“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw



According to the soundtrack CD liner-notes – the movie “Magnolia” is rooted in the songs by Aimee Mann which decorate the movie. This song “Wise-Up” beautifully brings the converging stories and characters together as each one seems to find a personal introspective moment carried by the the lyrics of the song. Enjoy : )

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I recently had the pleasure of performing with Shlomit again – this time in a small and intimate gallery in Jerusalem. The performance was an invitation to respond to the space itself and to the exhibition that it contained. It had been a long physical and metaphysical journey that brought me to this performance. In the end it was my simple wish to immerse myself again (it has been a while) in a creative bubble that motivated me to set out and complete the journey. I am glad I did.

Ironically, especially now as I read the words I have written, the highlight of the evening was for me before the performance itself. I usually prefer to get the technical setup done and then take time to myself. An electrical outlet changed those plans – I now had to wait for the electrician. So I laid down on the floor, on my back, and spent some time settling. When my body felt the need to move I let it, and soon I was again lying on the floor face down, my left cheek touching the floor, my arm partly obstructing my view. Then it happened.

I think that for the first time in my life I was conscious of arriving. It was as if the blinking of my eyelids came to a stop and sight became still. It was as if a comet trail I left behind me finally caught up with me and I came into focus. I do not recall sounds – everything went quiet. Someone moved through my field of vision, yet my attention did not follow. All my senses felt open yet steadily turned inwards. I was in peaceful awe. Though I feel this is a familiar experience – I don’t recall being so aware of it before.

I cannot say much about the performance itself and I don’t really want to. I can say that for the first time I was completely free – even from, and maybe especially from, photography. I was not looking for images, I was completely in a performance body dancing (no point in avoiding that word anymore) with Shlomit. I, also for the first time in a performance, played my Shakuhachi – and it too was so kind to me, sounds came with ease. I did not see the images that I took and were projected into the space, and I have not even downloaded them from the camera. Even in this writing, I have no motivation to go through a process of photography to display and share images.

After the performance Andreea and I went to a wonderful japanese restaurant. My body was warm and overheating – I removed all but one layer of clothing in the cool Jerusalem weather. As we sat down Radiohead’s “House of Cards” was playing in the background and I felt as if I was sinking into it. When I took the first spoonful of warm soup my eyes closed and my entire body embraced it like it rarely does anymore. The experience of flavor was refreshing and new. With my hunger satisfied we began the journey back home. I was alert and awake despite the late hour.

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No words!


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Jamie Lidell


Another recent pearl in my musical awareness. Upbeat embracing, comforting and perking-upping at the same time. Enjoy : )

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The SweetClarity Business


My yoga teachers training course included studies of a prominent Yoga text called “The Yoga Sura” by Patanjali. If memory serves – there is a part in the second chapter that talks about a path of devotion – which is an optional path in Yoga. In this part of the text the word God appeared several times and I encountered much friction with it  – even though the Yoga Sutra is carefully crafted as a non-religious text. I was able to transform that friction into a supportive curiosity by playing around with an alternate word – quality. It seemed to fit in perfectly and it resonated within me deeply.

Over the past two years I have been immersed in creative exploration of art that is dedicated to inspiration, art that embraces and commits to a present moment – over and over again. In it I found an opportunity to experience quality – and ironically I found myself reinstating the word God. I have said many times and truly believe that when beautiful images occur before me and are captured through me – it is the work of God. My work is more about not-doing, not getting in the way, remaining present, being there when divine expression takes place.

When I left my last steady/paying job over two years ago I was scared. For the first two weeks I was scared about money and where it would come from. Then that fear was replaced by another fear – which surprised me. Read More »

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