“Truth is indestructible. It seems history shows (and it’s the same way today) that the innovator is more often than not met with some degree of condemnation; usually according to the degree of departure from the prevailing modes of expression or what have you. Change is always hard to accept…. Quite often they are the rejects, outcasts, sub-citizens, etc. of the very societies to which they bring so mush sustenance… Whatever the case, whether accepted or rejected, rich or poor, they are forever guided by that great and eternal constant – the creative urge. Let us cherish it and give all praise to God.”
John Coltrane

Coltrane - The Story of a Sound

Chopping Wood


2 weeks ago I had no experience chopping wood. I hacked away at a wooden pole, made very little progress and tired myself out. Today I managed to take apart a days worth of burning wood in a few minutes. Actually I just came in from doing that and then I watched this video:

  1. It is a smart talk – much knowledge collected,  assimilated and delivered with passion.
  2. It and it’s content matter is lacking any direction – it is coming from emptiness and going into a bigger emptiness.
  3. It is completely wrong.

I will keep chopping wood. After that I will get to work at pulling deep-rooted weeds that are covering the grounds of our new house.

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Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable


Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism. For a century, the imperatives to strengthen journalism and to strengthen newspapers have been so tightly wound as to be indistinguishable. That’s been a fine accident to have, but when that accident stops, as it is stopping before our eyes, we’re going to need lots of other ways to strengthen journalism instead.

Good writing by Clay Shirky

Update: some thoughts this stirred in me

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The Potential of Impossible Goals?


We recently moved house – so I’ve had many “projects” in transforming the house into a home, alongside other relocation issues that require attention and action. Some of these “projects” are “one-task-projects” – small and unobtrusive – such as hanging a shelf. Others seemed like “one-task-projects” but are actually more tricky then that – because once I got started other supporting tasks appeared – things that needed to be done before I could do what I actually wanted to do. One example was the “hanging a curtain in the living room” project. Read More »

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • RT @cusamano: The financial crisis explained- http://vimeo.com/3261363 Now I can watch the news and i wont feel stupid! #
  • useful post on a possible business-context for design work by Seth Godin: “Return on Design” http://twurl.nl/wc560d #
  • 15:33 #
  • @gotoAndSmoke what are you going to record? in reply to gotoAndSmoke #
  • 15:34 #
  • @gotoAndSmoke how refreshing… a macabre tom waits-ish, frente-like mixture… great stuff : ) thank you ! in reply to gotoAndSmoke #
  • could we be facing the collapse of capitalism and rise of …. ? change can be overwhelming when it hits…. #
  • 21:11 #
  • 22:03 #
  • @MJ 🙂 in reply to MJ #
  • 23:44 #
  • 00:11 #
  • give a gift framed art-print: http://twurl.nl/v7okra #
  • RT @acip: nice tool for UML Sequence Diagrams http://websequencediagrams.com/ #
  • can someone help me get Boxee’s Avner Ronen – email address? thank you 🙂 #
  • 19:44 #
  • 21:00 #
  • had thoughts to write on economy, ecology, money,did some research, wrote another post on yoga and breath: http://twurl.nl/bxbn6j #
  • 21:41 #
  • 2221 good night 🙂 #
  • 2356 ADIOS ! #
  • 0110 enuf ! #
  • @joelcomm giving away $5000 ??? http://twitpwr.com/7ZB/ COMMON… u r asking people to work for free … no matter how you turn it around! in reply to joelcomm #
  • @joelcomm and when you invite people to work for free… watch out for those that buy into it and the quality of their work! in reply to joelcomm #
  • RT @vrivett: New blog: looking forward to not having to pay another power bill in my life: This is amazing! I j.. http://tinyurl.com/cnn39c #
  • going out for a walk to discover a hill on the outskirts of our village 🙂 #
  • @photomatt my crazy theory: creative (from the heart) people lean towards Nikon, techies (creative from the mind) go for Canon… in reply to photomatt #
  • change your mind #
  • @joelcomm yes I do, makeup can’t change what’s underneath… why did you choose to do a “contest” (or a giveaway)? in reply to joelcomm #
  • @joelcomm sorry – I take back the why… I don’t like it when I get asked why. good luck! in reply to joelcomm #
  • RT @ronenk: RT @cusamano: @ronenk All things must end #
  • RT @iamronen: RT @ronenk: RT @cusamano: @ronenk All things must end #
  • RT there REALLY are no free lunches! if you consume google … you will pay 1wayoranother @om: http://bit.ly/gM2fu #
  • @om indeed, google is JUST a case in point, FREE is an internet-illusion, we are heavily invested, and going to pay for it… c’est la vie in reply to om #
  • sun has set, getting cool, fire is starting in the fire place, keith jarret playing in the background…. yeah… it’s already here! #
  • RT @cusamano: RT @iamronen RT @iamronen: RT @ronenk: RT @cusamano: @ronenk All things must end #
  • 2055 #
  • @SirKenRobinson then you, of all people, missed out on the tap-dancing? in reply to SirKenRobinson #
  • 22:31 #
  • 2310 good night ! #
  • good morning – again with keith jarrett… i took way too much time to get around to listening to him… #
  • 10:10 #
  • @TechCrunch indeed Dune – but I don’t consider it sci-fi… I think it goes deeper… in reply to TechCrunch #
  • 11:01 #
  • 20:00 #
  • RTyou really do @joelcomm: You gotta wonder… #
  • RT then u can meditate on that @Philanthropic: Whenever u xpect something from a meditation, u set yourself up 4 Immediate frustration. -FL #
  • RT indeed @ajkeen: book title of the future: “Tweetfall: How America Twittered while the world economy collapsed” #
  • RT @ajkeen: hate to admit it, but @davewiner is right. http://bit.ly/7SJlA Twitter should get rid of Suggested User Page #
  • 1 #
  • I am looking for a passionate python developer who is up to collaborating on a Boxee application. Anyone out there? #
  • RT @SaraJChipps: there is a certain science to it: http://tinyurl.com/7u2pfy #
  • 13:31 #
  • is 47 a useful number for anyone?? : 47 Awesome Twitter Tools You Should be Using http://ow.ly/xIg #
  • 1551 #
  • RT @davewiner: whatever. I don’t have the heart to put you down again. Let’s just walk away and agree to forget this unfortunate incident. #
  • does anyone know where I can get a ribbon for an old Princess 300 type writer? #
  • 2 #

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Yoga & Breath – Locational Breathing


Now that we have some sense of ujjayi breathing and established a preliminary relationship between breath and movement let’s move on to more refined breathing.  At this point I feel a need to clarify that these posts are not offered as a substitute for yoga instruction – this should be done with a teacher. If I were teaching Yoga – at this point I would not move forward to locational breathing – instead I would focus on more practice of breath and movement. My intentions here are to share knowledge of yoga around themes that are close to my heart. This series focuses on breathing – maybe others will be dedicated to asana. So please handle this information with care. If you really want to learn yoga find a teacher.

Locational breathing is rather simple to explain – but requires attentive practice to actually perform. It is about  assigning a location (hence locational) focus for each part of the breath:  the inhale is associated with the chest and the exhale with the abdomen. Lets explore this in detail. Read More »

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