“The art of a warrior is to balance the terror of being a man with the wonder of being a man.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

Quantum Mechanics


Yesterday I came across Ron Garret (and his excellent writing on tables vs. css) and this morning I sat down to read his paper Quantum Mysteries Disentangled. I was hoping it would shed some light for me on Quantum Mechanics, but I didn’t get most of it. I did get the end – a Zen Koan from one Douglas Hofstadter:

“Two monks were arguing about a flag. One Said, “The flag is moving.” The other said, “The wind is moving”. The sixth patriarch, Zeno, happened to be passing by. He told them “Not the wind, not the flas. Mind is moving”.

As I read the paper a feeling crept into my bones from one year (a long time ago) I spent in the physics department of a university. It felt ominous, pushy and irrelevant. I observed this sensation, and then brought my attention back to the paper in my hand and two thoughts came to me. (1) It is funny how the mind takes a long and convoluted path in it’s insistence to comprehend, and how nature dances with it providing it with a balanced diet of comprehension and mystery. (2) It seems that some people are naturally inclined to things like logic, mathematics & science as they manifest in the mind, I am not one of those people.

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Shma Israel


Yesterday morning Aube (a young french dancer who I met during a Shahar’s Tune project in Barcelona) arrived for a visit. She has been in Israel for a few months and wanted to come and share with me an idea for a project she wants to explore. She has been feeling very confined and limited and wanted to revive herself by creating. We spent some time together talking about life and about her wish. Around noon I left the house and went to get some groceries to make some food. When I returned both Aube and Andreea were sitting outside in the sun (it was an exceptionally sunny and warm day).

Shortly after that Hemi arrived – Hemi is a unique individual and good friend. He is usually very (very very) busy and so seeing him is a luxury I embrace whenever I can. Hemi and I were scheduled to do some work on the website I am helping him build. By the time Hemi arrived I was already at work cooking a late brunch for us all (spanish tortilla, peppers and fresh squeezed juice). When Hem arrived I asked him to look out at the garden: Andreea (who was feeling unwell) was sitting peacefully in the sun working on her newly launched website, Aube was lying on a blanket half-asleep with Tree, our adopted street-cat curled up next to her.

I felt fulfilled and proud showing Hemi that image. I’m in a challenging period in my life and often find myself wishing for a sense of refuge – and yet within this I felt I had succeeded in creating a place and a space that offers refuge to others. I was looking out the window, realizing and showing Hemi the richness of my life. I needed to see it.

We then all sat down to eat together. Then everyone dispersed: Andreea went to rest, Aube returned to the garden and Hemi and I sat down to work. Later that evening Aube, Andreea and I cooked and ate a wonderful tomato soup for dinner. Late at night Aube finally decided she wanted to create a few images she could take with her to continue her exploration – so we did that and called it a day.

This morning Aube, Andreea and I shared a morning drink. As we did this Aube put on a CD of a spanish singer called Yasmin. It was perfect, we all sat quietly listening to it. At one point I closed my eyes, holding my warm cup of coffee close my lips and nose. I slipped into a meditative place and a few tears came to my eyes. I felt grateful and thankful for having and appreciating these precious moments.

As one song came to a close, another started. This song slowly pulled me out of my meditative state – I realized that the words I was hearing were in hebrew and sounded like a prayer.  I then opened my eyes and looked at Andreea – and she too was realizing that the song was in hebrew. The words were taken from a famous prayer called Shma Israel – I am very distant from Judaism – so I don’t know much about the prayer – but as I write these words I realize that in a way it too is about refuge and thankfulness.

This is the song: yasmin09

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Finally Not 10


I’ve spent some time reading, well skimming, Guy Kawasaki writing. He has this really nice, familiar, reliable and stable pattern – lists of 10 which is just too much for me. Finally I ran into something he wrote and finally it is a list of only 4 items – a capacity I can digest – and it’s about creativity, which I do care about deeply – so finally I can relate 🙂

The short version (the full post here):

  1. Give yourself permission to think up many ideas.
  2. Keep chewing on the problem.
  3. Build on ideas that came before.
  4. Put yourself in environment that will use different parts of your brain.

I have run into quite a few lists – like this one – and they are great academic ideas – they seem to provide very little practical tools on how to do this – without which they are waving in the air  like bate – but never really applied. So here is a sequel of ideas on how to put these into action:

  1. Play – enjoy yourself, surround yourself with games and laughter. Creativity is shy – if you try to coax it into the light it will hide in the corner, if you leave it be it will suddenly appear at your side when you least expect. It will play with you.
  2. Graze – like cows do – they are not trying to achieve or prove anything, they are not doing something important, they simply do what they do. You may feel lost when you are grazing – this is a great place to be – don’t try to fix it, solve it or make it better. Keep grazing.
  3. Get Comfortable – don’t challenge yourself right off the start – place yourself in a familiar setting, do things you can do with ease – let your mind, body & soul experience that “it can”.
  4. Rest – actively sacrifice  doing something you think is important and instead rest – do whatever it is that enables you to relax. It’s not something you should do when you “find the time” (after years of hard work when your body breaks down in illness) – do it now.

I will venture a fifth idea – that applies to all four: use your body, be physical. Creativity lives & flows throughout your body – move your body and creativity will rise to the call.

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Good Advice from Thelonius Monk


… supposedly to saxophonist Steve Lacy


(I found this here – thank you Tina)

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Thoughtful Video


Watch a comparison between a video clip budget and … an alternative to what can be with that money

Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire

I learned about this through twitter – and couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t sent through a fashionable iPhone or similar device – that was purchased as an indulgence – similar to that which is high-lighted in the video clip. Are we just comfortable bring critical of wrongs or also willing to act with personal sacrifice to make a right?

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