“I began with love and prayer, I changed to anger and rebellion. I was transformed into what yo see before you.”
Frank Herbert

God Emperor of Dune

WordPress: Dharma Online

Somewhere in 2007 I first became acquainted with WordPress. WordPress is an open-source software project which enables you to build and manage websites. Open-source means its developed by a community of developers and offered freely to anyone who wishes to use it – as unbelievable as that may sound that is the true nature of WordPress. There are other open-source solutions for building websites. I work with WordPress both because of its technical features and because it has a vibe of quality – it is filled with good intentions that resonate from it & through it.

I started using WordPress when I wanted to form my own space of expression online, I still do (the words you are now reading and this entire website is built on WordPress). I have also had the pleasure of helping out other people create their own spaces of expression on the web – these are some examples: StillCreation, Nashiyut, Artness, Feminitate, Atha Yoga, Daphna Dor & Good Vibes.

If you would like to create your own online space of expression I may be able to help. There are many issues to meet when building your website – the technical parts are just one aspect and WordPress handled them pretty well for you. You may encounter challenges in creating content, in writing consistently over a period of time, in connecting to other people online, in using other web-technologies to support your efforts. I believe that inevitable you will encounter yourself – because in the end its about you following your heart.

Therefore I believe in a gradual process – taking small steps that will enable you to discover the questions that are most important for you and creating a space in which answers can emerge. Your understanding, wishes and needs will change as you explore and delve deeper into creating your online space of expression. I hope to be there for you.

If you’d like my assistance in creating your space please feel free to contact me (iamronen [at] iamronen [dot] com) or using this contact form.

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