“Weapons may have decorations on them to enhance the spirit of the warrior but they should primarily be built for durability.”
Miyamoto Musashi translated by Stephen F. Kaufman

The Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-15

  • 23:41 …. good night! #
  • completed a 4 day Yoga teacher’s training seminar on yoga therapy and 1 on1 work… grateful and thankful for my teachers! #
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  • 10:20 #
  • reminder – upcoming performance: http://twurl.nl/gckoiv #
  • @acip is there a way to see the images from “”Amazing Romania” online? in reply to acip #
  • 00:33 good night! tomorrow (or umm… today!) performance day: http://twurl.nl/e340de YEAH! #
  • packing for performance , performance days are special – vital, wishing you all a great day, I am off to meet the gods! #
  • RT @ryan_mcintyre: Only 5 hours, 38 minutes, 23 seconds till the unix epoch time reaches 1234567890 http://coolepochcountdown.com #
  • 23:44 #
  • call israel electric company: for area code 02 dial 1, for area code 03 dial 2, for are code 04 dial 3 .. some sharp and motivated ppl there #
  • getting up and going down – stairs…. (wanted to see how it feels to tweet something like that… umm… ) #
  • 16:17 – ha… that’s a refreshing one! #

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Market to the People Who Care!


A talk by Seth Godin:

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Japanese Story


Loved this movie the first time, loved it the second time. It takes place in a vast space – in which there is time for expression, sensation, emotion and honesty. A story that can be told in a few sentences unfolds in a delicate expression of human nature. Another touching and moving gem.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-08

  • 21:33 #
  • RT wondering: did you really need that new iGadget? @timoreilly: Powerful S. McLachlan video http://tinyurl.com/s4xkv (via @KathySierra) #
  • 23:40 #
  • 23:54 #
  • @ronenk why do you ask? in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk if you are not into linear time… we can explore this further… in reply to ronenk #
  • 00:44 #
  • @ronenk I recently realized that 99% of the times that I look at the time I am fascinated by the numbers… so I shout those out 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • 11:21 #
  • 11:22 #
  • finished filing two years of accumulated home paperwork… woah! #
  • @AaronCohen just recalled I had a neighbor Aaron Cohen when I lived in LA! in reply to AaronCohen #
  • opinions create collisions, interests create meetings. #
  • I tend to have opinions about the past while the future keeps me curious and interested… #
  • do ppl actually believe: a company that gives away free service with only advertising (pollution) as a business model can care? G’Z WAKE UP! #
  • a company like this: http://twurl.nl/krwjv3 ??? Care … common pleaze! #
  • 10:01 #
  • yeah I get scared… but then I also get un-scared…. #
  • 23:23 #
  • 10:20 #
  • @AaronCohen can’t DM you because you are not following. how can I reach you? in reply to AaronCohen #
  • @AaronCohen maybe coffee in Herzliya later? in reply to AaronCohen #
  • 14:44 #
  • @AaronCohen 🙂 I am at iamronen@iamronen.com – whenever is good for you … enjoy ur party! in reply to AaronCohen #
  • I noticed that the things I feel are “really important to share” 99% of the time don’t make it into writing… hmmm #
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  • 22:02 #
  • 23:41 #
  • I was given a glimpse into a life I have made for myself and managed to carry it over into words and share it: http://twurl.nl/06kc8i #
  • 01:31 good night all! #
  • RT for me two words stand out in this “noise” & “happy”! @guykawasaki: Why one person quit Twitter http://adjix.com/bjiw #
  • didn’t get quantum mechanics this morning either http://twurl.nl/sh4ymc 🙂 good day all! #
  • @Orrin_Woodward I take counsel with my heart, my soul and at clear moments with the observer within me! in reply to Orrin_Woodward #
  • @marcwarnke what’s the ONO bus and where is it going? in reply to marcwarnke #
  • @marcwarnke thank you, that I know, read about your work. my questions is what is on the bus and where is it going? What is there to join? in reply to marcwarnke #
  • RT I am not a football fun and still enjoyed this @guykawasaki: 5 million have watched this … check it out http://adjix.com/f6sk #
  • RT @Joi: Here’s the presentation about how much water in a latte: *http://www.worldwildlife.org/ted/ #
  • “claiming knowledge is a social dysfunction (disease), it quenches motivation and buries inspiration” #

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What’s He Building in There?


