“Let’s say that when every one of us is born we bring with us a little ring of power. That little ring is almost immediately put to use. So every one of us is already hooked from birth and our rings of power are joined to everyone else’s. In other words, our rings of power are hooked to the doing of the world in order to make the world.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

Goodbye Facebook


No post was planned, I just wanted to deactivate my Facebook account. Facebook notified me that 3 randomly selected friends will miss me. I got over that screen. Then facebook required a seurity captcha authentication just to make sure it really was a human me trying to deactivate my account. I barely got over this screen.

Am I delusional or did they stoop lower then low to prevent me from doing this? (if you want to test yourself – click the image to enlarge it, if you do and I get it right, please let me know, my sanity would appreciate it).


In the end it worked. Ironically, despite the fact that I opted out of any further messaging from Facebook I then received this email:


If for no other reason (and I have plenty) – this alone is reason enough for me to say “Goodbye Facebook”.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-19

  • 21:34 #
  • 22:10 #
  • There is a Ray Charles album titled “Genius + Soul = Jazz” … there is gift-wrapped knowledge for you! #
  • RT Mozilla Thunderbird – a better place on earth 🙂 @amitcb: RT @Ealz: Microsoft Outlook = Hell on Earth #
  • RT gmail is VERY expensive @kosha: RT gmail rocks @iamronen: RT Mozilla Thunderbird better @amitcb: RT @Ealz: Microsoft Outlook=HellOnEarth #
  • @kosha no I mean gmail (and anything free from google) for anyone -an ecological disaster-terribly expensive! you just don’t know U R paying in reply to kosha #
  • @kosha cant reply in 140 chars, will consider writing a post to answer…. thank u for asking in reply to kosha #
  • 11:44 #
  • @kosha this really sidelined my day – but the words overtook me – so to answer your question about google: http://www.iamronen.com/?p=894 in reply to kosha #
  • @TalSh come to the Galil – bread all year long, 7 days a week … in reply to TalSh #
  • @TalSh end religious mumbo jumbo? it’s a thing of the past in my life, only now I have supermarkets to support that choice 🙂 in reply to TalSh #
  • RT isn’t that the best kind of game? @fredwilson: Golf is the cruelest game because you play it mostly in your head #
  • @kosha likewise… thank u for taking the time to read and respond, responded back 2 u 🙂 in reply to kosha #
  • @kosha 🙂 in reply to kosha #
  • 23:24 good night #
  • nature achieves completeness through tolerance & adaptation rather then precision #
  • 11:21 #
  • 12:22 … yeah right! #
  • I think our cat may be an incarnation of Golda Meir #SocBook #
  • 22:22 #
  • every “Not” is struggling to hide a better “Yes” #
  • “I’ve also studied deeply in the philosophies and the religions but cheerfulness kept breaking through” Leonard Cohen #
  • 22:51 – tricky one! #
  • 00:22 good night! #
  • @adambn for a guy who is working at noise reduction, u r making quite a bit of noise today! in reply to adambn #
  • @adambn … and I really feel that you have to walk the talk… otherwise what are we doing? in reply to adambn #
  • Israel social security internet payments service is not accepting payments due to the holiday, it will resume at 19:57… we are so screwed #
  • 15:32 was almost there, 15:33 ahhh!!! #
  • 18:18 #
  • in New Zealand it is now 03:22 ! #
  • 19:19 – intensive evening… #
  • “the worst of your scorn, my love give me more, send whiffs of opinion down my back, give me more, well its you I’ve waited my life to see” #
  • RT @inkupakor: crossing http://www.inkupakor.com/?p=97 #
  • @idancohen saw your post on @boxee… would you be interested in collaborating on another Boxee App? #
  • someone get @ronenk a beer … QUICK! #
  • talking less is really turning out to be a good thing for me, makes life easier… definitely works the “surrender” muscles #
  • 21:12 and I am chatting with @adambn instead of inhering another Request object … #
  • this has to be the most intense OOP I’ve done in a very long time #
  • if your newly found truth is really good, feel free to share it, good chance nobody will get it anyway! #
  • @gotoAndSmoke trying to make a living and the world a better place with a fertility monitoring application in Flex/AS3 with @andreea_hl in reply to gotoAndSmoke #
  • “As the questioning itself is defeated, it leaves in its wake a sense of surrender and acceptance.” #
  • 11:01 #
  • watching http://tinyurl.com/c5b2sr by @ajkeen, what if twitter is less a glimpse of the future but more a reflection of the present? #
  • finished my first plumbing job, installed a junction on the water main to the house – to hookup watering hoses … hurray me! #
  • is there an IDE that represents class inheritance by showing a flat class that embodies all inheritance, overrides, etc.? #
  • newrule: unfollow anyone who tweets about getting more followers, no questions asked…. #
  • @ev seems twitter losing dynamic qualities that made it what it is bcause searching for $$$ in the wrong(est) places, I’ll pay $10 a year! #
  • @oprah and friends please go away and take mass sensationalism & followerism somewhere else, it is a waste of twitter! #
  • twitter feature: auto-unfollow & block twitterers with too many followers! keep the quantity away from the quality… yeah! #
  • off to cook some dinner, watch some TV and then do some testing on all the code that was born today! #
  • if you want to give twitter a chance to become… let @ev know you are willing to pay $1 a month or $10 a year #
  • @gotoAndSmoke is sin a good thing? in reply to gotoAndSmoke #
  • RT yeah – ahum!^%^& @gotoAndSmoke: @iamronen i think duality in high level psuedo code is more appropriately “perpetual motion vs. entropy” #
  • @yaronherman I would love to hear u play in Israel but I live far from TelAviv. Any chance u perform in the north: http://twurl.nl/jr78l5 ? #
  • @yaronherman If it works out I promise to bring my camera with me: http://www.stillcreation.com/?page_id=26 🙂 #
  • “what is called good is perfect and what is called bad is just as perfect” Walt Whitman #
  • RT thank u @karynromeis: You have *got* to check this video out. … http://bit.ly/Gh3zN #
  • @ronenk she does in reply to ronenk #
  • RT @ronenk: Without words. ♫ http://blip.fm/~4j25b #
  • @ronenk keeping a critical position but with a change of mood 😉 http://www.iamronen.com/?p=629 in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk or skip to the “fuck them all” position: http://www.iamronen.com/?p=578 in reply to ronenk #
  • @Inspirosity are you open to new artists? if so, how is it best they approach you? #
  • @Whatleydude hello 🙂 in reply to Whatleydude #
  • Flex/AS3/PHP/XML bad-ass object oriented logic for a smooth user experience is WORKING!! woohoooo!! #
  • @Whatleydude thnx (I think!) what bio? where? waddayawana know? if it’s not at http://www.iamronen.com theres good chance I don’t want to tell 🙂 in reply to Whatleydude #
  • http://twurl.nl/sdywsw Thank you @gapingvoid @ajkeen @Whatleydude … all things good 🙂 #
  • “…[I] feel that all men know the truth, see?…The truth itself doesn’t have a name on it. Each man has to find this for himself” Coltrane #

