“Just as it is more moral for a doctor to kill a germ than a patient, so it is more moral for an idea to kill a society than it is for a society to kill an idea.”
Robert Pirsig


Tsuru no Sugomori


Played by Kifu Mitsuhashi

Tsuru no Sugomori from naha Jaja on Vimeo.

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Courteous Linking


My pingbacks & incoming links indiciate that some of my posts have been linked to on other sites. Some of these sites (to be honest, most) are empty shells which usually have very little to do with the actual content on my site. I don’t what their motivation is for linking – I am guessing it has to do with traffic manipulation. I’d rather they didn’t link to me.

I also recently encountered an article by Dave Winer on some invasive technology Google is cooking up. It’s called SideWiki and it enables people to annotate any web-pages (mine and yours included) – it does so in such a way that when other readers (using this sidebar) visit the page – they can view it together with the annotations that other people made. I agree with Dave – my pages are mine and should be kept that way. Other people are welcome to comment on them as I see fit.

This got me thinking about the one-sided dynamics of the internet – anyone can link anywhere else without any … well… courtesy. I’d like to be able to refuse people who link to my pages in a context or fashion that I don’t like. Technologically I can’t prevent them from linking, but from my limited understanding of web-servers, it is definitely possible to turn them away.

I’d love to have a technology that enables me to intervene in this way:

  • I’d like to benefit from services such as Akismet – and to be able to turn away links that are known to be spam.
  • When I indicate that a pingback comment is spam, in addition to being removed, I’d like it be diverted away (redirected).
  • I’d like to have links that are turned away redirected back to where they came from (maybe 10 times – so their servers would pay a penalty).
  • If possible, I’d like this to work retroactively, so that from the second I activate the plugin that does this, all known abusive links, sources in the past will not be able to link to me anymore.

I’d like to be able to turn away people, companies and technologies that are abusive and rude when they visit with me. After all it is my place.

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Parting from my first Shakuhachi


I am parting ways with my first 1.8 Shakuhachi, I am putting it up for sale.

[slidepress gallery=’1.8-meditation-shakuhachi’]

When I first purchased it (from Monty Levenson) I was looking to get acquainted with a Shakuhachi – I had no idea then, that it would take on a key role in my daily practices. It has, and I now I play another instrument.

shakuhachimeditation18I am selling it together with all of the accessories I purchased with it:

  • a leather utaguchi cover to protect the sensitive blowing edge
  • a beautiful flute bag – with moisture stabilizing layer to protect the flute from climate changes.
  • a new cleaning cloth
  • interesting written materials that came with the flute

if you are interested – please contact me.

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Caring about health


I am not American and I don’t believe in medicine & doctors but I appreciate hearts challenging a long-standing and misdirected reign of  minds.

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I Shakuhachi – October 8, 2009


This morning I made first recording of a meditation session with my new Shakuhachi. I was inspired to record by yesterday’s discovery of Daniel Johnston. When I first listened to it I got some idea of what a full and projecting sound is (compared to the previous instrument) – I didn’t play any louder or put my effort then the previous recordings – most of the credit goes to the instrument, mother nature and father maker.

click to play shakuhachi recording

Shortly afterward, morning coffee & kanafeh with Andreea and a bright blue day.


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