“You’re in a terrible spot. It’s too late for you to retreat but too soon to act. All you can do is witness. You’re in the miserable position of an infant who cannot return to the mother’s womb, but neither can he run around and act. All an infant can do is witness and listen to the stupendous tales of action being told to him. You are at that precise point now. You cannot go back to the womb of your old world, but you cannot act with power either. For you there is only witnessing acts of power and listening to tales of power.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power



This SweetClarity publication was taken during a street performance in Barcelona – also during Shahar’s Tune workshop. The location was a square – a place where Shahar likes to sit and dine when he visits Barcelona. The score for the performance, if I recall correctly, was to start in groups of 4 or 5 – everything else, like always would reveal itself (or not) as the performance progressed. It was a big space and the group really mastered it.

One thing that caught my attention in this performance was how the performers matured in their relationship to costume. People were making many conscious choices – going into details and really shaping a space for a character to appear. To the best of my knowledge Lorena and Lucia did not coordinate their costumes. When I saw them standing against this wall together I had an immediate intuition that something was happening and as my intent began to close in on them – I knew I was going to be a part of it. A door was opened for me to partake in this intense performance piece and hopefully images. Once again I invite you to turn on your speakers for a rich experience.

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Shelly – thank you for taking an interest and sharing – your attention inspired this post.

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    יפה מאד חביבי!
    בחירה מופלאה של פס הקול והאוירה

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