“This time, however, my fear was a true novelty. It came from an unknown part of the world and hit me in an unknown part of myself.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

Artistic Direction


At SweetClarity, Shahar is the Artistic Director. Ever since we formally recognized this I have been thinking on what a wonderful thing it is for a company to have Artistic Direction, and though I have a clear sensation of what this is, I found it hard to explain (to myself and therefor to others). One recurring quality of art for me is the difference between thinking or talking about it and actually doing it. Whenever I think about my art work I get drained and bored, whenever I engage in art work I am inspired and passionate. So I will use this quality to shed some light on Artistic Direction and how it touched me today! Read More »

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Atha Yoga!



Whenever I make attempt at writing “Yoga is…”, I get stuck. The temptation to approach this question originates in my need to share Yoga with others. The most popular question I get about Yoga is “what kind of Yoga do you teach?”. The more experience I have facing this question – the better practiced I become at avoiding a direct answer. Yet, if the number of students I have taught is any indication of my quality as a yoga teacher – then it is safe to say that I have failed . I have pondered this very much  – which usually leads back to the question “What is Yoga?”. Read More »

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Tune – Barcelona


During March 12 – 26 Shahar and I will be in Barcelona – during the first Artness Tune project. I am very excited about this.

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