“I found that a man can rise from the normal to a higher level of consciousness by a continuous biological process, as regular as any other activity of the body, and that at no stage is it necessary or even desirable for him either to neglect his flesh or to deny a place to the human feelings in his heart.”
Gopi Krishna

Kundalini – The Evolutionary Energy in Man

As You Wish


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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

  • this beautiful musician arrived in my consciousness yesterday: http://t.co/Xl7i99Gv #
  • it is really a commendable human achievement that athletes are held together by tape? #
  • external expressions of religion give me the heebeejeebees #
  • started reading Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance again, this reading with @albertwenger in mind #
  • "Let's make money like grains" http://t.co/umACwPRH raw inspiration from @ceisenstein #
  • washer dryer without electricity: http://t.co/Z39hMJRA I want one! #
  • these days my email spam focuses on erection and money … assuming I lack both? signs of the times we live in? #

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Let’s Make Money Like Grains


“When did we decide and why did we decide that the best way to run the world is to make it a mathematical maximization problem? Where is the heart of that? Where has it brought us? Do we really want more of the same?”

A couple of months ago Andreea sent me a link to Charles Eisenstein‘s blog post about permaculture and he’s been with me since. I am looking forward to reading his book Sacred Economics. This video is a great opportunity to share him with you:

I thought that I was crazy when I was thinking about an economy without a money multiplier … and here is someone talking about negative interest.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • tired, angry, resentful … containing it, watching it rise and waiting for it to pass #
  • gives me the creeps that Microsoft owns Skype … just when I though I got Microsoft out of my life … #
  • Ubuntu & Linux in dire need of video-chat clients compatible with other clients … that has barred others I now from moving to Ubuntu #
  • @gmc always follow your intuition when you know its intuition and … not something else cc @daltonc #
  • @mpanzarino we can't trust any 1 provider with future of the real time web, it takes many to create an international dial tone cc @daltonc #
  • @daltonc @mpanzarino how do you make sure (can you?) competition-based-fragmentation does not compromise global real time connectivity? #
  • @daltonc @mpanzarino "donts" are often easier to identify and mitigate then "dos" … what if economic incentives don't do the trick? #
  • @daltonc @mpanzarino if it comes to it … does business sustainability trump real-time-global-connectivity? #
  • @daltonc @mpanzarino fantastic – all 3 examples did not set out to be sustainable businesses … money introduces a problem #
  • @daltonc @mpanzarino 2often monetary-profitability tramples higher values,that is, I believe, the gr8tst challenge for http://t.co/JvNNA7UK #
  • @daltonc @mpanzarino AGREE TOTALLY, financial (not just incentives) is THE challenge. real-time web is given. sustainable web is not. #
  • @daltonc if u r a small/private investor then freakout has probably already arrived … if u r institutional does it really matter? #
  • @daltonc thinking about it reminds me of how detached financial value can be of other values. I believe Facebook crashing is valuable. #
  • a notion of money came into existence when there was abundant food (coins were easier to carry around then sacks of grains) #
  • however food abundance was, almost from the beginning, unsustainable exploitation of nature. what does that say about money and finance? #
  • Andreea on her way to Italy, home alone at Bhudeva for 2+ weeks #
  • the best (though not probable) outcome I can envision for Samsung/Apple trial is that they both spontaneously combust http://t.co/Onj4Zovz #
  • @raymondpirouz r u kidding? Republicans ARE smug, aristocratic, old-Europe elite #
  • @raymondpirouz of course they r, church-goers just didn't get their chunk of money … mentality is still superficial social norms #
  • @raymondpirouz indeed superficiality and its cousin idiocy cross political lines 🙂 #
  • @raymondpirouz can;t you see – they are investing in their own futures 🙂 bankers are very likely to end up in prison! #
  • @daltonc shouldnt really matter wh, however he is pointing towards a better business model, which I think can be even further refined #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29


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Dear Dalton 2


Just yesterday I published my first Dear Dalton … and so much seems to be happening. I wish I could write you a “wow, great job” … I really do … but this isn’t that.

You are taking a familiar path instead of a path you should be taking.

The screenshots you posted tell me you have skipped designing both a platform and a product … you are creating just another Twitter. The problem with Twitter is not in its web-client … but you know that because you are copying it.