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Tat Tvam Asi


Great sequence of twitter statuses (all happened close together with only 2 additional statuses I removed to create a focus). If you are not used to twitter – the sequence is in reverse chronological order.


@whatleydude – I have not found a way to represent myself in a 160 character bio and I have stopped looking. I am thankful for a diverse and rich life. No I do not assume that folks browsing profiles have time or patience and yes I know very well that they actually don’t. But that is a choice that  each and every “folk” makes (consciously or not). I choose otherwise (consciously).

@gapingvoid – again you are correct and astute, but attention is a wall not just for the Web 2.0 fantasy (which has and will run into many other walls).

@ajkeen – I think that to connect to what’s really going on we need to set aside the word economy  and look for better pespectives – maybe ecology?

I remember reading quite some time ago about the narrowing effects of Powerpoint on business communications. I get the feeling that twitter is having a similar effect on personal communication?

Yoga philosophy explains that the mind has qualities – and that each quality can be functional or dysfunctional. This perspective supports me. Twitter (like anything else) can be functional/dysfunctional – that is not a quality of twitter but rather a quality of the people who use it.

Thank you all for this charming gathering.

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Playing for Change – Stand By Me


enjoy 🙂  and it you want more (and I can’t think of a reason you would not)  go here

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Google & Organic Food


A few months ago we had an opportunity to join a group that organized purchases and delivery of organic food products. These kind of groups are currently typical in Israel where organic foods are still drastically more expensive then their counter-non-organic products. These groups make organic products more affordable by dealing directly with the farmers and establishing a self-operated distribution center. This means that all members shoulder part of the responsibility of keeping the mechanism operating.

This  included a minor shift in consumption habits. The distribution center is open once or twice a week for a few hours and you have to place your order a few days in advance.  This is why we didn’t join. We did not want to trade our buy-as-needed consumer habits for a planned purchase. We discussed this for some time and realized that we prefer the freedom to choose when and what we buy over the benefits of cheaper organic products. The result is that we conume organic grains but non-organical fruits and vegetables.

Rationality & Economy

WARNING: The following paragraphs describe a system of FAITH and not a scientific truth. If you feel like arguing then please either make an effort to relax your mind (tip: think of me a silly person and humor yourself by reading on) or stop reading and go   somewhere else.

