“You are like you are, because you tell yourself that you are that way.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • ripping CD's and organizing files…. preparing to disperse my physical CD collection … #
  • sustaining vibrant energy is a delicate art, especially when it's not so vibrant and I need to be patient with it #
  • it feels like summer is over here in the north, days are getting cooler nights are cold – amazing air 🙂 #
  • "when you doubt you know; when you know, doubt" #
  • meditation is observing the path you are on, not trying to pave a different one #
  • What are we? the building blocks and forces of nature – a #Yoga perspective: http://twurl.nl/abuzqh #
  • RT @JangalaRetreat: RT @PJA64X Eating In Heaven and Hell http://bit.ly/1wiRwZ A great story. Must read! #
  • every day I wake up and wonder why … ♫ http://blip.fm/~czd8k #
  • I was hypnotized by a strange delight under a lilac tree ♫ http://blip.fm/~czdc2 #
  • for you dear I was born ♫ http://blip.fm/~d0z59 #
  • my kind of shopping: helped neighbor collect eggs in chicken coop, came back with a tray of eggs 🙂 #
  • a #Yoga journey: mind to heart and beyond http://twurl.nl/2b7tw6 #
  • a core Vedic principle: something cannot come from nothing #
  • social is mediocre #
  • yoga is "containment of the mind's activities" and deserves a supportive practice space: http://twurl.nl/3cp3rn #
  • good morning all 🙂 a little something about writing: http://twurl.nl/obv77u #
  • beauty flowing freely and gracefully from the inside out: http://twurl.nl/b6dz1k #
  • finally got around to writing about Kundalini (there's a good chance it's not what you think it is): http://twurl.nl/1yvu7g #
  • all of my photography posts have been brought home: http://twurl.nl/iaeo8u – photography site is images only http://twurl.nl/aoor2m #
  • a good way to experience me is through the glimpses posts: http://twurl.nl/bwia5j #
  • 99% of Israeli government web-sites/services I encounter are not compatible with Firefox – bad bad government! #

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