The problem with Twitter is its social/business ecology … and yours is not elaborate enough to make a difference. At $50 a year you are going to keep many people out (I probably won’t be there). You are essentially creating a walled-garden version of Twitter. You will not be able to challenge Twitter to become a “dial tone of the internet” … you will be a “dial tone” for those who can afford to pay $50 a year. You will put yourself in direct feature-competition with Twitter … a competition  you will be hard-pressed to win.

You are using Twitter’s open-source library … and still don’t see how important it is that the platform be open-source? Karma is screaming in your face!

You are being impulsive and taking wrong steps.

Most important though is that my interest is waning … and that bums me out.

I can only wish you well and hope my instincts are wrong (me energy has been very volatile these recent weeks … but my instincts seem to be intact).

I think I’ll go and check what is happening with that other project that lost its way

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Dear Dalton


Intro & Disclaimer

My journey into this post began when I read another Fred Wilson’s post on “Free”. Shortly after that I believe Fred send a twitter update that sent me to Albert Wenger’s post that touched on “attention scarcity” where I engaged and unintentionally offended Albert. Sometime during the comment dialogue I went into the link Albert provided to explore Dalton Caldwell … and have since been following the ensuing debate fairly closely. If you are looking for a doorway into the debate this post on Gigaom offers a good summary and point of origin.

Since then I’ve been tossing and turning with this post trying to weave into a coherent essay. I’ve failed to do so. Though I am very passionate about the topics in the first part of the post … the energy simple isn’t there for me to consolidate as sharp a written argument as I have inside me. I finally asked myself what this post was about … and the only answer that lead out of my entaglement was my thoughts on Dalton’s effort. That worked. I believe that publishing these distilled fragments (there were more that didn’t make it in) as they are is better then not publishing them at all.

Albert: Mathematical truths can be both correct and irrelevant

An apple tree will yield a finite amount of fruit. That is a mathematical truism.

If you are in the business of selling fruit then that mathematical fact is a defining and limiting factor. If you want to maximize your profits you may plant more trees, genetically create better yielding trees … all efforts to mitigate a perceived scarcity defined by a mathematical truism.

However if you are a small family then that tree may very likely produce more fruit then you can consume. You eat some fresh fruit and the tree is still overflowing with fruit. You make apple-juice every day and still so many apples. You make some apple compote or apple sauce for winter … and you may just barely be able to come close to consuming all the fruit. You perceive abundance (regardless of a mathematical truth that still stands).

Albert: Does Financial Valuation create a Perception of Scarcity?

Operating in a world that is dominated by financial value demands that everything be assigned monetary valued in mathematical terms. It seems to me that living in a financially defined world pushes you towards a mathematical perspective where everything has to be measure-able and value-able. How can you trade without comparable measures and values? How can you prioritize?

If nothing else then you end up practicing applying mathematical valuation … to everything … including things to which it simply does not apply. It seems to me that this kind of practice inevitably leads you to a perception of scarcity. It doesnI ‘t matter if you are rich or poor … if everything is measurable then no matter how much of it you have it is a finite amount.

Perception is a practice … anything you practice often enough is likely to become form a habit or a pattern. Habits and patterns tend to taint and limit perception.

Albert: Perception IS the ever-so-precious human condition

My understanding of human nature comes from my studies and life alongside Yoga and it’s contextual philosophical system of Samkhya. My understanding of applied morality is inspired by Robert Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality as described in his books “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and “Lila: An Inquiry into Morals”.

Since Albert took the liberty to express his assumptions about “The Human Condition” I feel free to do the same. I subscribe to Albert’s assertion that the human condition is best expressed in terms of attention. However I understand attention to be not a quantative but rather a qualitative dimension that sits on a scale between present/clear/focused and distracted/confused.

When attention is clear it is an abundant capacity that reveal amazing depth and vast scope – this is a meditative quality – it’s where creativity, happiness, fullfilment and magic reside. This kind of attention brings a sense of empowerment and energy is associated with a qualitative movement of energy inwards. This kind of attention leads towards clear perception.

When attention is distracted is very limited and finite. Understanding is limited to superficial and obvious features. This kind of attention feels demanding and tiring and is associated with a outwards diffusion of energy. This kind of attention leads toward misperception.