I believe rational thinking is just one of many tools at my disposal in life. For many years I was addicted to it and lived by it alone. Over recent years I have become acquainted with other tools which I believe give me a better overall experience in life. These tools are often referred to by names such as intuition, spirituality, creativity, etc.

(COMMENT: To me these are very personal words – their meaning to me is based on an accumulation of personal experience. The only way I know for me to share them with you would be for us to spend time together – to accumulate shared experience. Until we do I ask, as you read on, that you use them with care, attention and an open mind, there is a very good chance that your interpretation differs greatly from mine.)

Economy is one example of a system of rational thought. The past decade, and recent months have demonstrated that the system is faulty. It has to some degree collapsed and caused widespread ripple effects. Many of its greatest followers are now talking about an expected radical change in it’s core concepts and mechanisms.

I agree change is coming but I disagree with most of the economic-worshiping prophets (some of whom I respect as business thought leaders) – because their prophecies are mostly limited to the trappings of rational thought. Everything needs to be picked at until it is completely broken down into little understandable pieces which give a sense of (economic) predictability control (which seems to narrow down to making more money!).

Now we come to a major faith junction:  control (and any of its artifact predictions) is a misapprehension. Occasionally rationality works – this is a chance occurrence. Most of the time it is wrong. The fact that is it wrong is well hidden by it’s inherit mandate to keep digging … until a chance occurrence occurs – and rationality is hailed. Most of the time rationality is just plain wrong.

Intuition & Ecology

Every morning I look out on another system altogether – an ecological system. It is tempting to call this system “nature” – but that is another rational misapprehension. Rationality (and for that matter misapprehension) are also natural. This system has other qualities – intuition, creativity and spirituality, etc… are words that dance around it and shed some inspirational light on it.

From where I am sitting it looks like ecology is a system of doing (as in actual action!) what’s best, while economy is a system of doing what is thought to be best. To me, the ecological odds seem much better then the economic odds.

I tend to think of ecological systems as systems in which:

  1. Acting entities are striving for constant improvement – for quality.
  2. Action is an expression of these good (as in high quality) intentions.
  3. Consequences ripple out extensively and reach deep into the system.
  4. Ripples inform acting entities.


Google is an aggregation of many systems. When it was very young it was dominated by ecological patterns – it is indeed a product of creativity. As it grew it incorporated (!) additional systems – many of them rational and economical. Today it is dominated by the latter. It now wears ecology as a fashionable badge in servitude of it’s economical systems, and it’s best chance of finding an innovation is looking elsewhere.

Rationally & Economically – every time I consume (utilize) a Google service – I am calling on a huge collection of resources (if anyone actually put together a list – it would be staggering). Some have already been allocated & invested regardless of my request, others are allocated and spent exclusively for me. Google expends these resources on my behalf and pays for them. Since I do not directly pay Google anything, and since Google is a dominated by economic forces, it is driven to balance this equation in other ways.

Ecologically I am striving for quality, so I care how Google does this. Economically & ecologically I don’t care for the way it does. There are no free lunches.

Consuming Google

In the case of organic vegetables I made a choice – spontaneity over organics. In the case of Google I made another choice – ecology over economy. My choices in regard to Google make economical sense to me and feel ecological good.

I consume as little of Google as possible. Most of my Google consumption is made up of searching the web. I have a google user account which I use rarely use for basic SEO related issues (I once paid Google with an open heart – I don’t expect that will ever happen again). I don’t use Gmail and I stay logged out of Google 99.9999% of the time – so that they cannot associate my activities with my registered profile.

There is nothing wrong with Google – this is the way things are. Google is a case in point. Ecology has an upper hand on economy – quality endures and accommodates rational misapprehension. Economy as we know it (and systems subscribed to it) will one day (maybe soon?) be gone, ecology is here to stay. Ecology is about what is good, not about what looks good.

I wonder: did you choose how you use Google or did someone choose for you?

