“Finally, I don’t understand humans. We line up and make a lot of noise about big environmental problems like incinerators, waste dumps, acid rain, global warming and pollution. But we don’t understand that when we add up all the tiny environmental problems each of us creates, we end up with those big environmental dilemmas.”
Joseph Jenkins

The Humanure Handbook

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • "It's not that we're scared, it's just that it's delicate" ♫ http://blip.fm/~leshb #
  • "stupid fools … you wanna get burned, you wanna get turned, you wanna get fucked inside out" ♫ http://blip.fm/~letol #
  • @deepakchopra 's list of 7 "most powerful teachers" (on, of all places, Forbes) has no artists on it! http://bit.ly/c3xwEz #
  • ewww… twitter just got ugly, did they hire (lower?) a Google designer? #
  • to practice or not to practice? am I ready to get on my yoga mat? http://bit.ly/d9iJ6G #
  • @ronenk cc: http://bit.ly/ac3iYV in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk לרגע קטן ביאסת אותי, אבל זה עבר, אז סבבה 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk ההזמנה הייתה אלייך 🙂 יש לי ספק אם יש כאלה כל שני וחמישי, אכן "אלתור" שחוק … בצורה לא איכותית… זה מה יש 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk אני במטבח ואני קולט שאנרגיה שלי מרוסקת, זה לא עבר, אני מופתע מהעוצמה שבה התגובה שלך הכתה בי… מדהים! ממש צריך לאסוף את עצמי in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk בטח, בטח -אני מפנה לזה מקום בחיים, מוציא כסף מהכיס כדי להופיע, רואה הזדמנות נדירה לשתף אנשים ביצירתי, ואז מגיע: זה יקר!!! in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk אוף…. מחכה כבר לעזוב את הארץ… זהו 🙂 חזרתי לבשל אטריות מוקפצות ולאכול טוב טוב !! 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronen זו רק הייתה תזכורת בשבילי 🙂 כבר לא מנסה לבודד שום דבר… אנא אל תצטער… אוהב אותך כמו שאתה #
  • @ronenk זו החוויה שאני כל הזמן פוגש פה כשאני פוגש פה … כל הזמן…. אוף כמה זה עוצמתי in reply to ronenk #
  • goats: http://bit.ly/aQfnya #
  • childhood flashback… downloading Kenny Rogers!! "…you gotta learn when to walk away and when to run…" #
  • had a gr8 day without any Twitter, had nowhere else to say it but on Twitter! #
  • pushing creates distance, it is not violence; pulling creates proximity, it is not affection; http://bit.ly/94hxIM #
  • what if "normal" was "subnormal" and "paranormal" was "normal"? hmm #
  • I'm looking for a ripped up version of a classic chanson…. any ideas? #
  • "when information is organized in small chunks that can be accessed and sequenced at random it becomes much more valuable than when you #
  • have to take it in serial form. It's better, for example, to run a post office where the patrons have numbered boxes and can come and access #
  • these boxes any time they please. It's worse to have them all come in at a certain time, stand in queue and get their mail from Joe #
  • who has to sort through everything alphabetically each time, and who has rheumatism, is going to retire in a few years and who doesn't care #
  • whether they like waiting or not. #
  • When any distribution is locked into a rigid sequential format it develops Joes that dictate what new changes will be allowed and what not #
  • and that rigidity is deadly" #
  • "…Dusenberry and his Indians" #
  • "There's this pseudo-science myth that you're 'objective' you just disappear from the face of the earth and see everything undistorted #
  • as it really is, like God from heaven. But that's rubbish. #
  • When a person's objective his attitude is remote. He gets a sort of stony, distant look on his face" #
  • "it's better to know a lot and say little… than know little and say a lot" #
  • "something in the way they spoke and handled things and related to each other struck a resonance too, way deep inside him…" #
  • "Sentimentality is a narrowing of experience to the emotionally familiar. But this was something new opening up" #
  • "A feeling of coming home. Coming home to some place one had never been before." #
  • "These are your people,… we know exactly how you feel. We feel this way ourselves" #
  • "It seemed to always come from deep within them. They just said what they wanted to say. Then they stopped…. plain-spoken #
  • …laconic, understated, very little tonal change, no change of expression. Yet there was a warmth beneath the surface…" #
  • "Indians don't talk to fill time. When they don't have anything to say, they don't say it" #

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