“I start from one point and go as far as possible. But unfortunately, I never lose my way. I say unfortunately, because what would interest me greatly is to discover paths that I'm perhaps not aware of ... The harmonies have become for me a kind of obsession, which gives me the feeling of looking at music from the wrong end of a telescope.”
John Coltrane

Coltrane: The Story of a Sound

Martin Luther King on Israel


Remarkable foresight for a man seemingly far removed from this conflict:

“The Six Day War shocks the world … Doc [Martin Luther King Jr.] is a staunch supporter of Israel … Amongst his closest colleagues, though, he expresses concern that the very nature of sweeping victory – and the fact that Israel has occupied the Sinai, the Golan Heights, and the West Bank of the Jordan River – could injure the soul of the Jewish state. The captured land gives Israel a defensive buffer against its sworn enemies. But now some six hundred thousand Arabs will be living in the West Bank under Israeli control. ‘Israel‘, Doc tells his confidantes, ‘faces the danger of being smug and unyielding.’

Once seen as the underdog fighting for its very survival, Israel is suddenly transformed into a military power of unprecedented effectiveness. The nation is now an occupying power. And while the lightning victory has emboldened the spirits of Jews worldwide and, in the aftermath of Hitler’s Holocaust, given credence to the cry ‘Never again!,’ Doc worries about an impact on the antiwar movement in America. As he says to Stanley Levison, ‘It has given [Lyndon] Johnson the little respite he wanted from Vietnam.’

… When asked to comment on the Middle East, he asserts, ‘All people of good will must respect the territorial integrity of Israel … We must see what Israel has done for the world. It is a marvelous demonstration of what people together in unity and with rugged determination can do in transforming almost a desert land into an oasis. But the other side is that peace in the Middle East means something else … The Arab world is part of that third world of poverty and militancy and disease and it is time now to have a Marshall Plan for the Middle East … We must see that there is a grave refugee problem that the Arabs have. “

By Tavis Smiley from Death of a King

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