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-12

  • RT and for the most part useless! @adambn: I hate writing specs, they’re boring #
  • having a bad wordpress-client day, I need to shoot someone… any volunteers? #
  • @ronenk did you see a brilliant movie called “Last Night” – the world ends in 6 hours (no one knows/cares why)… great great great … in reply to ronenk #
  • 19:09 #
  • 46278 #
  • fuck… Nokia text-assist can’t spell fuck! #
  • RT @Philanthropic: Why do people care so much what Twitter Grader says? Its almost as relevant as a beauty pageant. #
  • 46368 #
  • when I encounter doubt I am attacked, so I attack back. if doubter has good reason to doubt then his attack wins, otherwise my attack wins! #
  • though about twitter: you can’t “get it” no matter how hard u try (or pay others 2try4u), u have to play around with it and c what happens! #
  • 23:42 #
  • heck 23:43 #
  • 00:33 good night all! #
  • @rachelhaim welcome… and beware of wolves 🙂 #
  • 75025 #
  • did you notice that vacation is about “vacating” as in “emptying” or “making space”? #
  • if you use Mozilla Thunderbird – check out this theme http://tinyurl.com/cvwy7m I am really enjoying it’s presence on my screen! #
  • I just realized that TweetDeck doesn’t show hebrew, so hebrew tweets look like hyphenation coded messages, they’re not ,they r a bug hahaha #
  • RT amen,but new mediocrity is coming in its place! @gapingvoid: New cartoon “Mediocrity now howls in protest.” http://tinyurl.com/c3yldn #
  • concluded frustrations: http://www.iamronen.com/?p=874 #
  • “it’s so amusing to catch my own mind fucking with me!” #SocBook #
  • 15:22 how cool! #
  • RT well done @talzubalksy @adambn: Check out this #threadless material from @talzubalskyhttp://tinyurl.com/dmht3l #
  • 17:17 going to have some soup in a small romanian restaurant 🙂 tata ! #
  • hallelujah – there’s a guy who knows how to use a hat: http://www.iamronen.com/?p=830 #
  • listening to new Leonard Cohen – Live in London CD …. wow…. ! #

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Ignore Everybody


So much great advice, so little space : )  Click on the image to view a larger and readable source and I recommend spending some time reading Hugh’s writing – he knows something!


When I posted this I wasn’t sure it would be OK to use Hugh’s image (based on past experiences with my own work!) – so I wrote him to make sure it was OK with him. He gracefully replied and acknowledged that it was OK and also asked if I could link to his upcoming book Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity– which I am glad to do (I have read references to Hugh as an excellent marketingadvertising guy – so take note and learn from his communication with me!).

BUT, Hugh has gracefully and heroically  cut the branch supporting him. If you’ve read the book title (and if you are reading these words, then you already have, numerous times) – then you have been given a great gift (ironically, if you need it then you probably don’t know it) and in my opinion Hugh’s most important insight & advice. I am very serious! If you truly want to explore, embrace and enjoy your creativity then take Hugh’s generous advice –  Ignore Everybody, stop looking for it elsewhere, start now by NOT BUYING Hugh’s book.

If you’re already “on your game” and don’t need the book then by all means get it – I am sure it will be great fun, good reading and inspiring (see for yourself). If  you are searching (how wonderful!) then know this –  the book will not give you any keys to creativity – simply because there are none to be given. Ask Hugh!

Now that I think of it, my previous post from earlier today is in a way about this too…

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My Bad


Shahar & I once performed in a well known theatre in Jerusalem.  As the performance neared its ending, it was interrupted by sounds & noises from the lobby next door. The noises were intended to signal that we need to come to an end – it was generated by one of the producers who was trying to keep to the schedule (the performance as part of a day-long happening). Shahar’s performance was (as it usually is) intimate and personal and the intrusion (and the disruptive intents carried with it) was a violent and inappropriate intrusion. When we talked later talked about the event,  Shahar felt the intrusion was like a rape.  When you expose yourself the way he does – it’s a risk you take.


The day before yesterday was an unpleasant day for me. I have recently been offering my services in building WordPress based web-sites. I charge a mid-priced fee for this service. I usually do this for either friends or people who then become friends. I choose to work only when I am allowed to care and care is appreciated. Read More »

