“They just hate it when people make love. And then they’ll go to a fistfight where somebody’s really hurt and all covered with bloodand they’ll just love that. Or a war and stuff like that. They’re all mixed up and they’re trying to take it out on you so you get mixed up too.”
Robert Pirsig


Money Driven Medicine


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  1. Sis
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    If you drill right down into it, the central problem with the American healthcare system is that it is for profit. Once money enters into a medical consideration – everybody looses.
    Can we create a system that is entirely devoid of monetary considerations? Probably not. But we CAN try to limit that exposure.
    In America, the financial considerations have trickled down all the way to the doctors' level. In Israel, these financial considerations are still, for the most part, at the administrative level.
    In America there are over 50 million people living without access to healthcare – 1 out of every 6 people – unacceptable. In Israel every single person has access to healthcare – and quality of service is generally uniform across the country. And while the Israeli level of healthcare is not 1:1 with that of America, it is close enough.
    America needs to take a very close look at what other "socialist" countries are achieving with their healthcare systems. But Americans get a rash from just hearing the word 'socialist' or any other word that even hints at non-private medicine. This will be the downfall of America. And by the time America realizes it – it will be too late. I'm not sure if it is not already too late.

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