“Fortunately, it is not reason which puts an ally together. It is the body. You have perceived ally in many degrees and on many occasions. Each of those perceptions was stored in your body. The sum of those pieces is the ally … Our reason is petty and it is always at odds with our body. This, of course, is only a way of talking, bu the triumph of a man of knowledge is that he has joined the two together.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

The Ballmer Business Metric


I have been silently lamenting Nokia since I heard the news that their mobile phone division is being acquired by Microsoft. My one recurring though on this matter is that two wrongs don’t make a right. I’ve been living a happily Microsoft free life for 5 or 6 years and was disappointed when they squirmed back into my life by acquiring Skype. I used to believe that Nokia was the only trustworthy company when it comes to mobile phones – I am wary of anything from Apple (iPhones) or Google (Android).

So I am now left in a theoretical void. Theoretical because I don’t use smartphones – I have a simple mobile phone as a backup communication device (we have no landlines at Bhudeva) and use it very little. Void because now there is no one to turn to: no to Apple, no to Android and now no to Nokia. I look forward to the void being filled by an open-source technology such as Firefox OS or Ubuntu.

Anyways … this article talks about Steve Ballmer confessing to missing out on the phone market. And though an uninteresting article to me, the last part is cause for celebration:

“As a final note, here’s the Ballmer Business Metric: ‘The ultimate measure has to be what happens with profits. It’s got to be the ultimate measure of any company.’”

My celebration is in recognition of an inevitable departure of Steve Ballmer, his kind and their beliefs from shaping the world we live in. Thank you for your contributions to the world we live in and good riddance to your outdated and destructive beliefs – sincerely on both accounts.

I wish Ballmer a long enough life to change his mind about his biggest regret from something as petty as a temporary technology to something more substantial like his beliefs about the purpose of business.

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Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton


As I was collecting links and videos for the Rupert Sheldrake post I came across an additional video of Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton (I’ve been carrying Bruce Lipton’s inspiration with me for a few years) together. At first I thought to add it to the post on Rupert Sheldrake but something held me back. Shortly after that I discovered what it was that was holding me back.

This is a nice talk because of the light vibe of the two of them together but you would probably get more out of watching each of the separately and in depth. What I liked most about it was the Q&A session at the end (starting at around 1:05). Many of the questions, in my opinion, came from a newage-ish vibe (which raises red flags in my consciousness) so I really enjoyed how these two prominent scientists took the questions on and related (something that goes beyond answering) to them without any dismissal and without compromising their unique scientific integrity … and I dedicate that part of the talk to Alberto.

The higher quality video version of this  talk is available in parts and this is the first of 10 (Q&A starts half way into the 7th part):

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Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion


I’ve been fairly quiet in terms of blogging for many months. At first it was for lack of energy, then is was for lack of motivation, then, most recently, it was for lack of Internet connectivity – which we have but has been very unstable and frustrating to use (never know when hitting that publish button will actually work or return an error). All three seem to be getting better now (though the connectivity is completely out of my hands).

There is backlog of stuff I want to make time to write about me (at least for my own journaling) and this delay creates an interesting opportunity. More time has passed and my view on some things has evolved. Some things have lost whatever importance or relevance they may have had at the time. Others have developed into fascinating new directions I could not have seen when they first came to me. Some cross links have formed between seemingly separate things.

So I’m starting this update process by first working to clean up my browser tab situation. There are way too many tabs open with things I wanted to relate to.

One thing which is going to lead to many others is a drama that unfolded around TED censoring two talks from its website. I first learned about it when Charles Eisenstein mentioned it. Though the drama itself was a bit interesting it didn’t really move me because I believe that TED has for quite some time departed from original, edgy content towards quasi-intellectual mainstream populism. However this drama did bring to my attention two interesting people. The first of which is Rupert Sheldrake.

In his TED talk he exposes and challenges some very basic assumptions that are taken for granted in science (which dominates most of the modern world) as what they are really are beliefs … and beliefs that have lost some of their validity. I think his observations can be divided into three groups:

  1. Those which can and have been challenged using scientific method. For example: that laws of nature and fundamental constants are fixed.
  2. Those that challenge scientific method itself. For example: nature is purposeless (this resonated quite a bit with a lot of what Robert Pirsig talks about in Lila).
  3. Those that are built upon the rubbles of existing scientific dogma. For example: memory is inside the head.

The more intellectually entrenched you are the harder it will probably be for you to progress through his ideas.

His talk resonated with me in two ways. On an intellectual level it reinforcd my feeling that intellect itself has run amok – I’ve been collecting examples of this. On a more personal level I’ve been experiencing (I’m talking about a period of ~10 years) a shift in my relationship with memory. I used to have “good memory” (I had a very busy schedule and could manage it all in my mind) and now I can barely remember what I had for breakfast (today I can note something in three places and forget to even reference my own notes).

I have been having a hard time experiencing memory … and I’ve gotten around to questioning the idea of memory itself. I don’t really trust my “memory” nor do I trust it in others. When people tell me that I told them something or they told me something I don’t accept it mater of factly (unless it has been clearly documented) … nor do I argue it … I simply shrug it off as an assumption rather then a truth. Then, along comes Rupert Sheldrake with his suggestion that memory is not at all the construct that we thought it was … and I experienced great relief … a kind of relief I experienced being with Shahar.

The TED talk is a short version of a longer and better talk. So first the long version:

and then the TED talk that was censored:

… and stay tuned there is more of Rupert Sheldrake coming.

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Skyscraper melts car


this is almost too funny/sad to be real:

“The skyscraper’s developers said they were seeking to rectify the problem which they blamed on the position of the sun at certain times of day.”

I can imagine the architects coming up with a design concept – the gentle curve symbolizing flow, a gentle meeting with the world … some hyper-conceptual bla bla bla bullshit … NO YOU IDIOTS it’s called a lens … and the sun is to blame … obviously!


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So you want to invent your own money


A nice article on money. If I’ve recommended to you Sacred Economics and you haven’t picked it up yet … then you may want to read this article.

The subject of alternative currencies has come up in my life here in Romania and I am not yet convinced that it is justified or even called for. The only sustainable justification I have found for such an effort is as experimentation.

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