Distracted attention is indeed a limited and finite resource … clear perception is … infinite immeasurable.

Creating and capitalizing on distraced attention (=advertising) is, in my opinion, degenerative to “the human condition”. Creating clear perception is bettering “the human condition”.

Ironically we seem to be living in times where there is an abundnace of distracted attention and shortage of quality attention. It also seems that technology may be a key contributor to this situation.

Fred: Why is attention valued when you sell it but “free” when you acquire it?

When Facebook or Twitter or Google sell advertising they are really selling attention (the cheap distracted kind). In doing so attention is assiged monetary values. Yet within the exchange in which these companies acquire attention they call it “free”. It’s free when they take it from you but its valuable when they resell it.

That is the same paradigm that is destorying natural resources … only this time the natural resource is especially precious (to me) … it is human nature … or as Albert likes to call it “The Human Condition”. Once again it seems that “free” is an illusion … and as time goes by is revealing itself to be an unsustainable illusion destructive force.

Fred: How does VC ROI fit into the Viability/Sustainbility Equation?

Fred Wilson recently replied to a question by Dave Winer regarding the sustainability of user content:

“I am eager to see all of our companies that build successful services go on to be sustainable independent companies … My view is that we need to create sustainable models for these companies, which means a revenue model that can cover the costs and allow the service to remain viable. and we need to create models that allow these companies to remain independent.”

Fred is so right on … except for a gigantic-disingenuous-one-word-gap … “viable”. What does that mean? If viable means that these companies need to generate enough revenues to cover operating costs then we may be talking about non-profits. If on the other hand we are talking about companies that need to generate enough revenues to cover operating costs AND generate a handsome return for VC invesotrs … then that is a whole different ball park.

I have a feeling that the non-profit is a much more sustainable “viability target” then the VC-backed “viability target”. I also have a feeling that the two are separated by a huge gap measured in orders-of-magnitude. That also means there is a huge space in between to explore.

Dalton: Some thoughts to share with you

Context: I am with you (though I haven’t supported you … more on that below). The rhythm of your fundraising page tells me something is not quite right … even if you meet your target. The momentum that got you started should have shot you past your mark instead of slowly crawling towards it.


I think its safe to say you got the geeks … both in media and probably in funding. They understand your motivation, aspiration and challenges. Most non-geeks won’t … this is not to imply you should try reaching them … I doubt you can.

At this point, you are doing something geeky. It needs to mature beyond that but isn’t quite there yet.  I would offer as a past reference for failure RSS – it had a head start on most existing social networks and could have trumped much of their functionality … but it never got past geeky technology. I hope you don’t become another RSS.


Though you and others may be taking it for granted that your business will be as a service provider … to me it isn’t obvious what that service can be. I am fairly convinced that the platform itself SHOULD MAY NOT BE your primary revenuge-generating business.

Don’t become another central point of control or potential failure. The only way to insure the platform is aligned with the challenges you are trying to solve is that there be endless instances of it and not one that you control and charge people to use (and take blame for when it fails).

You may be able to become a viable business based on the platform … but that is another matter altogether. Any business interests you may have should not be tied into the platform – that is not sustainable.

When I say “platform” examples that come to mind are DNS and WordPress. Where those two world meet is approximately where I believe your platform should exist. I believe that I should be able to run “your platform” as a plugin in my WordPress installation … that has many repercussions.

Finally … your platform should not be yours. It should be open source. What can and probably should be yours and be run as a business regardless of the platform and in competition with many others is (a) an instance (or numerous instances) of the platform and (b) your products.

To become a good platform you should focus on users who are other developers who will create products for the platform. Do not confuse them with end-users who send status-updates – that is a fatal mistake to make. In product thinking these are two separate products-paths – one for developers and the other for THEIR end-users. If you yourself want to become such a developer that is fine but I would urge you to insulate the platform from your ambitions.

I believe that a separation of platform and product should reframe the topic of revenue sharing with other developers.

I take comfort that you chose as a point of origin publishing (in open-source style) core protocol specification that relate to the platform itself.


You don’t have a product … yet … and my feeling is that you don’t even know what your product may be. That is OK … but I think you need to explore that further and separately from the platform.

