“He said that it was simpler and more effective just to act, without seeking explanations, and that by talking about my experience and by thinking about it I was dissipating it.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power



Yesterday we sat down to watch Bella. It is one of those movies that, for me, stand out from the crowd. It resonated nice with my recent encounters and practice of faith.

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Color Profiles


I recently encountered a question about color profiling and the answer required more then the 140 characters allocated for the question. There is plenty of more professional information about this out there – but I am guessing that a lot of people can make do with a simple explanation.

Why should you care about color profiles?

Ironically because what you see is not what you get. I will use still photography as an example – but this implies just as well for any digital imaging technology. Read More »

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Dear Paul Graham, Attn. Art


Dear Paul,

I have recently begun to reluctantly follow on some technology/startup/vc reading. I came across your writing and YCombinator.  I have read numerous articles you wrote, I have drawn some ideas and found some inspiration in them. When I came across your article How Art Can Be Good I came to a stop. My initial response was objection to your writing –  and I almost engaged you in a confrontation. I wanted to show you that you are wrong – that you do not know what art is. But to do this I would have had to claim that I do know what art is – and nothing could be further from a truth. So I let the energy you stirred in me continue to brew and eventually settle. Now that it has, I feel that I can write with a positive note and establish a connection with you rather then form an opposition. Responding to your article has actually consolidated some ideas that I have been carrying with me – so I am thankful for your contribution in crystallizing my thoughts and forming a stage for their expression.

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Wish: Shakuhachi


My wish it to be able to order a custom made Jinashi flute from Monty – a flute that is harvested and made for me and with me in mind.

This picture is not of a Jinashi flute – but it is a beautiful one : )

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4 Nifty Applications


I think this is the first time (at least in a long time) that the word nifty came to mind – enough so that I would even use it to express myself in writing.

I came across this page with recommendations for 4 applications:

  • a nice replacement for Windows XP alt-tabbing
  • a substitute for the windows taskbar
  • a utility for capturing screen-shots
  • a desktop RSS reader- this may finally get me to use RSS.

Thank you Greg.

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