“How easy it is to follow our thoughts instead of our senses.”
Frank Herbert

Children of Dune

The Truth Is


I just returned from a … lesson/session with Shahar’s group at Maagan Michael. I participate in these lessons as … ahum … a dancer and not as a photographer (so far!). Read More »

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Glimpses is an idea I had to take some time to look back and recall some of the experiences and stories behind my images and to share them with you. Usually my memory recall is not very detailed, but looking back at the images seems to reconnect me to the experience. Time also seems to have an interesting effect on both my experience of the event during which the image was taken and of my perception of the image itself.

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live stills – a beginning


When Shahar first invited me to the studio – the primary issues were the presence of a camera, photographer and of myself in the creative process that takes place in the studio. This created a powerful interaction for everyone involved. I was invited to explore the energetic and interactive qualities of being inside the creative space (at first the studio and later the stage) and intimate perspectives that are not available from a documentary point of view.

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guest book


If you’ve honored me with an opportunity to share my work and experience with you, I would be happy to hear from you : )

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Obviously Advertising?


I keep running into a question of using advertising as a default business model for internet startups and I feel that this default needs to be challenged. Yes, advertising is a popular means of generating revenues, yes successful advertising promises high revenues, yes with an advertising revenue source a service can be offered to customers for free and yes it is more often then not an intrusive element that does not respect. Also chew on this: what do you value more – what is given to you for free or what you pay for out of pocket? Do you believe quality comes free of charge?

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