“I’d say, ‘Trane, man, why are you doing that, beating on your chest and howling in the microphone?’. He’d say, ‘Man, I can’t find anything else to play on the horn.’ He exhausted the saxophone. He couldn’t find nothing else to play… he ran out of horn”
Rashied Ali

Coltrane - The Story of a Sound

Business insights


I came across this nice post by Mike McDerment about building and running a business. It’s short concise and insightful. I enjoyed it because it is a sane reminder about how much unknown is in business (as in everything else) amidst all the ‘knowledgable’ business advice floating around out there waiting to depress you. Pleasant and supportive reading.

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If you haven’t heard it (even though it was on one of the Shrek movie sound tracks) or seen it – now is a good time. This is Jeff Buckley doing a Leonard Cohen song. I came to know Jeff Buckley when he had already left the planet. I often wish I could have seen him in concert:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff_nvF_3Joo]



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This SweetClarity publication was taken during a street performance in Barcelona – also during Shahar’s Tune workshop. The location was a square – a place where Shahar likes to sit and dine when he visits Barcelona. The score for the performance, if I recall correctly, was to start in groups of 4 or 5 – everything else, like always would reveal itself (or not) as the performance progressed. It was a big space and the group really mastered it.

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Virtue of a Sacred Space


Following is a story told by Peter Brook to John Heilpern in the final chapters of Conference of the Birds: The Story of Peter Brook in Africa.

“Suppose a child is perfectly normal until he’s five years old. Suddenly he goes deaf. And with his deafness, his powers of speech becomes difficult. The child isn’t the same as someone born deaf. He’s had impressions of hearing. But his hearing and speaking are warped – with all the psychological barriers and confusions that involves. He functions in a diminished capacity for almost all his childhood and early youth. Whereupon a new treatment comes into existence.

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Homemade RAID (Part1)


As a photographer I have accumulated vasts quantities of digital information. If you live in the USA or Europe then you can find numerous attractively priced storage solutions. I live in Israel and most of these devices don’t make it out here. One that did is outrageously expensive and for me out of the question. Though my application was primarily for digital images – the solution can be used for many other application where large volumes of information need to be stored and shared amongst a group of users over a private network. Read More »

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