I do believe you can run an instance of the platform as a business. It makes me think of StackOverflow … maybe multiple instances can be a business altogether … maybe products (clients) can provide access to multiple instances … there seems to be a lot of potential to explore.

For an interesting (I believe) product direction you may want to check out Mozilla’s failed attempt called Raindrop.


It isn’t clear to me what you are asking money for. It is even less clear when I (and I assume others) look at app.net page and can’t figure out what it has to do with anything.

$50 is a lousy price structure. I wouldn’t pay you $50 dollars … that’s what I would (and will) pay for a new cellular phone. Because I live in a different culture then you. Please don’t let yourself fall into the mentality that most startups fall into thinking that USA or the western (1st?) world is the entire world. Your pricing model is culturally biased. That’s not a good point of origin.

I would invite you to explore values before exploring pricing. Find what are the things that are most valuable in the ecosystem. Then, try to tie monetary value to those values. I would definitely explore “attention” as a core idea in this ecosystem. I see it as an abundant resource and not a limited one … so there is much potential in it.

I would not discount Freemium … though of course not with advertising as a complementary business model. I do agree with Fred Wilson that to scale you need to let people have access … so what that access is … is an open issue. I want to believe that if you are not burdened with “VC ROI” that you can run a viable freemium service that is sustained by some paying members (again I am thinking of WordPress as a kind of proof of concept).

Be Proactive

Be smart and indulge in being in uknown territory …. Twitter had that going for it and lost it very early in the game.

Go where you want to go, not where others failed to go before you.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

  • @fredwilson re:TheEconomist "The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind" http://t.co/ZSKa5mKS #
  • Farmageddon – the unseen war on American family farms http://t.co/ZSKa5mKS via @paulwheaton #
  • VC is broken and advertising is not going to fix it http://t.co/WdtmSh9p #
  • @daltonc thank u. unfortunately they came with some unintended collateral damage #
  • "“Even when our understanding is consistent with our perception or related experience,it doesnt necessarily indicate a fact” Krishnamacharya #
  • set my default search engine to @duckduckgo = less interaction with @google = better life #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

  • @fredwilson re:TheEconomist "The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind" http://t.co/ZSKa5mKS #
  • Farmageddon – the unseen war on American family farms http://t.co/ZSKa5mKS via @paulwheaton #
  • VC is broken and advertising is not going to fix it http://t.co/WdtmSh9p #
  • @daltonc thank u. unfortunately they came with some unintended collateral damage #
  • "“Even when our understanding is consistent with our perception or related experience,it doesnt necessarily indicate a fact” Krishnamacharya #
  • set my default search engine to @duckduckgo = less interaction with @google = better life #

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Out Rage


The other day I had an awesome glimpse into the dynamics of energy. It happened as I was driving us to the city after Andreea got bitten by our new dog Rex.

The first seeds of awareness were an emotional experience of anger. I was angry at Rex for biting Andreea, I was angry at Andreea for getting bitten, I was angry at myself for choosing to adopt Rex (yes it was my idea) and creating the circumstances which allowed this to happen. Once these emotions flowed through me I was left with a physical sensation of energy flowing out from me. I was shifting between gripping the steering-wheel and flexing my fingers. I also felt an emptiness in my abdominal area. I was clearly in a state of agitation and my energy was literraly raging outwards … from my center towards my fingertips.

It quickly became apparent to me that this was not just a physical sensation as it was actually effecting my decision making. I found myself thinking  about and starting to push down on the accelerator. The movement of energy was changing my decision making and actions. I became silent (and remained silent even when Andreea asked me to speak to her).

My first focus was on containing the energy … not letting it burst out and take over. I started by consciously continuing the hand movements – explicitly flexing and releasing my fingers. Moving with the energy and then trying to bring it back in. Eventually I was able to soften my grip on the steering wheel and eventually to take one hand off completely. I then found that my neck was holding tension … released it and sunk back into my seat (an excercise I repeated numerous times as I caught myself re-tensioning).

Eventually I reached a point where I felt more collected. I was no longer feeling anger or wanting to see how fast the car cold actually go. I was just driving us to the city.

After some time in this mode I was able to bring my attention back to Andreea and her injury. Until then I asked numerous times something like “how is your hand?” or “how are you” … then I became much more specific and asked “are you scared?”. There wasn’t much either of us could do to change the physical aspect of the injury. I did believe that a calm presence could be supportive emotionally, physically and most important, spiritually. She was aware that she was in an emotional state of shock and she wasn’t scared.

