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WordPress and Search Engines


There was a time when starting a journey to the city was a tedious task. You had to get a horse from the stables, get and mount a saddle on… and the ride was bumpy. Then cars came around, you had to pop open the hood, start your car with a crank and the ride was smoother. Now you can remotely activate your car from your living room so by the time you get to it, it’s nice and cozy and ready to go (in the future it will probably get going on it’s own too).

If you wanted to blog 10 or 15 years ago it would have required a lot of horsing around – you had to build your own web pages in HTML and Google were still playing around trying to get search working properly. Website developers were trying to figure out what search engines were trying to do and to build their web-pages accordingly – to make their pages attractive to the search engines. Things have changed since then, a lot.

Search Engines

The one most important thing you need to know about search engines (such as Google) is that they are constantly trying to improve their search capabilities. They are striving to provide us with the best possible results for internet searching. They do this by constantly scanning and cataloging all the information they can get their hands on and then trying to find the best matches when we all enter our search phrases. It’s a straightforward challenge and effort. They are constantly working to improve it.


Instead of manually building web pages we now have WordPress which creates quality, search-engine compatible web-pages. A lot of knowledge, care and effort is required to make good web-pages that are clear for search engines. There’s much more to web-pages then meets the eye. But the great news is that you don’t need to know all the details. WordPress developers have done (and continue to do) a wonderful job at taking care of all that for you – so you don’t need to worry about it. You can simply type in your content and WordPress will create web-pages that are optimized for web standards and search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

When search engines were trying to figure out web-searching, web professional were trying to figure out search engines.

When search engines used keywords to improve their search results – web professional figured that out. All of a sudden everyone was running around trying to figure out how to add keywords to web-pages, which keywords to use, what keywords were people likely to search, how was Google using keywords to rank it’s results … and on and on. Once web-professional figured out the rules of the keyword game they  became search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. They began offering keyword based promotion services to give you an edge over other sites and bloggers in search results.

In the end Google realized that people were using keywords promotion to cheat their way into search results in high rankings so, though many people have hard time believing it, Google stopped using keywords to rank search results!!! So now the only way to actually make a “keyword” impact search results it to actually use “key words” in your writing – and guess what – if you are doing sincere and quality writing you are already doing this – no special effort is required

Keywords are just one example. So called “Search Engine Optimization Professionals” constantly try to figure out new ways to manipulate search results, while search engines constantly try to weed out their manipulations so that they deliver REAL quality search results.


You don’t need to worry about search engine optimization or page-ranks. You need to stay away from SEO professionals.

You need to publish your writing using a modern and updated version of WordPress.

You need to WRITE – express yourself, focus on consistent, sincere, passionate and quality writing. If you don’t know how – then that is where you should be focusing your attention and efforts.

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