“An ideal is something we believe is right, but it may not be practical. Whereas an attitude should be something that we can put into practice right from where we are.”
TKV Desikachar

What Are We Seeking?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

  • I am on a detour #
  • 11:11 #
  • don’t ask me “why?” unless you really mean it! #
  • RT OurielOhayon[holy crap] this is totally AWESOME http://vimeo.com/1778399 i want to fly too #
  • when programming, 9 out of 10 times I encounter a problem, I am asking the wrong question. #
  • @ronenk Sylar, Sylar, who the fuck is Sylar? in reply to ronenk #
  • RT bla bla bla @MarcvanderPut: RT @Deepak_Chopra In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where… #
  • words are not a bridge to anything spiritual, they are at best a diversion from it. #
  • 23:22 good night #
  • RT @ronenk: @iamronen We are not alone. -> RT @Yael_80: Weird how I often look at the clock when its 11:11 #
  • Sort-of-Goodybe Twitter: http://www.iamronen.com/?p=941 dedicated to @adambn you brought me into this world and I am taking myself out 🙂 #
  • indeed 🙂 big smile on my face… Goodbye 🙂 #
  • being truly at the top of your game is something that only you can appreciate it, a few others may be able to appreciate your appreciation #
  • there is a lizard party on my roof #SocBook #
  • 02:01 #
  • 02:02 #
  • @ronenk – to answer your question “How was the performance?” http://www.iamronen.com/?p=949 in reply to ronenk #
  • 09:33 #
  • I am looking for a Boxee developer to collaborate on an art-content screen saver for Boxee #
  • @ronenk good morning 2 u 🙂 #
  • saw a tweet referencing @guykawasaki and realized how noisy twitter was when I was following him…. quality… quantity… quality! #

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Tatsuya Nakatani


How far are you willing to go? Enjoy 🙂

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How was the performance?


A week ago (April 23rd) I participated in a second performance of Shitafon. I was asked and I want to share something about the performance but I just came to terms with the fact that”s not going to happen, at least not in the near future. I do have thoughts on the periphery of the performance and those I do want to put down.

My usual part in performances is as photographer using live stills.  In Shitafon I am listed as photographer – but photography is not a part of the performance. Instead I write live text that is projected into the performance space and I play Shakuhachi. This performance was a special one because this was the first time I left the house without taking any camera gear. 2 years ago I was frightened to enter a performance space, sometime later I found confidence in hiding behind the camera. Now for the first time I entered it naked. This to me was the highlight of the performance.

I am blessed for the opportunity to perform with Shahar & Yael. More then anything else (even more then meeting an audience) this performance was an opportunity to step out and meet myself. I wished, and still do, that we (Shahar, Yael, myself and Tamar the lighting designer) had more opportunities to explore together before the performance. That did not happen – there isn’t space for it.

I came to the performance with a sense of distance. Partly this is because I did not get to spend time with my fellow-performers. Partly this is because I have distanced myself physically. Partly this is because I have set aside my creative ambitions and given them a lower priority to focus on making a living. Partly this is an indication of the “state of the art” in Israel – I had to pay to perform.

During the weeks before the performance I spent time with a book Shahar recommended to me Coltrane: The Story of a Sound. I found inspiration in the book, I listened to Coltrane, I wrote Coltrane. My creativity found peace with Coltrane. The day after the performance I completed the book. In the last sentences of the book I found this:

“It [Jazz] is an art that thrives on what it can do, not so much on what it does. ”

This is why I went to perform, this was the quality of my presence, and this is how I left the performance behind. Thank you Shahar, thank you Yael, thank you Tamar, thank you Coltrane and thank you Ben. Thank you for giving my perception wings and an open sky.

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Sort-of-Goodbye Twitter


Train of thought:

  • For some years I’ve been living my life without Media (TV, newspapers, radio) – and my life has become better for it.
  • I initially liked twitter because it had an unknown quality to it – talking to nobody… yet people listening – who knows where that can go.
  • Twitter is no longer about unknown – it is more predictable – it is about ambition, it is about selling… more followers…celebrity… attention economy… bla bla bla…
  • Twitter is now generating more noise for me then interest. It has a tinge of entertainment value – but hardly enough to justify the noise.
  • I can still find a smile and place in my heart for twitter… but I don’t have faith in it’s future.
  • There are more affective (primitive – like email) means of communication for those people with whom I wish to communicate or who may wish to communicate with me.
  • Twitter is no longer about twitter, it is about making money from twitter.
  • I blog mostly for myself, though it’s nice to know others read it as well… but not really important.
  • I update twitter mostly for myself, though it’s nice to know others are listening … but not really important. My twitter updates are aggregated to my blog.
  • Over recent days I have shut down my online twitter clients and instead occasionally visited twitter.com … less and less…
  • I am embracing this new twitter consuming pattern… it feels better now.

