“A ‘no’ uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a ‘yes’ merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Fuck Me


A great monologue by a great actor (Edward Norton) in a great movie (The 25th Hour). Watch it all the way through. Enjoy : )

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Gianmaria Tesla


Three days ago I did not know he exists, two days ago I could not say remember his name, yesterday I could not remember it, today I can write it. Enjoy : )

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Great Advice


I came across this collection of tips for aspiring Shakuhachi makers. As I read it I realized its great all-around advice in art, business , life & what not. Simply replace the Shakuhachi specific words with whatever field of life you are currently facing and take to heart. Enjoy : )

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Yoga & Breath – Movement


Now that we have a basic Ujjayi breath to work with – let’s try to make a simple connection with movement. We are going to be using a very simple exercise to demonstrate this. The simplicity of the exercise is leaves space to explore the subtle relationship between breath and movement – I invite you to embrace this simplicity and spend some time with it before moving on to more challenging asana (exercises). I will also be revisiting this simple exercise as we elaborate further on the qualities of ujjayi breathing.

To demonstrate the exercise I would like to introduce stick figures. These are drawings which can be used to describe and document a practice. The first figure is the posture I described previously of lying down on the back with both feet standing.


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The Next 9/11?


DISCLAIMER: I am no journalistic writer. The thoughts embodied in this text exist coherently within me and it seemed a good thing to share them. Their external coherency is completely up to you!

The  Bhagavad Gita, though it is a religious text, is also considered a source of inspiration in Yoga. I had the pleasure of exploring some of it during a retreat a few years ago. It is part of a larger epic tale “The Mahabharata” which tells a soap-opera-like story with many twists and turns and describes the history that leads to a war where the two combating sides are of the same ancestral family. The Gita begins (following a short summation of the situation for those who did not see the previous chapters) when Arjuna, the mightiest archer-warrior alive, asks Krishna, no less then a god incarnated acting as his chariot-driver, to take him out to the middle of the battle-field. There Arjuna rises to stand,  looks to the enemy front where he sees his uncles and cousins. He then collapses back into his seat in despondency and depression saying to Krishna that he cannot fight this war. The  greatest warrior alive gets depressed at the outset of the greatest war in history. Read More »

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