“What is called good is perfect and what is called bad is just as perfect.”
Walt Whitman

Where I am – Two Songs


Both by the beautiful people of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The raw honesty of Life Is Hard and soft hopefulness of Better Days:

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short version: question your motivations and actions; do what you need to do and avoid doing what others need to do; how can you tell the difference? when your actions are yours you will experience a sustained feeling of peace and satisfaction; a teacher can be very helpful on this path.

“What should motivate people to act?

Svadharma. Dharma is that which protects, holds up and elevates. In the upholding of dharma, every person has a role to play. Each of us, have responsibilities. It is necessary to be clear about what each responsibility entails, and do one’s best to discharge it. It is also necessary to be clear about the limits of this responsibility and not interfere in or worry about things that fall within the orbit of another’s responsibility. This is svadharma.

Svadharma must be done with Sraddha. Sraddha in the rightness of the action performed. There is then no other option and so the person never gives up and thereby he definitely reaches the goal.

While it is svadharma that should motivate people to act, this action should not be with the attitude of aham [I am the doer] or mama [it is for me]. To keep the mind free from these negative attitudes it is necessary that the svadharma is done with the attitude of isvara pranidhana. Isvara pranidhana is the acceptance of a higher force.

The problem often is that we are unable to identify our svadharma. Very few people even question themselves to ask if they are doing the right thing. When what motivates is not svadharnta but raga, then you have the attitudes of expectation and disappointment and this results in stress.

What is the means by which one can know one’s svadharma?

Atmatusti. The feeling of peace and profound satisfaction that results from the performance of the action, even long after the action is performed. Those fortunate to have an acarya [teacher] to guide them, will of course know their svadharma from their acarya.”

source: my teacher

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Bitoin (un)Reality Check


If you are a spectator watching the so called Bitcoin Bubble expand then this is for you – a Bitcoin FAQ:

“1) Should I buy Bitcoins?


9) Wait, does that mean that every advantage that people claim Bitcoin has is not actually true?

Yes. It’s not anonymous, it’s not free, it’s not instant, and it’s not convenient. It’s extremely difficult to make money on it, mining is useless, and it’s literally impossible that it will ever go into widespread use. Unless you have an ideological stake in the concept of Bitcoin (or want to buy drugs and/or child porn), there is literally no reason to get involved in it.

There’s actually one thing that Bitcoin supporters claim about Bitcoin which is true: it has no chargebacks. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Whether this is actually an advantage or not probably depends on whether you’ve ever been ripped off before. If you haven’t, then getting involved in Bitcoin is probably a good way to fix that.”

I think that the main “error” in this document is that is falls prey to the general misconception that Bitcoin is indeed a currency. Which it isn’t … or if you insist it is then know this … currency is its weakest feature (a corrupt side-effect). Describing Bitcoin as a currency is like describing … oh I don’t know … lets just pick something fancy … a Jaguar XJR SWB by focusing on its cup holder. Currency just happens to be an issue of our times and the whole “coin” thing in the name can be misleading. It is a remarkable techological experiment of mathematics and software engineering. Parts of it have already been adopted and used for other experiments in other currencies and other fields … and that is very likely to continue … because that’s the good thing about it.

If only non-tech people had any clue how arbitrary the real world can be perceived by tech people …


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Margrit Kennedy – Inavoidable Debt


Before watching this short video I had a naive thought that I, having moved out of mainstream society (without incurring debt) have evaded the horrific debt machine. This video, though gentle, tore through my naivety.

Since most of the world is indebted (by definition and by design) most of the things we purchase also carry debt with them. If, for example, you shop at a business that was established with loans and mortgages then the prices you pay for their products and services include the costs of those debts. According to the video, about 40% of the prices we pay is to cover debt and not actual products/services or their underlying values (materials, work, skills, etc.).

Since I am a very poor consumer this is still a lesser part in my life … but still … astonishing.

Margrit Kennedy on Interest Free Economy from Complementary Currency on Vimeo.

via CCMagazine

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In this post where I reflected on memory I quoted (at the end) an idea that spoke of snowflakes being unique in representing a “memory” of their unique hour long journey down to earth.

Then, recently, I came across this guy who does snowflake photography. What follows are just a few images check out his post on technique and images for much more:

 … left me wondering how much our physical shapes and structures are also devices of memory?

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