So in a way – this is a sort-of-Goodbye twitter

If you are of the few people with whom I’ve been actively communicating through twitter please know I am no longer there like I used to be. I’d love to keep in touch with you – it’s easy: iamronen [at] iamronen.com  . If you see my status updates in twitter – please know that I am not very likely to see your responses – at least not in real time. So if you really want to respond – write me.

After thoughts..

I’ve have a theory churning in mind about what’s currently happening to twitter – it has to do with quality. I don’t have any idea what’s going to happen with twitter, I don’t want to and I don’t really care – it’s not important any more. I do know that its quality is decreasing and going to continue doing so – and I have a feeling that in some correlation to that – it’s value will rise. I am not big on theories so I don’t know if I will get around to putting it into words. If I will – I will send a twitter update about it 🙂

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

  • hahahaha… trying to deactivate my facebook account and can’t get past a security captcha validation… 6 or 7 time already…. #
  • YES…. I got through it, managed to deactivate my facebook account, it was a rigorous task but I lived to tell: http://twurl.nl/xi4ksv #
  • @adambn twitter still tickles me, but I have a feeling its heading in the wrong direction… time will tell, I will let you know 🙂 in reply to adambn #
  • RT @inkupakor: John Coltrane – Crescent http://www.inkupakor.com/?p=110 #
  • RT ahh listening! @adambn: seems new twitter followers following 1000’s to get their attention and a follow back, better if u listen #
  • @adamb If blocking spam/parasite users escalates into a full time job, I will leave twitter #
  • 14:41 #
  • such a gift to work with people who are master listeners, I can say how I feel and they listen without creating ripples, so I can hear too #
  • @gapingvoid goodbye, there was a shimmer, then it burned/sold out. I am disappointed, but choose to stick with the original appreciation. in reply to gapingvoid #
  • money represents value, value is a residue of quality, if it’s got a price tag… well… good chance that quality is long gone! #
  • RT awwww… you guys, I didn’t know 🙂 @ronenk: @TalSh I do. #
  • yeah I know 🙂 #
  • following: 85, followers 79 … a few more unfollows and the gap will close! #
  • @idancohen someting that takes more then 140 chars : ) iamronen@iamronen.com in reply to idancohen #
  • I see the connection but it must not be abused! #
  • don’t criticize, don’t explain, don’t judge, don’t predict, don’t be a hindsight smart-ass, stop wasting…create you fool ! #
  • INVITATION: 2nd Shitafon performance ( http://twurl.nl/v8znzq) will take place this thursday 23/4 at Tmuna Theater in Tel-Aviv #
  • woohoo… finished clearing an area on the east side of the house and planted two trees that have finally found a home too 🙂 #
  • @ronenk: @adambn the roads to the north are open and I am here most of the time, ~16:30 is great to go out for a walk in the nearby hills! #
  • started early morning with pranayama practice, now drinking simple black tea – have’t done that in a while #
  • @ronenk great morning, beautiful sunlight…. thanku! #
  • A new post (1st in a series) on Yoga & Energy: http://www.iamronen.com/?p=924 #
  • RT @amanda: Those of you asking me last night, here’s the link to my favourite video from Ethiopia. Day 2 : http://bit.ly/bpqYY #
  • RT All commerce IS moral choice – much of it seems to be of low quality! @Philanthropic: All commerce requires moral choice. #
  • Mozilla Firefox PLEEEEASE get your act together with flash crashes… its becoming intolerable… I’d hate to leave you! #
  • good morning all, performance today, packing and heading out soon 🙂 #
  • this may come as a surprise to you… but what I or you think doesn’t really matter! #
  • get one, now is a good time ♫ http://blip.fm/~4woap #
  • it makes me see what I want to see, be what I want to be ♫ http://blip.fm/~4wp7z #
  • @adambn check out images I took of BBB a while back: http://www.stillcreation.com/?page_id=26 in reply to adambn #
  • RT @gotoAndSmoke: Whatever fuck money…. By the way fuck buttons #
  • @gervis my take – if it doesn’t come as a surprise it isn’t really change! in reply to gervis #
  • @gervis flexibility – is about being able (open?) to bend when change places its weight on you, flexibility embraces surprising change… in reply to gervis #
  • RT @ronenk: Retweet this please. RT @1938media: http://bit.ly/16CZtE #
  • beautiful instrument: http://www.shakuhachi.com/AP-18-231.html #
  • this cooking and feeding myself process… is sometimes a real nuisance… I’d like better mileage #
  • @ronenk I don’t know of many Shakuhachi sound samples online – but I did find this one: http://twurl.nl/u7kvgs in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk namaste, I have a simple Shakuhachi http://twurl.nl/d3dkdk hoping the future will bring me a fine instrument to play 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • RT @adambn: looking to connect with a flash developer with experience with video for consulting #
  • ola 22:22 !!! #
  • it’s been a while since I said &set out to “write a 6 cell FIFO with a filtered push and a full-buffer event trigger”… and I am #
  • great stuff – twitter has a nudge: “unfollow-follow” #
  • “software engineers r striving 2 make more idiot-proof programs, the world is striving 2 make more idiots, looks like the world is winning” #

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