“I’d say, ‘Trane, man, why are you doing that, beating on your chest and howling in the microphone?’. He’d say, ‘Man, I can’t find anything else to play on the horn.’ He exhausted the saxophone. He couldn’t find nothing else to play… he ran out of horn”
Rashied Ali

Coltrane - The Story of a Sound



Remember the user interaction Tom Cruz operated on Steven Speilberg’s “Minority Report?”. It’s coming:

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

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Living in a Fractal & Playing the Stereo loud & (what the heck do I know about) World Economics


During my recent visit to Tel-Aviv, a friend I met, (who lives in Tel-Aviv) asked if we (my wife – need to find a better word for that! – and I) would accept an invitation to join her for dinner some time. I replied that the chances were slim. I don’t get to Tel-Aviv often (and avoid it altogether when possible) and keep my travels to a minimum. I am trying to keep my life simple and inexpensive – two years ago I gave up the luxury of money for the luxury of creativity and happiness.

As I was driving home with my wife (that word again!) I shared with her an image that came to me right there and then. My experience these days is as if reality is squeezing me into a tighter and tighter spot. It seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Yet I want and need to experience life with plenty of space. So I am surrendering to this shrinking bubble that’s wrapping me and “shrinking” myself – so that I still have a sense of space within my perceived limitations.

This morning as I was sitting on the beach I had a glimpse of some clarity. I recalled a fractal image I read about and saw many years ago (Chaos: Making a New Science) and as I drew it in the sand the shrinking metaphor (and I) expanded …

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Wish: Ilay’s Room


I just returned from a performance that Ilay produced and in which he performs. Ilay is a friend and performer whom I met in the context of my work with Shahar and who appears in many of my images. The performance took place on the roof of his apartment building in Tel-Aviv. An impressive audience of about 30 people attended. The performance seems to be centered around a character that Ilay has been developing. I met this character a few weeks ago during our excursion to the desert (I hope that soon images will be made available on StillCreation). During the performance – a clear image of a creative event appeared to me. I would like this event to reach out from my imagination into an experienced reality. I would like to do a 3 day photography/performance event during which Ilay’s character evolves and appears.

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Yoga & Breath – Natural Breathing


“A change in breath can diminish the experience of limits. A breathing pattern is usually committed to memory and the limits are associated with it. When the breathing is altered, the memory of the limit disappears and we can explore beyond.”

Though I intended to explain why you should breathe systemically in your Yoga practice – I have opted not to. I will say what I say to my Yoga students – if you are not breathing consciously and systemically then your practice is not Yoga. You can being doing great stretching, strengthening, balancing, whatever exercises – but you are not practicing Yoga.

The only way, I know of, for you to create a relevant relationship (one that goes beyond your mind’s resistance or embracing of it) with this statement is simple: practice passionately and compassionately with breathing for a meaningful period of time and accumulate your own experience. If you’ve never practiced Yoga – then breathing is a great place to start. Read More »

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Painting with Light


Is photography about to change forever? Are still-images and video merging?  High resolution, high video frame rates, hi definition (higher then most commercial screens can display), raw video and still files, completely modular, compatible with existing optics… never mind the price… mind the dream! Apparently the guy behind Oakley is going at it big time.  Click on the image for more on this innovative company.

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