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-05

  • RT @FaniPiker: גלעד עדיין חי. 1008 ימים בשבי. חייבים להחזיר את גלעד #
  • 12:22 #
  • RT CHILD BIRTH ORGASM : Best Kept Secret of Labor? @andreea_hl: http://twurl.nl/5qacnr enjoy #
  • Looking for my wallet and car keys 🙂 http://twurl.nl/wgj2c6 enjoy! #
  • 22:00 #
  • just noticed – 99.9% of the times I am led to a facebook link that requires I login … I walk away…. #
  • I dug this out of my blog archives: “Dear Paul Graham, Attn. Art” http://twurl.nl/pim7ci #
  • 23:45 good night! #
  • 4181 #
  • 00:10 good night #
  • RT @Zee: Guys, if you haven’t already – you’ve gotta watch some of these TV freudian slips…absolutely hilarious (http://is.gd/pMaj #
  • RT we live in funny times @Zee: not sure why i just retweeted @Scobleizer – not like there’ll be anyone reading this who isn’t following him #
  • RT @andreea_hl: “Freedom means having nothing left to lose” – Bob Dylan #
  • @ronenk talk to the bob!! in reply to ronenk #
  • 6765 #
  • I don’t have a car but I do have a camera! #
  • RT Yeah…. I think! @zeldman: Drill, baby, drill. #
  • @DeeLynn 7 day detox: live moderately for seven days and then see how you can carry qualities of that for 7000 more days! in reply to DeeLynn #
  • @DeeLynn maybe it’s more about not “retoxing” then detoxing ? in reply to DeeLynn #
  • “Whenever you are in the world of the tonal, you should be an impeccable tonal; no time for irrational crap.” #
  • “But whenever you are in the world of the nagual, you should also be impeccable; no time for rational crap.” #
  • “For the warrior intent is the gate in between. It closes completely behind him when he goes either way” #
  • I want to talk less… I should… I will… #
  • @ronenk what is #SocBook? in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk 23:46 how is it going to happen? #SocBook in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk deal. I’ll let it brew and if something boils I’ll shout out 🙂 keeping my eyes peeled .. #SocBook in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk do we have techies on board? like getting a bot to listen in and mediate? #SocBook in reply to ronenk #
  • Can anyone heart-fully recommend a hosting company with a good VPS offering? I am disappointed with HostICan, I am considering MediaTemple #
  • @shaharsol thanku 🙂 but I need a VPS with PHP support and prefer not cloud (I don’t know how to control costs on clouds) so EC2 no go in reply to shaharsol #
  • @ronenk hey ho : ) how is life treating you? in reply to ronenk #
  • I is pumping away at FLEX & PHP trying to get this data range scanning thing running smoothly … I sooooo want this to work today! #
  • @ronenk where’s that post? btw I think we should lay down a few playing rules rather then decide what #SocBook is, it’ll reveal itself 2 us in reply to ronenk #
  • 1 9 0 0 I repeat 1 9 0 0 #
  • @_chrisg thanks for that tip – @MediaTemple is currently at the top of my list. do you know if they help migrating? in reply to _chrisg #
  • oh shit I almost forgot #
  • 10946 #
  • 11:11 #
  • @yosit – u may want to check out http://www.eye.fi/ it will get images to computer -> flickr ->??-> twitter… maybe a loop is possible #
  • how violence subtly penetrates & spreads in a society (link is in hebrew) http://twurl.nl/meqm6g … careless, purposeless violence! #
  • RT : ) @gotoAndSmoke: me in the april fool’s day joke at my work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUsFVDNF4G0 #
  • RT and don’t think everything you believe @Philanthropic: Don’t believe everything you think. #
  • It’s been a while http://twurl.nl/zu233q #
  • @Philanthropic thank u for looking, I did too 🙂 “… people do not like the candor that shatters their delusions…” in reply to Philanthropic #
  • hmmm… the more you feel in control, the further you are from creativity… #
  • 17711 #
  • @e180 in between Leonard Cohen & Nina Simona I found Jeff Buckley for you: http://twurl.nl/rylea2 http://twurl.nl/uckzng enjoy 🙂 in reply to e180 #
  • @Anos 🙂 in reply to Anos #
  • 09:10 #
  • RT @ronenk: The concept of teaching and learning Social Media makes me laugh. No offence. #
  • cats choose wisely! #
  • 15:51 #
  • RT @inkupakor: J.S. Bach suite No.1 S,1007 G Major http://twurl.nl/o55siu #
  • 28657 #
  • has anyone had experience with VPS hosting at http://www.ServInt.net? would you recommend? #
  • @adambn 🙂 I didn’t remember – being the fool that I am, thanks for the feedback… they look like good candidates! HUG! cc @ronenk in reply to adambn #
  • @adambn probably… a pain the ass transfer process… but probably inevitable! do u know if they assist in migrating? in reply to adambn #
  • 23:41 good night 🙂 #
  • it must be pretty vague in a cloud #
  • Upside Down? http://twurl.nl/zis28o (and if enjoy that check out Magical Deer: http://twurl.nl/jh08fo) #
  • @adambn Plesk or cPanel/WHM? what say you? i am familiar with cPanel… in reply to adambn #
  • @ronenk #SocBook check this out http://twistori.com/ in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk maybe for now you don’t really need to answer 🙂 for the record I JUST NOW responded to your email, and then saw this CREEPY! in reply to ronenk #
  • RT @inkupakor: Pachelbel Canon in D: http://twurl.nl/tak8jz #
  • “Welcome to the power of surrender” #
  • “If you can describe it, it ain’t funky” #
  • I’ve been at laughed at b4 but the truth remains Prince’s “One Night Alone:Live” is a masterful CD & performance… get it, lisstten to it! #
  • RT or are we something/nothing else altogether? @cusamano: Are we human, Or are we twitters? #
  • @adambn am realling looking forward to seeing Berry Saharof in concert in reply to adambn #
  • @adambn soon I hope / don’t know / why not? / ummmm… by car? in reply to adambn #
  • RT how about photoshopping next 2 this beautiful morning instead of on it? @ohadbikovsky: photoshoping on the morning #
  • @ronenk 🙁 I know… hence my hosting inquiries… I honestly don’t know if its lousy performance or overloaded…. arghhh! technology! in reply to ronenk #
  • programming really sucks without debugging tools… arghhhh #
  • RT maybe it’s not meant to? @Philanthropic: “The mind that is thinking in terms of a part can never perceive the whole.” -Krishnamurti #
  • @Philanthropic after all a mind is just that, a mind, nothing less, nothing more #SocBook in reply to Philanthropic #
  • @adambn yeah FLEXing away, and with all these objects and what not it’s a bitch not being able to run step by step and stuff… in reply to adambn #
  • @ronenk quality is a rare commodity! I think thats how its always been, and maybe that how it should be??!@#@%T in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk quality is neither the world nor people… it’s something better 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • @adambn do you have an idea who is @IsraeliStartup and why the f—– h— he/she/it is echoing our communication? in reply to adambn #
  • @adambn @IsraeliStartup has been blocked! thank u ! #

