“I make but a simple statement of fact when I say that for years I was like on bound hand and foot to a log racing madly on a torrent, saved miraculously time after time from dashing to death against the many boulders projecting out of the swirling water on every side by just a narrow margin and in the nick of time, turning and twisting this way and that, as if guided by a marvelously quick and dexterous hand infallibly correct in its movement … At times I felt Instinctively that a life and death struggle was going on inside me in which I, the owner of the body, was entirely powerless to take part, forced to lie quietly and watch as a spectator the weird drama unfolded in my own flesh.”
Gopi Krishna

Kundalini – The Evolutionary Energy in Man

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-08

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  • RT wondering: did you really need that new iGadget? @timoreilly: Powerful S. McLachlan video http://tinyurl.com/s4xkv (via @KathySierra) #
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  • @ronenk why do you ask? in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk if you are not into linear time… we can explore this further… in reply to ronenk #
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  • @ronenk I recently realized that 99% of the times that I look at the time I am fascinated by the numbers… so I shout those out 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
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  • finished filing two years of accumulated home paperwork… woah! #
  • @AaronCohen just recalled I had a neighbor Aaron Cohen when I lived in LA! in reply to AaronCohen #
  • opinions create collisions, interests create meetings. #
  • I tend to have opinions about the past while the future keeps me curious and interested… #
  • do ppl actually believe: a company that gives away free service with only advertising (pollution) as a business model can care? G’Z WAKE UP! #
  • a company like this: http://twurl.nl/krwjv3 ??? Care … common pleaze! #
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  • yeah I get scared… but then I also get un-scared…. #
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  • @AaronCohen can’t DM you because you are not following. how can I reach you? in reply to AaronCohen #
  • @AaronCohen maybe coffee in Herzliya later? in reply to AaronCohen #
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  • @AaronCohen 🙂 I am at iamronen@iamronen.com – whenever is good for you … enjoy ur party! in reply to AaronCohen #
  • I noticed that the things I feel are “really important to share” 99% of the time don’t make it into writing… hmmm #
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  • I was given a glimpse into a life I have made for myself and managed to carry it over into words and share it: http://twurl.nl/06kc8i #
  • 01:31 good night all! #
  • RT for me two words stand out in this “noise” & “happy”! @guykawasaki: Why one person quit Twitter http://adjix.com/bjiw #
  • didn’t get quantum mechanics this morning either http://twurl.nl/sh4ymc 🙂 good day all! #
  • @Orrin_Woodward I take counsel with my heart, my soul and at clear moments with the observer within me! in reply to Orrin_Woodward #
  • @marcwarnke what’s the ONO bus and where is it going? in reply to marcwarnke #
  • @marcwarnke thank you, that I know, read about your work. my questions is what is on the bus and where is it going? What is there to join? in reply to marcwarnke #
  • RT I am not a football fun and still enjoyed this @guykawasaki: 5 million have watched this … check it out http://adjix.com/f6sk #
  • RT @Joi: Here’s the presentation about how much water in a latte: *http://www.worldwildlife.org/ted/ #
  • “claiming knowledge is a social dysfunction (disease), it quenches motivation and buries inspiration” #

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