“... everyone who comes into contact with a child is a teacher who incessantly describes the world to him, until the moment when the child is capable of perceiving the world as it is described. According to Don Juan, we have no memory of that portentous moment, simply because none of us could possibly have had any point of reference to compare it to anything else. From that moment on, however, the child is a member. He knows the description of the world; and his membership becomes full fledged, I suppose, when he is capable of making all the proper perceptual interpretations which, by conforming to that description, validate it ...”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

Arkadi Duchin


Arkadi DuchinTomorrow is a premier concert of Arkadi Duchin‘s new album “September”. Most of the texts on the new songs are rooted in spiritual teachings of Kabala.

Amit Shalev is an inspiring video photographer I met during my first year working with Shahar (which brings back a memory for another Glimpses). I was contacted by Amit, who studies and collaborates with Arkadi, a few days ago about an opportunity to present my works within the settings of the new performance (on a large screen that is part of the stage design).

Amit sent me a list of songs in the set-list (and a tight schedule), and over two days I roamed my image repositories with Arkadi’s music in the background. It was a wonderful journey. Though I don’t study Kabala, the spiritual contexts resonated clearly with my outlook on life and my teachings and practices rooted in Yoga. The songs gently illuminated the vast collection of images and some images popped out asking to be present. Initially images appeared for specific songs – but after the first few songs an aura was set and images appeared from different directions. Some images came up that had never been presented or published in any context – they came to life with Arkadi’s new songs.

I sent out a selection of images matched to songs and then after a couple of days of silence I got great responses. Arkadi and others in the production team were moved and excited by the images and it seems that most of the visual work during this concert (and probably during the following tour) will be based on my photography work.

So tomorrow Andreea & I have another unplanned visit to the city. I am honored, excited and looking forward to this unique opportunity for my work to meet new audiences in a special and moving setting. I invite you to come (Thursday 21/2/2010 Noga Theatre – Jaffa 21:30).

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