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Upside Down?


“… and then he bean to tell a most disconcering tale about a country bumpkin who became an important official during a time of political upheaval… [he] was appointed minister, or governor, or perhaps even president, because there was no way of telling what people would do in their follu. Becuase of this appointment he came to believe that he was indeed important and learned to put on an act.

…[he] was very good at public appearances and could whip up a speech with no difficulty at all, but his position required that he read his speeches, and the man was illiterate. So he used his wits to outsmart everybody. He had a sheet of paper with something written on it and flashed it around when eer he gave a speech. And this his efficiency and other good qualities were undeniable to all the country bumpkins. But one day a literate stranger came along and noticed that the hero was reading his speech while holding the sheet upside down. He began to alugh and pointed out the lie to everyone.

… he faced everyone calmly and said, ‘Upside down? Why whould the position of the sheet matter if you know how to read?’. And the bumpkins agreed with him.”

Taken from Carlos Castaneda’s “Tales of Power”

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It’s Been A While


It’s been a while…
It’s been a while since I’ve felt a sensation of quiet being
It’s been a while since pure beauty has tapped me gently on the shoulder
It’s been a while since I’ve been clear enough to appreciate it calling out to me
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a beautiful sunset
It’s been a while longer since I’ve run to get the camera and capture an image of one.


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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-29

