“That’s your doing. Now in order to affect that doing I am going to recommend that you learn another doing… It may hook you to another doing and then you may realize that both doings are lies, unreal, and that to hinge yourself to either one is a waste of time, because the only thing that is real is the being in you that is going to die. To arrive at that being is the note-doing of the self.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-08

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  • RT wondering: did you really need that new iGadget? @timoreilly: Powerful S. McLachlan video http://tinyurl.com/s4xkv (via @KathySierra) #
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  • @ronenk why do you ask? in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk if you are not into linear time… we can explore this further… in reply to ronenk #
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  • @ronenk I recently realized that 99% of the times that I look at the time I am fascinated by the numbers… so I shout those out 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
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  • finished filing two years of accumulated home paperwork… woah! #
  • @AaronCohen just recalled I had a neighbor Aaron Cohen when I lived in LA! in reply to AaronCohen #
  • opinions create collisions, interests create meetings. #
  • I tend to have opinions about the past while the future keeps me curious and interested… #
  • do ppl actually believe: a company that gives away free service with only advertising (pollution) as a business model can care? G’Z WAKE UP! #
  • a company like this: http://twurl.nl/krwjv3 ??? Care … common pleaze! #
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  • yeah I get scared… but then I also get un-scared…. #
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  • @AaronCohen can’t DM you because you are not following. how can I reach you? in reply to AaronCohen #
  • @AaronCohen maybe coffee in Herzliya later? in reply to AaronCohen #
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  • @AaronCohen 🙂 I am at iamronen@iamronen.com – whenever is good for you … enjoy ur party! in reply to AaronCohen #
  • I noticed that the things I feel are “really important to share” 99% of the time don’t make it into writing… hmmm #
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  • I was given a glimpse into a life I have made for myself and managed to carry it over into words and share it: http://twurl.nl/06kc8i #
  • 01:31 good night all! #
  • RT for me two words stand out in this “noise” & “happy”! @guykawasaki: Why one person quit Twitter http://adjix.com/bjiw #
  • didn’t get quantum mechanics this morning either http://twurl.nl/sh4ymc 🙂 good day all! #
  • @Orrin_Woodward I take counsel with my heart, my soul and at clear moments with the observer within me! in reply to Orrin_Woodward #
  • @marcwarnke what’s the ONO bus and where is it going? in reply to marcwarnke #
  • @marcwarnke thank you, that I know, read about your work. my questions is what is on the bus and where is it going? What is there to join? in reply to marcwarnke #
  • RT I am not a football fun and still enjoyed this @guykawasaki: 5 million have watched this … check it out http://adjix.com/f6sk #
  • RT @Joi: Here’s the presentation about how much water in a latte: *http://www.worldwildlife.org/ted/ #
  • “claiming knowledge is a social dysfunction (disease), it quenches motivation and buries inspiration” #

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