“An ideal is something we believe is right, but it may not be practical. Whereas an attitude should be something that we can put into practice right from where we are.”
TKV Desikachar

What Are We Seeking?

Glimpses 01 – November 2007


this image was taken during the summer of 2006 during the war in lebanon. i had just given up my day-job/career and decided to embrace my passions: yoga and photography. i was a bit worried about photography – i was scared of becoming a photographer thinking there were already enough photographers out there and i really didn’t like the idea of someone (“customers”)infringing on my care-free photography habits.

that evening i felt restless at home and wanted to go out to the beach with a camera in hand. andreea wanted to attend a food festival that was organized at the tel-aviv harbor for residents of the north who, because of the war, could not sell their produce – so we headed out there. when we stepped out of the food festival this image appeared before me. two people were dancing contact improvisation in complete silhouette. despite the business of the harbor (its a very public place) the space around them remained clear.


i took a few images and we continued our stroll down the deck. less then a minute later a person came up to me and asked about the pictures. he said he was one the dancers (i did not recognize him because of the back-light). that was my first meeting with shahar. shahar had come out to the deck at tel-aviv harbor to start a spontaneous jam. he invited me to work together and a week later we were in a dance studio. only now, from a state of complete creative immersion with shahar, i can begin to appreciate the vast space that lay before me on that summer day.

to be continued…

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