  • @ronenk I lost my Jeff viriginity a few months ago… if I could move back in time I would take and keep that virginity… in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk true story – IMHO – don’t go…. or alternatively be clear about why you are going and then re-ask the question 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • RT if u want quality (good stuff) in ur life turn/shut down your facebook usage @davewiner: Scoble about Facebook http://bit.ly/t3Qdy #
  • ALERT ALERT ALERT: Facebook (and many others like them) are NOT THERE FOR YOU… they are there TO USE YOU AND MAKE MONEY IN THE PROCESS #
  • DISCLOSURE: I live here: http://twurl.nl/i5hwkf & I rarely log into Facebook (I do so ONLY when I can’t find a better approach). #
  • @ronenk agree & embrace yet… I am thinking ecology: cows eat grass, cows shit on grass, grass grows… why does facebook need more money? in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk I just watched this (all 3 parts) http://twurl.nl/4p4ykc and I’m thinking “money is an old concept isn’t it… time to move on?” in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk … then it’s time to invest in a dick-growth hi-tech-medical device… because they are WAYYYYY over compensating! in reply to ronenk #
  • theory: http://twurl.nl/ujfm4k + http://twurl.nl/bmt0xh = Iranians should be looking into these: http://twurl.nl/qlk7yk #
  • RT @Philanthropic: You strengthen people as you surround them with your loving thoughts. #
  • change (like death) catches you by surprise… change destroys and creates… we are in a wonderful time of change… it’s a great show! #
  • @ronenk when you come to the north (eg. in escaping missiles falling on Tel-Aviv) do come and say hello 🙂 http://twurl.nl/2wi85q in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk another great product ePoporn… pieces of it wedge into your twitter and facebook streams … and you can never get them out in reply to ronenk #
  • boy I am really banging away at twitter today… time to go and eat and watch the sunset… all things good 🙂 #
  • @ronenk the un-shortened version of the link: http://www.iamronen.com/?p=833 in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk it’s responding for me … but I plan to move hosting over next few months… I don’t trust my current hosting at hostican! in reply to ronenk #
  • 21:11 #
  • TWITTER TIP: How to increase the QUALITY of your twitter followers? Don’t try to increase your twitter follower count! #
  • 23:45 good night! #
  • 144 #
  • went to get the car a periodical fix-up, found engine-block is cracked no point in attempting to give it a longer life…. arghhh! #
  • @ronenk your is HUGE!!! WOW!!! in reply to ronenk #
  • when I get a friendly but automated DM greeting in response to following someone I unfollow them! #
  • RT @OurielOhayon: just discovered that if you google “translate+word” it will present you first a translation from google translate … #
  • firefox has been crashing toooo much lately…. anyone else having trouble with this? #
  • some thoughts on leadership: http://twurl.nl/66tyk2 #
  • 233 #
  • 13:22 WOW! #
  • 21:21 #
  • 377 #
  • RT @elatable: RT @judithd fascination w. info about ourselves induces 2 provide lengthy self-portraits 2 marketers http://tinyurl.com/c2c9pq #
  • 610 #
  • hello all – please meet (and if you want to greet) my love @andreeahl as she explores the twitter waters…. #
  • 12:12 #
  • @andreeahl lo mevin romanit 🙂 dabri barur bevakasha 🙂 in reply to andreeahl #
  • @acip hello there 🙂 how is life? thinking of you every other day 🙂 please meet @andreeahl in reply to acip #
  • joy in repetition, joy in repetition, joy in repetition, joy in repetition, joy in repetition, joy in repetition #
  • RT @gotoAndSmoke: Not everyone lives to tell a tale, but many tell a tale of the few who live #
  • 987 #
  • RT @vrivett: It takes a lot to impress me but WOW WOW WOW! Amazing check out this phone http://bit.ly/XlP6M #
  • “He said that … by talking about my experience and by thinking about it I was dissipating it” #
  • RT Websters: (1) damn those pesky hormones, (2) ummm those hormones, let’s fuck! @MJ: Fucking hormones. #
  • RT and given enough time becomes inedible?? @YaelBeeri: facebook is like a box of chocolates…. looks different every morning #
  • off to breakfast 🙂 ta ta ! #
  • RT sounds like a drug experiment from the 60’s : ) @acip: WT (Web Technologies) Lab on DTD & XSD #
  • some music shouldn’t be “listened to”, it should just be “heard” !! #
  • RT behind all the fuss and noise – business doing real work @davewiner: Straws in the wind for Silicon Valley. http://bit.ly/V4QWt #
  • 13:13 #
  • inspiration gives education direction, education without inspiration is misdirected #
  • 1597 #
  • RT Yeah Right! @ronenk: @YaelBeeri I’m real. #
  • breaking from FLEX to watch a movie 🙂 #
  • 2584 #
  • RT @andreea_hl: buna dimineata. e a mia oara in ultimile zile cand spun ca Israel e nebun. ieri era aproape ger si azi maneca scurta. hmmmmm #

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It seems a that shooting down leaders has become a very popular sport – the popular excuse for it is that they do not demonstrate the leadership expected from them. I always cringe a little when I hear this. I feel that leadership is largely misunderstood. Leadership is not something that a leader does – it is about a relationship – and like any good relationship the responsibility for it is (or at least should be) shared.

I am not sure that in order to talk about “leadership” I am required to first talk about “leader”, but I do think it will give these words a context. To me a leader is someone who can shoulder the responsibility of facing unknowns. I believe that life is a process of evolution and that evolution takes place when known clashes with unknown. A leader facilitates and embraces this clash – the result of which is change.

The trap is now set. Read More »