Not only can Tom Waits do what he does, but he can do it live as well. Enjoy : )

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Quantum Mechanics


Yesterday I came across Ron Garret (and his excellent writing on tables vs. css) and this morning I sat down to read his paper Quantum Mysteries Disentangled. I was hoping it would shed some light for me on Quantum Mechanics, but I didn’t get most of it. I did get the end – a Zen Koan from one Douglas Hofstadter:

“Two monks were arguing about a flag. One Said, “The flag is moving.” The other said, “The wind is moving”. The sixth patriarch, Zeno, happened to be passing by. He told them “Not the wind, not the flas. Mind is moving”.

As I read the paper a feeling crept into my bones from one year (a long time ago) I spent in the physics department of a university. It felt ominous, pushy and irrelevant. I observed this sensation, and then brought my attention back to the paper in my hand and two thoughts came to me. (1) It is funny how the mind takes a long and convoluted path in it’s insistence to comprehend, and how nature dances with it providing it with a balanced diet of comprehension and mystery. (2) It seems that some people are naturally inclined to things like logic, mathematics & science as they manifest in the mind, I am not one of those people.

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Shma Israel


Yesterday morning Aube (a young french dancer who I met during a Shahar’s Tune project in Barcelona) arrived for a visit. She has been in Israel for a few months and wanted to come and share with me an idea for a project she wants to explore. She has been feeling very confined and limited and wanted to revive herself by creating. We spent some time together talking about life and about her wish. Around noon I left the house and went to get some groceries to make some food. When I returned both Aube and Andreea were sitting outside in the sun (it was an exceptionally sunny and warm day).

Shortly after that Hemi arrived – Hemi is a unique individual and good friend. He is usually very (very very) busy and so seeing him is a luxury I embrace whenever I can. Hemi and I were scheduled to do some work on the website I am helping him build. By the time Hemi arrived I was already at work cooking a late brunch for us all (spanish tortilla, peppers and fresh squeezed juice). When Hem arrived I asked him to look out at the garden: Andreea (who was feeling unwell) was sitting peacefully in the sun working on her newly launched website, Aube was lying on a blanket half-asleep with Tree, our adopted street-cat curled up next to her.

I felt fulfilled and proud showing Hemi that image. I’m in a challenging period in my life and often find myself wishing for a sense of refuge – and yet within this I felt I had succeeded in creating a place and a space that offers refuge to others. I was looking out the window, realizing and showing Hemi the richness of my life. I needed to see it.

We then all sat down to eat together. Then everyone dispersed: Andreea went to rest, Aube returned to the garden and Hemi and I sat down to work. Later that evening Aube, Andreea and I cooked and ate a wonderful tomato soup for dinner. Late at night Aube finally decided she wanted to create a few images she could take with her to continue her exploration – so we did that and called it a day.

This morning Aube, Andreea and I shared a morning drink. As we did this Aube put on a CD of a spanish singer called Yasmin. It was perfect, we all sat quietly listening to it. At one point I closed my eyes, holding my warm cup of coffee close my lips and nose. I slipped into a meditative place and a few tears came to my eyes. I felt grateful and thankful for having and appreciating these precious moments.

As one song came to a close, another started. This song slowly pulled me out of my meditative state – I realized that the words I was hearing were in hebrew and sounded like a prayer.  I then opened my eyes and looked at Andreea – and she too was realizing that the song was in hebrew. The words were taken from a famous prayer called Shma Israel – I am very distant from Judaism – so I don’t know much about the prayer – but as I write these words I realize that in a way it too is about refuge and thankfulness.

This is the song: yasmin09

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Finally Not 10


I’ve spent some time reading, well skimming, Guy Kawasaki writing. He has this really nice, familiar, reliable and stable pattern – lists of 10 which is just too much for me. Finally I ran into something he wrote and finally it is a list of only 4 items – a capacity I can digest – and it’s about creativity, which I do care about deeply – so finally I can relate 🙂

The short version (the full post here):

  1. Give yourself permission to think up many ideas.
  2. Keep chewing on the problem.
  3. Build on ideas that came before.
  4. Put yourself in environment that will use different parts of your brain.

