and usually expresses it. As we were driving home I thought about this and a smile came to my face. It reminded me that people, all people, know quality when they experience it. Quality is indeed a universal thing, it transcends culture & words – everyone knows it and recognizes it instantly – and it is distinct from everything else.

We cannot create Good, it is a relationship we can choose to enter with whatever we experience. We can nurture conditions that enable us to experience it. When people make time to come to a special place and treat themselves to a therapeutic treatment they can create these conditions. When Andreea meets them in kind spirit – Good makes an appearance.

Being reminded of this gives me hope.

You may want to also read Yoga for a Murky Mind

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