“Things are only real after one has learned to agree on their realness. What took place this evening, for instance, cannot possibly be real to you, because no one could agree with you about it. ‘Do you mean that you didn’t see what happened?’. Of course I did. But I don’t count. I am the one who’s lying to you, remember?”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

  • hahahaha… trying to deactivate my facebook account and can’t get past a security captcha validation… 6 or 7 time already…. #
  • YES…. I got through it, managed to deactivate my facebook account, it was a rigorous task but I lived to tell: http://twurl.nl/xi4ksv #
  • @adambn twitter still tickles me, but I have a feeling its heading in the wrong direction… time will tell, I will let you know 🙂 in reply to adambn #
  • RT @inkupakor: John Coltrane – Crescent http://www.inkupakor.com/?p=110 #
  • RT ahh listening! @adambn: seems new twitter followers following 1000’s to get their attention and a follow back, better if u listen #
  • @adamb If blocking spam/parasite users escalates into a full time job, I will leave twitter #
  • 14:41 #
  • such a gift to work with people who are master listeners, I can say how I feel and they listen without creating ripples, so I can hear too #
  • @gapingvoid goodbye, there was a shimmer, then it burned/sold out. I am disappointed, but choose to stick with the original appreciation. in reply to gapingvoid #
  • money represents value, value is a residue of quality, if it’s got a price tag… well… good chance that quality is long gone! #
  • RT awwww… you guys, I didn’t know 🙂 @ronenk: @TalSh I do. #
  • yeah I know 🙂 #
  • following: 85, followers 79 … a few more unfollows and the gap will close! #
  • @idancohen someting that takes more then 140 chars : ) iamronen@iamronen.com in reply to idancohen #
  • I see the connection but it must not be abused! #
  • don’t criticize, don’t explain, don’t judge, don’t predict, don’t be a hindsight smart-ass, stop wasting…create you fool ! #
  • INVITATION: 2nd Shitafon performance ( http://twurl.nl/v8znzq) will take place this thursday 23/4 at Tmuna Theater in Tel-Aviv #
  • woohoo… finished clearing an area on the east side of the house and planted two trees that have finally found a home too 🙂 #
  • @ronenk: @adambn the roads to the north are open and I am here most of the time, ~16:30 is great to go out for a walk in the nearby hills! #
  • started early morning with pranayama practice, now drinking simple black tea – have’t done that in a while #
  • @ronenk great morning, beautiful sunlight…. thanku! #
  • A new post (1st in a series) on Yoga & Energy: http://www.iamronen.com/?p=924 #
  • RT @amanda: Those of you asking me last night, here’s the link to my favourite video from Ethiopia. Day 2 : http://bit.ly/bpqYY #
  • RT All commerce IS moral choice – much of it seems to be of low quality! @Philanthropic: All commerce requires moral choice. #
  • Mozilla Firefox PLEEEEASE get your act together with flash crashes… its becoming intolerable… I’d hate to leave you! #
  • good morning all, performance today, packing and heading out soon 🙂 #
  • this may come as a surprise to you… but what I or you think doesn’t really matter! #
  • get one, now is a good time ♫ http://blip.fm/~4woap #
  • it makes me see what I want to see, be what I want to be ♫ http://blip.fm/~4wp7z #
  • @adambn check out images I took of BBB a while back: http://www.stillcreation.com/?page_id=26 in reply to adambn #
  • RT @gotoAndSmoke: Whatever fuck money…. By the way fuck buttons #
  • @gervis my take – if it doesn’t come as a surprise it isn’t really change! in reply to gervis #
  • @gervis flexibility – is about being able (open?) to bend when change places its weight on you, flexibility embraces surprising change… in reply to gervis #
  • RT @ronenk: Retweet this please. RT @1938media: http://bit.ly/16CZtE #
  • beautiful instrument: http://www.shakuhachi.com/AP-18-231.html #
  • this cooking and feeding myself process… is sometimes a real nuisance… I’d like better mileage #
  • @ronenk I don’t know of many Shakuhachi sound samples online – but I did find this one: http://twurl.nl/u7kvgs in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk namaste, I have a simple Shakuhachi http://twurl.nl/d3dkdk hoping the future will bring me a fine instrument to play 🙂 in reply to ronenk #
  • RT @adambn: looking to connect with a flash developer with experience with video for consulting #
  • ola 22:22 !!! #
  • it’s been a while since I said &set out to “write a 6 cell FIFO with a filtered push and a full-buffer event trigger”… and I am #
  • great stuff – twitter has a nudge: “unfollow-follow” #
  • “software engineers r striving 2 make more idiot-proof programs, the world is striving 2 make more idiots, looks like the world is winning” #

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