I have run into quite a few lists – like this one – and they are great academic ideas – they seem to provide very little practical tools on how to do this – without which they are waving in the air  like bate – but never really applied. So here is a sequel of ideas on how to put these into action:

  1. Play – enjoy yourself, surround yourself with games and laughter. Creativity is shy – if you try to coax it into the light it will hide in the corner, if you leave it be it will suddenly appear at your side when you least expect. It will play with you.
  2. Graze – like cows do – they are not trying to achieve or prove anything, they are not doing something important, they simply do what they do. You may feel lost when you are grazing – this is a great place to be – don’t try to fix it, solve it or make it better. Keep grazing.
  3. Get Comfortable – don’t challenge yourself right off the start – place yourself in a familiar setting, do things you can do with ease – let your mind, body & soul experience that “it can”.
  4. Rest – actively sacrifice  doing something you think is important and instead rest – do whatever it is that enables you to relax. It’s not something you should do when you “find the time” (after years of hard work when your body breaks down in illness) – do it now.

I will venture a fifth idea – that applies to all four: use your body, be physical. Creativity lives & flows throughout your body – move your body and creativity will rise to the call.

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Good Advice from Thelonius Monk


… supposedly to saxophonist Steve Lacy


(I found this here – thank you Tina)

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Thoughtful Video


Watch a comparison between a video clip budget and … an alternative to what can be with that money

Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire

I learned about this through twitter – and couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t sent through a fashionable iPhone or similar device – that was purchased as an indulgence – similar to that which is high-lighted in the video clip. Are we just comfortable bring critical of wrongs or also willing to act with personal sacrifice to make a right?

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Shitafon Performance


Shahar & Yael have been working for some time on a piece called Shitafon (a word in hebrew which can be translated as “flood”). A few weeks ago I joined the process and we had an amazing session on a cold beach at 6am. Yael took some serious punishment and with it most of the adrenalin. If you haven’t already been to SweetClarity – then this is a great opportunity – there you can see what happened during that session.

This process will come into focus as a performance on February 12th at Tmuna Theatre in Tel-Aviv at 20:00. I will be there though my role remains a mystery and surprise. If you are in the area please do come. This is a rare occasion.


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Enjoy : )

Invitation at Dock 11 from Rachel Brooker on Vimeo.

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Innovation : )

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What was once, to me, nothing more then a lyric from a stupid song from a stupid song-contest has turned out to be a masterful history lesson in this movie. About half way through the movie I suddenly realized the identify of the main character who’s life and motivation is portrayed (and whom I never knew much previously). Ironically I came across his name recently when inquiring about another movie – but more on that soon. In the meanwhile enjoy a brilliant movie with a powerful historical perspective:

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Ray LaMontagne


A voice and presence with power, conviction, gentleness and caress. Enjoy 🙂

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Fuck Me


A great monologue by a great actor (Edward Norton) in a great movie (The 25th Hour). Watch it all the way through. Enjoy : )

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Gianmaria Tesla


Three days ago I did not know he exists, two days ago I could not say remember his name, yesterday I could not remember it, today I can write it. Enjoy : )

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Great Advice


I came across this collection of tips for aspiring Shakuhachi makers. As I read it I realized its great all-around advice in art, business , life & what not. Simply replace the Shakuhachi specific words with whatever field of life you are currently facing and take to heart. Enjoy : )

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Yoga & Breath – Movement


Now that we have a basic Ujjayi breath to work with – let’s try to make a simple connection with movement. We are going to be using a very simple exercise to demonstrate this. The simplicity of the exercise is leaves space to explore the subtle relationship between breath and movement – I invite you to embrace this simplicity and spend some time with it before moving on to more challenging asana (exercises). I will also be revisiting this simple exercise as we elaborate further on the qualities of ujjayi breathing.

To demonstrate the exercise I would like to introduce stick figures. These are drawings which can be used to describe and document a practice. The first figure is the posture I described previously of lying down on the back with both feet standing.


Read More »

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The Next 9/11?


DISCLAIMER: I am no journalistic writer. The thoughts embodied in this text exist coherently within me and it seemed a good thing to share them. Their external coherency is completely up to you!

The  Bhagavad Gita, though it is a religious text, is also considered a source of inspiration in Yoga. I had the pleasure of exploring some of it during a retreat a few years ago. It is part of a larger epic tale “The Mahabharata” which tells a soap-opera-like story with many twists and turns and describes the history that leads to a war where the two combating sides are of the same ancestral family. The Gita begins (following a short summation of the situation for those who did not see the previous chapters) when Arjuna, the mightiest archer-warrior alive, asks Krishna, no less then a god incarnated acting as his chariot-driver, to take him out to the middle of the battle-field. There Arjuna rises to stand,  looks to the enemy front where he sees his uncles and cousins. He then collapses back into his seat in despondency and depression saying to Krishna that he cannot fight this war. The  greatest warrior alive gets depressed at the outset of the greatest war in history. Read More »

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