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“Science” Declares War on Wombs


I found nothing of interest in this article about childbirth. I found a bright shining light on deeply entrenched and twisted views of what “science” has become:

Why do some women have easy births while others have long, traumatic labours that end with an emergency delivery?

Scientists don’t know the answer – but they are working on it.

Investigating how the womb works is the priority at a new research centre dedicated to understanding the problems experienced in childbirth and labour.

If birth is difficult then the problem must be in the womb … after all that’s where the baby is born from – duh! No mention of the woman who is giving birth, her physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiriual health. No mention of her relationship with her partner (if there is one). No mention of her relationship with the society in which she lives. Those are simply too complicated for “science” to approach … so instead “science” will look into the womb:

“If we were talking about another organ [apart from the womb], we wouldn’t put up with it,” she says.

According to “science” we “put up” with our internal organs. If one misbehaves, like this pesky womb organ, then:

A team of 20 scientists, postgraduates and doctors are looking at how contractions of the womb are regulated and controlled.

Armed with this knowledge, medics could find new ways of helping women whose labour is not progressing as it should.

This could eventually lead to new drugs …

We will organize an “army” of people go study this enemy and learn how to defeat it … with legalized drugs! “Science” has declared war on the womb.

“Haven’t enough women and families suffered to say this isn’t working?”

After all you need a good reason to to to war.

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