“I say it clearly as it is — to understand or not to understand, both are mistaken (views).”

The Teachings of Rinzai



Yesterday’s frustration had for the most part passed by the time I finished eating dinner. Today, as I came back from the village market its raw energy seemed to have transformed into something very different. I feel blessed.

  • Blessed by the amazing and abundant food which nourishes me.
  • Blessed by living in nature.
  • Blessed by the air that I breath.
  • Blessed by the sounds that I hear.
  • Blessed by the soil.
  • Blessed by the rains.
  • Blessed by a partnership with Andreea that goes beyond anything I was ever told or thought two people could be.
  • Blessed by a growing awareness of what family can be … also beyond anything I was ever told or thought it could be.
  • Blessed by kindred spirits who continue to gentaly guide me across vast distances … some in physical forms others less so.
  • Blessed by the people who have taught me to navigate in that which is known.
  • Blessed by the people who have taught me to be lost in that which is unknown.
  • Blessed by the people who keep me sharp by taking an interest in what I have to say.
  • Blessed by learning and growth.
  • Blessed by listening.
  • Blessed by intuition.
  • Blessed by clarity.
  • Blessed by surrender.
  • Blessed by acceptance.
  • Blessed by a friction of change.
  • Blessed by blessings that are natural occurences that arise from being in tune inside and out … like apples from that fall from a tree for those who stand by a apple tree.
  • Blessed by a balancing act of doing and not doing.
  • Blessed by patience and waiting.
  • Blessed by direct honesty.
  • Blessed by the edge.

I hope that by recognizing my blessings they may resonate outwards from my consciousness to others.

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I looked at the phone


There is heaviness in the air today. I spend most of the day indoors. Lit the rocket stove for the first time.

Its afternoon … cook dinner or get on the mat? I don’t know.

I look at the phone. Walk outside to pee. Come back inside the phone rings.

It’s Andreea, away attending births.

A couple have canceled last minute. Not OK. Other births were refused, loss of income. It isn’t the first time.

We have come this far carried by my financial beliefs. Now we are being carried by hers.

She believes in soft. She is opening to abundance.

She thinks I am angry. I’m not. I’m frustrated. Is this how people value soft? Pretty expensive.

It isn’t easy letting go, stepping back, letting her step forward. I’m getting better … but need to get even better.

Anyways, I am left with a dose of frustration. Heaviness & frustration are not a good recipe to carry on to the mat. I am not ready for a practice.

So cooking dinner it is.

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Bitcoin Robot: A Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme


The Bitcoin Robot confirms my feelings about bitcoin. To me the Bitcoin Robot seems like another fear-based (the world is in crisis) pyramid scheme (buy your way out of the crisis): join, buy some bitcoing and let the robot generate profitable transactions for you. That didn’t take long!

A(nother) potentially great technology detached from life and purpose.

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The Ballmer Business Metric


I have been silently lamenting Nokia since I heard the news that their mobile phone division is being acquired by Microsoft. My one recurring though on this matter is that two wrongs don’t make a right. I’ve been living a happily Microsoft free life for 5 or 6 years and was disappointed when they squirmed back into my life by acquiring Skype. I used to believe that Nokia was the only trustworthy company when it comes to mobile phones – I am wary of anything from Apple (iPhones) or Google (Android).

So I am now left in a theoretical void. Theoretical because I don’t use smartphones – I have a simple mobile phone as a backup communication device (we have no landlines at Bhudeva) and use it very little. Void because now there is no one to turn to: no to Apple, no to Android and now no to Nokia. I look forward to the void being filled by an open-source technology such as Firefox OS or Ubuntu.

Anyways … this article talks about Steve Ballmer confessing to missing out on the phone market. And though an uninteresting article to me, the last part is cause for celebration:

“As a final note, here’s the Ballmer Business Metric: ‘The ultimate measure has to be what happens with profits. It’s got to be the ultimate measure of any company.'”

My celebration is in recognition of an inevitable departure of Steve Ballmer, his kind and their beliefs from shaping the world we live in. Thank you for your contributions to the world we live in and good riddance to your outdated and destructive beliefs – sincerely on both accounts.

I wish Ballmer a long enough life to change his mind about his biggest regret from something as petty as a temporary technology to something more substantial like his beliefs about the purpose of business.

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Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton


As I was collecting links and videos for the Rupert Sheldrake post I came across an additional video of Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton (I’ve been carrying Bruce Lipton’s inspiration with me for a few years) together. At first I thought to add it to the post on Rupert Sheldrake but something held me back. Shortly after that I discovered what it was that was holding me back.

This is a nice talk because of the light vibe of the two of them together but you would probably get more out of watching each of the separately and in depth. What I liked most about it was the Q&A session at the end (starting at around 1:05). Many of the questions, in my opinion, came from a newage-ish vibe (which raises red flags in my consciousness) so I really enjoyed how these two prominent scientists took the questions on and related (something that goes beyond answering) to them without any dismissal and without compromising their unique scientific integrity … and I dedicate that part of the talk to Alberto.

The higher quality video version of this  talk is available in parts and this is the first of 10 (Q&A starts half way into the 7th part):

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