“Priests & nuns would make great flying sorcerers if someone would tell them that they can do it.”
Carlos Castaneda

The Second Ring of Power

The SweetClarity Business


My yoga teachers training course included studies of a prominent Yoga text called “The Yoga Sura” by Patanjali. If memory serves – there is a part in the second chapter that talks about a path of devotion – which is an optional path in Yoga. In this part of the text the word God appeared several times and I encountered much friction with it  – even though the Yoga Sutra is carefully crafted as a non-religious text. I was able to transform that friction into a supportive curiosity by playing around with an alternate word – quality. It seemed to fit in perfectly and it resonated within me deeply.

Over the past two years I have been immersed in creative exploration of art that is dedicated to inspiration, art that embraces and commits to a present moment – over and over again. In it I found an opportunity to experience quality – and ironically I found myself reinstating the word God. I have said many times and truly believe that when beautiful images occur before me and are captured through me – it is the work of God. My work is more about not-doing, not getting in the way, remaining present, being there when divine expression takes place.

When I left my last steady/paying job over two years ago I was scared. For the first two weeks I was scared about money and where it would come from. Then that fear was replaced by another fear – which surprised me. Read More »

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Glimpses 06 – December 2008


i have taken another liberty – and i have shaken the grip that time had on glimpses. though i am still taking a trip down memory line – i am no longer committed to a linear trip. i am releasing the memories as they come. sometimes it starts with an image that leads to a memory and words, other times it is a memory that leads to images and words. this time though – it’s a word that led to a memory of images and then more words. violence.

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Upcoming Performance in Jerusalem


On the coming thursday – December 11th – I will partake in an improvised performance space that will take place at Beit Anna Ticho (9 Harav Kuk St. – Jerusalem).  The performance is taking place within a photography exhibition titled “Woman with a Camera”. There will be three performance groups that will perform consecutively and in a loop from 20:00 – 22:00.  I have been invited to perform with Shlomit (who I first met here) – and I am grateful for this opportunity to work with her again. During her performances I will be using live-stills. Ilay will also be there so I expect to do something with him as well.  Should be good fun – please come if you are in the area.


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Woah Jolene!


Ever since I started the “enjoy” category (thanks again Ryan for the inspiration!) I really enjoy my excursions into youtube land – I run into some surprising stuff and usually burn up way too much time on it : ) During my recent excursion for the post on Cake – I came across this ooooomph version of my parent’s-generation-classic-all-time-favorite Jolene. Speechless! If my parents happen to come across this – then… we’ll have something to talk about at the next family dinner : ) These are the White Stripes. Enjoy : )

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Interrogation & Compassion


Once in an inconsistent while I scroll through my twitter and quickly pull out a few links to review at a later time. They stay open in tabs in my browser until a later time when I actually read them. Sometimes I follow some of those links to other links – and that I think sums up the majority of my internet reading. This morning I found myself reading two articles/posts consecutively. When I was finished I toggled between the two back and forth a few times. The first about Happiness, Compassion and Sharing and the second about interrogation techniques used by Americans in Iraq. I’ll leave you to connect your own dots.

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