“Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it. If paradoxes bother you, that betrays your deep desire for absolutes.”
Frank Herbert

God Emperor of Dune

Best Good


“I am [Christian] by birth, or my mother was and father was, and so forth. My early teachings were in the Christian faith. And now, as I look out upon the world, and it’s always been a thing with me to feel that all men know the truth, see? So therefore I have always felt that even though a man was not a Christian, he could know the truth in some way. Or if he was a Christian, he could know the truth, or he could not … The truth itself doesn’t have any name on it. To me. Each man has to find this for himself, I think.

I believe that men are here to grow themselves into the best good that they can be. This is what I want to do, this is my belief: that I’m supposed to grow to the best good hat I Can get to. As I’m going there, becoming this, and if I ever become this, it will just come out of the horn. So whatever I will be, it will be. I’m not interested in trying to say what it will be, I don’t know. But I believe that good will only bring good.”

John Coltrane

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Indulging in Discipline


This morning:

I didn’t get on the mat to practice.

A part of me wanted to have breakfast.
Another part of me didn’t have an appetite (it’s a voice that appears during the hot summer months).

The part that didn’t have an appetite did want a cup of coffee.
The part that wanted breakfast thought that wasn’t a great idea.


So I stood and deliberated and ended up having two slices of bread with ghee and then a nice cup of coffee 🙂

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A Good and Illustrated Samasthiti


A couple of miscalculations that were surprisingly quickly and easily corrected transformed yesterdays lousy samasthiti into todays perfectly illustrated samasthiti.

Then by just changing 3 numbers – a leg is raised:

And of course – the control points are only optional:

Next up – making this all interactive: making the control points clickable and dragable on the screen and then translating their movement into changes in the posture – which is much easier and more fun to do then calculating and changing numbers.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • "If my computer can come from China, clothes-India, apple-NewZealand.. shouldn’t it follow that “neighbor” is an ever expanding definition?" #
  • Neighbors: http://bit.ly/9ylEwb #
  • @Efratk אני יכול להמליץ על יוגה-תרפיה – אני מאמין שיש מרחב אפשרויות רחב יותר מאשר בפילאטיס in reply to Efratk #
  • @Efratk תרפיה יכולה רק להיות במסגרת פרטית – וכן יש לי על מי להמליץ – את מוזמנת ליצור קשר באימייל – ואתן לך פרטים iamronen [at] iamronen.com in reply to Efratk #
  • A wonderful demonstration that we are indeed all somehow connected: http://bit.ly/brdhL5 via @raymondpirouz #
  • speak less #
  • I miss playing the Shakuhachi – looking forward to finding space to be with it soon http://bit.ly/aKARxu #
  • I'm looking for a Javascript programmer who knows his/her way around canvas to pursue some interesting yoga posture illustration ideas #
  • blog for yourself: http://bit.ly/a8K2gl #
  • If, like me, u've been wondering what's the difference between HTML elements "cite" and "blockquote": cite=inline; blockquote=block #
  • "it’s a very freeing feeling to be rid of Facebook …like diving in2 a cool pool on a warm day!" http://tinyurl.com/29vfnfb via @sharonls09 #
  • a great and short talk by a "weekday vegetarian" about moderation: http://bit.ly/cbYxmv #
  • amazing how gunshots and military hellicopters blend into the serenity of the countryside in the north of Israel #
  • Preparing for practice takes Yoga off-the-mat: http://bit.ly/cgfXGu #
  • can't believe I am again elbow-deep in code: Javascript, jQuery, SVG … taking Yoga asana to new places 🙂 Yoga is a powerful motivator #
  • if you are starting a business blog you will never find time to write you have to make time: http://bit.ly/aWCbtT #
  • closely examining yoga postures over the past few days got me to appreciate limitations: http://bit.ly/bPES4B #
  • @tonyasurman #csiTO looks like a great space in reply to tonyasurman #
  • I sense a subtle irony & hypocrisy when I encounter posts about protecting net-neutrality that have Facebook share buttons on them #
  • If you are using anything Google (Gmail, wave, webmaster tools, adwords…) AND supporting net-neutrality, take a good look in the mirror #
  • After days of coding – I have an anatomical description of a standing posture in Javascript – now for the horrible work of debugging 🙁 #
  • first report of my ongoing experiment with javascript illustration of Yoga postures: http://bit.ly/agjNZs #

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A Lousy but Illustrated Samasthiti


I haven’t been writing much over the last few days and probably will be writing less in the coming days (if not beyond that) because I am caught up in an experiment. I though to write a few words about the experiment.

About two weeks ago I began playing with an idea on how to construct on-screen Yoga asana sequences on screen. It worked – you can see a demo and explanation of it here. It uses a relatively small Javascript to replace written asana names in an HTML document with correlated images.  I started using that to document one of my practice sequences (I really should complete the practice I started on – it’s almost complete) – and as I was doing that I began to push the idea further – because I still wasn’t satisfied with the process and the result.

Now I am playing around with some more complex Javascript. I have created a method of describing a two dimensional posture  using anatomical constructs such as limbs, joints and articulations. I spent the last week staring at stick figures and thinking of a way to transform them into code and then writing up some theoretical code based on my conclusions. Tonight I completed a first round of coding – I have gone from theory to a visual result – a messed up Samasthiti:

It’s a completely messed up visual result but it has a few great things going for it: (1) it exists; (2) there is a head; (3) there are 14 limbs (which is the number I was planning for). I hope over the next few days to debug and review some of the calculations that led to this result and to achieve a much better one (granted this result should be pretty easy to top).

If/when this works it will be possible to easily:

  • Create endless variations of two-dimensional postures by simply dragging joints around on the screen.
  • Build a generic quality online asana library that teachers and students can easily tailor for specific needs.
  • Construct practice sequences that can be illustrated for both on screen and printing resolutions.
  • Enable practitioners to maintain a log of their evolving practices.
  • Enable teachers to create and share online sample practices.
  • and much more …

There are still many steps to take until this becomes something usable, but for now a messed up samasthiti is satisfying progress for me 🙂

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