“The will develops in a warrior in spite of every opposition of the reason … The body must be perfection before the will is a functioning unit.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • back to Yoga Asana – this time Savasana – a subtly demanding relaxation http://bit.ly/8LvOsQ #
  • beautiful palette of colors – glowing sunshine on green hills with a backdrop of ominous dark gray clouds #
  • @yogawithluc I was subscribed 2 Enlightenment Next 4 a year, encountered many names, including Tolle, over-intellectual and uninteresting in reply to yogawithluc #
  • @yogawithluc as if the mind has outgrown the heart in reply to yogawithluc #
  • RT @ronenk בוקר טוב, אני רונן. #
  • RT 🙂 @ronenk @iamronen 🙂 #
  • having a "family-work-meeting" with @andreea_hl to discuss redesign of http://www.feminitate.org #
  • גשם, רוח, עניים, קור… חורף קומפלט! #
  • לא תאמינו איזה גודל גזע נכנס הרגע לקמין… הכי גדול שאי פעם הכנסתי… ממש חתיכת עץ.. כזה שגודל ביער #
  • והערב – מבשלים על הקמין מרק כרוב!! #
  • working on a laptop with a dead (as in doesn't recharge) battery and a shaky power connection can be … spiritually challenging #
  • @Yogispot and vice-versa … in reply to Yogispot #
  • @NaamaSegal כל מי שבפייסבוק צריך לקרוא את זה http://bit.ly/4TxiUq ולעזוב את פייסבוק in reply to NaamaSegal #
  • מלא זמן לא הקשבתי לכוכב האהבה של ארקדי דוכין, נעים לי ! #
  • @NaamaSegal מזמן מזמן מזמן מזן עזבתי את הפייסבוק (ולא ממש הייתי שם גם כשהייתי) ואני ממליץ על זה בחום בכל הזדמנות 🙂 in reply to NaamaSegal #
  • what is the runner up for an iPod for a media player? Archos? #
  • I now regret burning all my university books, could have used them to light the fireplace, now I know better… there's an education! #
  • @ronenk a while back you mentioned 2 web-based wireframe tools, do you recall what they were? in reply to ronenk #
  • @ronenk thank you, yes there are many, but I was impressed with one you mentioned… I agree on pen and paper but need to com. with others in reply to ronenk #
  • my woman is in the kitchen mixing, cooking and what not… all sorts of oils, plant abstracts and the like … 20th century witchery #
  • a little something for the weekend – a yoga sequence anyone can practice: http://bit.ly/d6bjMy #
  • playing bamboo leaves: http://bit.ly/i4sGb #shakuhachi #
  • gift your body with some very simple yoga movements to counteract effects of seated meditations http://bit.ly/a43kvz #

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