“… a warrior knows that he cannot change, and yet he makes it his business to try to change, even though he knows that he won’t be able to. That’s the only advantage a warrior has over the average man. The warrior is never disappointed when he fails to change.”
Carlos Castaneda

The Second Ring of Power

“Science” Goes After Bees


On the heels of Science declares wars on wombs I came across this article on “science” and bees:

“… Some signs of beemageddon: CCD has wiped out some 10 million bee hives … over the past six years. The death rate for colonies has hit 30% annually in recent years …

We are one poor weather event or high winter bee loss away from a pollination disaster …

But scientists increasingly believe several interacting factors—from disease-carrying parasites to poor nutrition to pesticides—are responsible for the mass die-off …”

So how about improving their nutrition, banning pesticides and refraining from practices (direct and indirect) that weaken the bees, making them more vulnerable to parasites? Sounds like a plan? No. “Science” has a better idea:

“So how to save the bees? One answer: Breed better bees. The report recommends stepping up efforts to identify genetic traits in particular bees that make them resistant to suspected causes of CCD. Some honey bees, it turns out, take “suicidal risks” when infected with disease to prevent spreading the contagion to the colony.”

“Science” will produce better bees. The arrogance shines through again and again … it is the very controlling and manipulating “scientific” approach which created the problem … but “science” is so addicted to and full of itself that it can’t see that it is the cause of the breakdown. So it will push back harder, stronger … deluding itself once again that this time it will assert its control … only to find its going to make things even worse.

No respect for nature, only a destructive, elitist, machine-like attitude towards nature.

I’ve been following Chris Hadfield for the past few months as he shares his experiences aboard the international space station. I’ve also watched our first brooding hen of the season as 12 chicks hatched from the eggs under her. I am amazed by both achievements – the machine in space and life in the barn. But I am in awe (again and again) that the same egg which makes an omlet, if kept warm for 4 weeks, turns into a living creature. Nature is way ahead of science and science would be better off respecting its place in nature.

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