“In his absence, Brook asked Myers to take personal responsibility for work on another show, The Ogre Show, which would be performed that night. Pleased and flattered, Myers accepted the job as the group’s new boss. He found out later that Brook had given the same to job to everyone else.”
John Heilpern

Conference of the Birds

Chris Hadfield


I first heard of Chris Hadfield (a real space commander currently in the international space station) in his witty response to William Shatner (a fake space commander) on Twitter. As I was looking for an article about this to link to I learned that the “event” continued to include more members of the original Star Trek cast and then some … funny stuff.

A few weeks later I came to know of Chris’ photography (check out his Twitter profile) – magical perspectives of where we are. There are too many for me to choose one to show you here so go and see for yourself.

A few days ago I learned that he can also play guitar and sing:

Today he partook in a live video conference. One of the questions he was asked was how they have Internet access in space. It was a live event broadcast freely for anyone to access over the “planetary Internet”, where a live communication feed was being utilized to communicate with an astraunaut speeding through space at 28,000kmh … and there was only a few seconds delay. Not only that but I got to the live event in its last few minutes, so I missed Chris’ live appearance … but immediately after the live event ended it became available to replay … still free and open to all.

As I was listening to his answer I experienced a moment of awe at what technology can do for us. There is so much technology in my life that has become obvious (the Internet itself a good example) and though I don’t take it for granted I don’t celebrate it. If technology gets any conscious attention from me it usually comes in a critical tone … as I witness so much misuse and abuse and excess of technology. So experiencing the wonder of technology was like a breath of fresh air … ironically a breath of fresh air that came from where there is no air at all (Chris’ appearance starts at ~57 minutes and goes on for about 20 minutes):

My favorite insight:

“You can cry in space, but the tears don’t fall”

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