Though I didn’t know the extent of the injury I wasn’t scared. I was then able to bring my attention to bare on her injury and to send healing thoughts and intentions. In a moment of what felt like clarity I was able to look at Andreea and at her injury and it came to me that, despite the intensity of the situation, she was and would be fine.

It was only the following day (yesteday), as I was chopping wood, that I was able to integrate my experience and witness this fascinating movement of energy from dispersed agitation, to containment and eventually to clear focus. The experience remains bookmarked in my consciousness by the flexing of my fingers.

In that small gesture I could see a turning point in which energy, if not contained, can spill over, consume and manifest as aggression and violent action … and this was just from a dog biting Andreea. What would a more dramatic and emotionally intense experience generate? Would I still be able to contain it or would I succumb to aggression and violence?

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

  • I almost wrote "please" in code comments … as in if this and that do that and this PLEASE … hmmm #
  • @raymondpirouz what glorious amounts of primitive agricultural perception transmitted through a supposedly "entertaining" video #
  • @raymondpirouz there's that 🙂 #
  • just checked the hives … one is bursting with honey, the other filled with brood … fantastic 🙂 #
  • u couldn't make this shit up: Jews and Muslims unite against … ahum … Germany … on … get this … circumcision http://t.co/5LRi3vPC #
  • discovering @Misty_Miller via @DominicMiller1 on @Twitter is a charming experience #
  • you don't discipline a fearful dog http://t.co/I0SG9GuB #
  • @raymondpirouz what intellectual masturbation … senior management & "regulators" are in bed together enjoying the sweet fruits of bad data #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08


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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

  • Romanian small-scale farming has a lot to offer to other EU countries: http://t.co/Q4u6qQGC #
  • laptop chick warmer: http://t.co/vf25lmWT #
  • update: laptop chick warmer too little too late … chick has died … asta este ! #
  • @raymondpirouz gr8 challenge 4 solar is not generating but storing 4 later use (when the sun is down) … expensive and does not scale well #
  • first @CutiaTaranului boxes were delivered in Cluj on Friday http://t.co/9uDwmgiK #
  • @raymondpirouz bcz plants also know how2 change their consumption when sun is down they go2 sleep they don't turn on the TV or go out 2party #
  • @raymondpirouz they are way more aligned with nature then we have become. for storage to meet consumption consumption must meet it half way #
  • @raymondpirouz and for the record … in our part of the world we get almost no sunshine in December and January … how much can you store? #
  • @raymondpirouz there is much theoretical illusion in these fields … yes we have two months of short days, very little light, almost no sun #
  • @raymondpirouz we dont have proper wind conditions + plus high maintenance and expensive, no waves or running water … #
  • @raymondpirouz we will have an earthen floor, can't imagine kinetic being affordable soon … key is consumption reduction before all else! #
  • @raymondpirouz similar disinformation exists in all that is related to "passive solar south facing homes" … u really need to dig in #
  • @raymondpirouz a key theme developing in my mind for all sustainability issues is "[much[ deep[er] cycling" … storage is key #
  • seems I'm better off being who I am rather then who I thought/think I am #
  • @Misty_Miller or maybe a little caremore #
  • watching Sting 2012 tour videos … delicious … wish we could attend a concert this summer 🙂 #
  • "Our consciousness has shifted…However, our institutions…are not yet in accordance with our changed consciousness." http://t.co/F2RI1xGt #
  • @JudithYoga how do I "allow myself to be happy"? #
  • beauty of movement http://t.co/k2keSwJD #

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Beauty of Movement


Thank you David 🙂

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24

  • if (when?) push comes to shove with @CutiaTaranului http://t.co/lVs6mria #
  • inspiration is the best, but when it isn't present … discipline is a great fallback #
  • you really should, at least once in your life, be present near a Saint Bernard dog when he barks … amazing 🙂 #
  • 7 (of ~15) day old ducklings went out for a walk after their mother … soooo yellow all in a line 🙂 #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17

