“Hunting power is a very strange affair. There is no way to plan it ahead of time. That’s what’s exciting about it. A warrior proceeds as if he had a plan though, because he trusts his personal power. He knows for a fact that it will make him act in th emost appropriate fashion.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

The Manifest


Finally it’s time. Time to share the idea behind SweetClarity. Why now? Because now it became relevant – I feel a need to do this and after talking over with Shahar, I’ve decided to let the world know about SweetClarity.

The evolution of the SweetClarity idea is long and personal, so I’ll try presenting through a number of signficant milestones:

July 2006: Shahar & I Meet – you can read more about this here. Shahar invites me to join an experiment. I blindly accept. I feel that there is something big happening in my life – excitement appears.

August 2006: The first project commences and as it evolves Shahar names it Sweet. You can read about it here & here. I am taken by the inspiration of being around Shahar and his amazing faith in people and art. In one of our conversation I the name SweetClarity first appears.

November 2006: Shahar invites to join his year-long training program Hunch. Again, blindly, though less then before, I accept. Visual materials (a lot!) are gathering and evolving, I think I am getting addicted to the experience of inspiration – I tell Shahar that I feel it is imperative that more people experience his work and the special art-form he practices.

June 2007: Hunch ends with a big celebration and my first exhibition. We begin to realize that in some way, the (15,000) images that were collected during the project may be an opportunity to share the work (and hopefully the inspiration) with people who do not study with or attend performances with Shahar. Photography extends the artistic reach to larger audiences.

July 2007: Shahar & I have a conversation, many personal thoughts and experiences are discussed. Wouldn’t it be a great thing if we could take our visual materials, along with many other amazing artist who’s art is practiced outside the main-stream of society and culture. An idea forms – how about displaying it public entertainment venues such as restaurants and coffee shops who have screens but nothing to display on them.

We have been working on SweetClarity ever since, it is a process that in many ways is just beginning, but mostly a continuation of many years of personal growth and evolution for both Shahar & myself. All of our skills have come together into play. Our collaboration is founded and driven first and foremost in our art-work. SweetClarity is an out-growth from that work and carries the qualities and values which we hold dearest.

After many documents and drafts of executive summaries and business plans we decided to take a step back and approach from a different perspective – one that feels more relevant and proper – we decided to write a manifest. It was probably a good decisions because it flowed effortlessly onto the pages – a correct effort.

If you’ve made it this far in the post then we are excited to share with you the:


If you are an interested artist please contact us.
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