“You would also do well to remember that what I say and how you perceive what I say can be completely different depending upon your awareness of yourself and the level of skill you have attained.”
Miyamoto Musashi translated by Stephen F. Kaufman

The Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings

No More Financial Transactions


A purely financial transaction is one in which nothing is created – money (or a potential for money) changes hands. It is like a game of chess in which moves are selected, sacrifices made all for the sake of one goal – victory (and defeat – depends on which side of the table you are sitting). With financial transactions the goal is to move money around. Like chess masters, people who live playing with financial transactions are masters of their art.

You can choose to sit down and play a game of chess. You cannot choose to play a game of money – if you have a bank account, credit card or any monetary device – you are in the money game. You have no choice. You are now on the same playground with some crafty & masterful  professionals. This playground is not friendly and neither are they. Their objective is to make all the best moves to manipulate your money into their pockets. They are winning because they are better at it then you.

There is nothing inherently wrong with money or financial games. In my mind they have the potential to be a wonderful exchange of creative potential. Misdirection comes from a distorted sense of purpose. The purpose of the money game is to use the money you have to make more money. There are individuals who have played this game to it’s fullest potential – they have more money then they (or entire countries) could use and they have nothing to do with it (so they are inventing a new game – this time it’s about giving money away).

What if purely financial transaction were outlawed and banned? What would happen if an exchange of money was outside both the accepted and enforced norms of society? What if a financial exchange had to have a stated purpose and to result in something that is created within the context of that purpose?

  • What would happen to banks and bankers?
  • What would happen to investors?
  • What would happen to philanthropists?
  • What would happen to entrepreneurs?
  • What would happen to individual and families?
  • What would happen to communities?
  • What would happen to countries?
  • What would happen to borders?
  • What would happen to you?

I get a great feeling from playing with this idea. If nothing else, it would challenge many existing systems into reorientation, restructuring and hopefully to finding a new purpose.

But this is not practical? Or is it? Initially I thought this was just a fantasy, there is no way that any legislative and economic system would allow such radical reform. But then I realized that ironically making this an immediate reality is in my hands and yours. Your (and many millions like you) are what fuels and supports this system. Any money you have “invested” – from a safe low-interest savings account, pension funds, mortgages, stocks … any financial instrument you are using to “insure your financial future” is directly supporting existing financial markets and enslaving you.

  • Can’t afford to buy a house? Rent one.
  • Can’t afford to rent one in the city? Move to an area where you can afford one – it will probably be a nicer house.
  • Can’t afford to by a nice new car? drive an old and battered one, drive less.
  • Looking to invest your savings? Find something you believe in, take an interest, offer your support.

You have so much power in your hands, use it, don’t hand it over to others!

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