“It isn’t a matter of fine acting performances or of those talents which always impress through expertise and technique, however special. It’s more a question of heart. That is an empty space, a group of performers simply and openly show themselves for what they are, and hope to be.”
John Heilpern

Conference of the Birds

Glimpses 02 – December 2007


this image was taken a week after the image in the previous issue of glimpses. shahar invited three people: tal, eran and myself and to partake in a creative journey. i had no idea what would happen, and neither did anyone else. shahar’s invitation was the common thread. as you may recall i was in a time of change, i had just left my career behind and i was doubtful about my skills as a photographer and wondering if there would be room in the world for another (me) photographer.


shahar is a very powerful facilitator. his presence and clear artistic direction are a clear calling. the studio quickly became a feeding frenzy of energy. i was bouncing back and forth between the joy of being there and the complete mystery (and confusion) about what was going on. we all knew we touched something special.

after the session we sat down to talk and share our experience of the session. tal, lying on the floor in the foreground of the image, said to me that if i had merely moved away from where I was, her emotional state would have shifted – that i was affecting her presence and altering the balance of her intense duet energy with eran (standing in the background).

this new insight was the beginning of a new understanding for me. my photography is not about my technical skills or the technical equipment. it is about my presence. this was a huge relief. suddenly there seemed to be space in the world for me!

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