  • @raymondpirouz NO ONE who took part in the Facebook IPO was there to make the world more open and connected http://t.co/sKTeu2B9 #
  • Our two mothering hens Xena and Tereza: http://t.co/SvCIP4YW #romania #
  • report on last days here at http://t.co/IgVpcDb3 … a diverse life 🙂 #
  • programming for @CutiaTaranului while watching over a rocket stove as our elder-flower syrup is heating up 🙂 sweet 🙂 #
  • day has come to an end with almost 20 liters of elder-flower juice concentrate … thats like a gazillion liters of delicious nectar 🙂 #
  • wouldn't it be great if we could live in a longer more sustainable vision of life? http://t.co/aS3PYXgT #
  • seems 2me greed caused problem AND most likely 2 cause disruptions RT @raymondpirouz Europe Braces for Greek Vote http://t.co/0UjFoUXq #
  • @tanyadavismusic my 2 cents (a) be scared – don't deny it; (b) do whatever you can to alleviate your fears; (c) spend time with happy people #
  • I came to #romania wanting to get away people … and find myself building a community http://t.co/ymkKmEcU #
  • @twitter I'll c your spam and raise u1: I report as spam every promoted tweet you push into my stream … get out & stay out! #
  • food is not cheap http://t.co/40rvzRes #
  • reflecting on sustainability through a stainless steel mesh http://t.co/pWYyqOnm #

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Greed Lashes Back


As I was watching this video about the Facebook IPO I found no sympathy for anyone … from Facebook, NASDAQ to the individual investor. Anyone who was in on the Facebook IPO was there to take make money – to ultimately take something away from the table (in a game which requires that you first put something on it). It’s the first time I’ve heard Mark Zuckerberg speak, if only for a few seconds … and … let me just say this … NO ONE who partook in this financial adventure was there to make the world more open and connected. EVERYONE was there to make a profit. When you get such a massive influx of misdirection … it practically needs to fail. Then is it only natural that (a) the strongest players (smart money) have setup the game in such a way that they will win no matter what and (b) everyone else is left scrambling … and looking for someone else to blame.

Video link compliments of Raymond

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3 Thoughts on Idiocy


1: There are idiots.

I understand idiocy as a lack of integrity between what one knows and what one does. If I know “better” and yet act “lesser” that, in my mind, makes me an idiot. So when I say that someone is an idiot I don’t mean it in a pejorative way … I am simply saying that I perceive that person as being untrue to him/her higher-self. As I write this I  realize that this conclusion seems to go against the accepted definition … to me an idiot is not really self-involved but rather insufficiently involved with one-self.

2: I can be an idiot too.

I believe we live in a world where some people have more access to “better” then others. I consider myself a fortunate individual … I’ve had plenty of access to “better” in my life. I now live amongst people who, for the most part, have not been as fortunate as me. This leads to many situations in which I perceive them doing things I know to be “lesser” … things that I know can be done “better”. There is still in me an old (and apparently angry) habit that thinks of them as idiots. But when I actually pause and think about it I realize that I am the one without integrity. That I know better does not mean that they know better however that I know that they don’t know better means I should. I am an idiot for expecting them to behave based on what I know.

3: No, I am my own teacher

If I do happen to misperceive idiocy in someone else and in doing so dicover my own idiocy that doesn’t nake that other person a “teacher” (thinking that merely confirms my idiocy). That makes me my own teacher.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10


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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-03

  • so thankful for the rain and our raised beds: http://t.co/FS4XIWfK #
  • just launched new @CutiaTaranului box with fantastic bread … already people signing up for it as a 2nd box in addition to vegetable box 🙂 #
  • Something good has come from the Facebook IPO: http://t.co/paTpA4Fd #
  • brooding hen has moved for a break … one of the eggs is cracked and squeeking … we're expecting our first chick 🙂 #
  • news from http://t.co/IgVpcDb3: sun, transplanting, soil, electric poultry net, an almost chick and @CutiaTaranului 🙂 abundance 🙂 #
  • daily http://bhudeva report: 6 chicks, electric netting, nervous chickens, shocked dogs, happy us 🙂 #
  • "recent research shows that being healthy is … healthy" #
  • I've lost count of the number of transitions from sunshine to rain & cloud-cover and the day is just getting started … June 🙂 Summer 🙂 #
  • how we got started with chickens at Bhudeva: http://t.co/SctZwpTN #

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