“You’re in a terrible spot. It’s too late for you to retreat but too soon to act. All you can do is witness. You’re in the miserable position of an infant who cannot return to the mother’s womb, but neither can he run around and act. All an infant can do is witness and listen to the stupendous tales of action being told to him. You are at that precise point now. You cannot go back to the womb of your old world, but you cannot act with power either. For you there is only witnessing acts of power and listening to tales of power.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

Glimpses 03 – February 2008


i forgot to mention that the previous glimpses image was part of a process/project that was in retrospect named ‘sweet’. the current image is also from ‘sweet’ –  it was taken during the last session. this time we (shahar, tal and myself) were in a dark studio. tal had brought along a single mobile stage-light. the dark studio and the single light introduced a new dimension to our work – and were a first for me. in addition, if i recall correctly, this was my first time working in costume.


work in the studio takes time… and though we didn’t have all the time we planned (car trouble on the way) the session evolved and intensified. when this image was taken tal and i were both in the space.

i remember feeling confused – i was having a hard time reaching a composition where the light was working for me. i even commented outloud to shahar that i need to explain to tal my “light needs”. i don’t remember what shahar replied to me, i do remember that he bluntly rejected the distraction and  directed me back into the work.

this time i learned to surrender. when i surrendered my aspiration to get what i want (a good image, better lighting, more consideration…) this image (and a few others) were born.

this experience of surrender is a recurring lesson for me. it generates a sense of ease (due to the acceptance that i don’t control the settings) and i relax, enjoy myself and experience grazing.

I believe that the most wonderful images emerge when i am completely present – and for me the key is not doing – surrender to what is – there lies the magic.

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