“… but it was the saxophone soloing that challenged credulity, it’s length and perhaps its unwillingness to tell a traditional story… If there’s one thing the facile critic needs to do his job, it is some verbal personality from the bandstand, some words to transcribe into the review – anything to make a thoroughly musical endeavor more literary or conversational. Coltrane would not provide it.”
Ben Ratliff

Coltrane - The Story of a Sound

@ronenk אוף…. מחכה כבר לעזוב את…


@ronenk אוף…. מחכה כבר לעזוב את הארץ… זהו 🙂 חזרתי לבשל אטריות מוקפצות ולאכול טוב טוב !! 🙂

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