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-22

  • 3 #
  • RT @ronenk: 72.196.1889 #
  • RT Israel continuing into era of extremism – get used to it! @ajkeen: Leiberman 2 bcome Israeli foreign minister http://bit.ly/44S84Z #
  • 22:34 #
  • 5 #
  • @adambn because you have like 2 friends there and never logged in 🙂 how are you? in reply to adambn #
  • 8 #
  • this is where we live now: http://twurl.nl/0e84pe #
  • RT @adambn: Know a Flash guru/ninga who want take part in a kickass project? DM me, believe me he won’t regret it! please RT #
  • bring Leonard Cohen to Israel: http://www.leonard.co.il #
  • 13 #
  • @ronenk what’s on your mind, keeping you from sleeping? in reply to ronenk #
  • turn up volume, hit play, close ur eyes and let words seep into you and do their magical work: http://twurl.nl/qslaaa #
  • English: “Sorry babe”; Hebrew: “Tsar Li Buba” #
  • my thoughts running off http://twurl.nl/mw5r6j after reading Clay Shirky’s article on newspapers/journalism: http://twurl.nl/6ceokz #
  • @Malarkey why? in reply to Malarkey #
  • 17:17 #
  • RT @tmaduri: A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. ~ Henry Ford. #
  • 23:21 RT great song thank u @ronenk: @iamronen these things that keeps me busy, feeling good http://tinyurl.com/62suhd #
  • 21 #
  • “We are perceivers. We are an awareness; we are not objects; we have no solidity. We are boundless. ->continued #
  • The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient. ->continued #
  • It is only a description that was created to help us. We, or rather our reason, forget that the description is only a description ->cont #
  • and thus we entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime. ->continued #
  • So, in essence, the world that your reason wants to sustain is the world created by a description & its dogmatic & inviolable rules ->cont #
  • which the reason learns to accept and defend…. -> continued #
  • from now on you should let yourself perceive whether the description is upheld by your reason or by your will.” #
  • “The secret of a warrior is that he believes without believing … A warrior doesn’t believe, a warrior has to believe.” #
  • 10:20 #
  • RT mobilized=take action @e180: I wish people mobilized against social injustices as much as they mobilize to bring the old Facebook back. #
  • RT Watch, read, share .. WOW !!! @e180: Man, I love this video. It’s worth sharing again. http://www.girleffect.org/#/video/ #
  • 23:45 #
  • 34 #
  • @adambn mazal tov on new HUGE TV 🙂 in reply to adambn #
  • http://twurl.nl/jcas4d ->but you are probably better off not listening to people who really want to be heard… but the quiet ones… well #
  • great speech from the whitehouse http://www.whitehouse.gov/Nowruz/ … and then “the hammer came down”… #
  • where would you start with listening to classical music? #
  • @adambn on classical – can you PLEASE be more specific? 🙂 in reply to adambn #
  • @SaraJChipps Thank you : ) something specific? preferably torrent dowloadable 🙂 in reply to SaraJChipps #
  • meditation work: setting up the contents of a multilingual flex form… create value in resource, replace static value, create, replace… #
  • @adambn I am connected to 014 and they have occasional connection problems… unexcusable I think… in reply to adambn #
  • @adambn 014 – bezeq intnl in reply to adambn #
  • 04:40 #
  • 55 #
  • RT amen @gapingvoid: Not that I actually give a damn, but I find it weird how invisible my work is to the gallery/critic/curator douchebags. #
  • 21:12 #
  • faith is powerful, those that have it have an advantage over those who don’t… #
  • 89 #
  • learning to speak Indonesian Cattish… it’s a simple language #
  • “A guardian is broad-minded and understanding. A guard, on the other hand, is a vigilante, narrow-minded and most of the time despotic.” #
  • @ronenk 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • RT Merlot? @ronenk: 1978. #

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Elkosh – Walkabout


I took a camera with me when we went out for a walk in this evening’s sunset light. Just to give you an idea of our surroundings : )  So when we head out an eastern gate there begins a path…


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Hallelujah Halleluja Hallelujah


Watch this for the honesty and wisdom of words, watch it for the opportunity to see a living legend, watch it for a glimpse of time-transcending quality, watch to see a man who wear’s a hat that he can take off to show respect for his peers, watch it for the peace in which power can emerge… if nothing else watch it to see the grace in which a 75 year old Leonard Cohen can kneel and rise. If you live in Israel go here to make sure you get to see him live in concert one last time.

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Everything is amazing, nobody is happy..


I saw this great & funny video on Marc Warnke’s website. Enjoy : )

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Andreea & I recently moved to a house in the Galil area in the north of Israel – to a small village called Elkosh. To answer recurring requests  I finally obliged, snapped some images and well… this is where we now live.

This is a quick and dirty panorama from our balcony in harsh light – but you can get the picture…


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Chopping Wood


2 weeks ago I had no experience chopping wood. I hacked away at a wooden pole, made very little progress and tired myself out. Today I managed to take apart a days worth of burning wood in a few minutes. Actually I just came in from doing that and then I watched this video:

  1. It is a smart talk – much knowledge collected,  assimilated and delivered with passion.
  2. It and it’s content matter is lacking any direction – it is coming from emptiness and going into a bigger emptiness.
  3. It is completely wrong.

I will keep chopping wood. After that I will get to work at pulling deep-rooted weeds that are covering the grounds of our new house.

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Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable


Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism. For a century, the imperatives to strengthen journalism and to strengthen newspapers have been so tightly wound as to be indistinguishable. That’s been a fine accident to have, but when that accident stops, as it is stopping before our eyes, we’re going to need lots of other ways to strengthen journalism instead.

Good writing by Clay Shirky

Update: some thoughts this stirred in me

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