“Things are only real after one has learned to agree on their realness. What took place this evening, for instance, cannot possibly be real to you, because no one could agree with you about it. ‘Do you mean that you didn’t see what happened?’. Of course I did. But I don’t count. I am the one who’s lying to you, remember?”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • A Political Headstand – what if Ben Gurion was famous for Pranayama instead of headstands? http://bit.ly/dco85z #yoga #
  • @Nickdrumr2 thanks for your attention 🙂 would have been more pleasant without the cynicism … but hey we are what we are 🙂 in reply to Nickdrumr2 #
  • @freeplay just saw all the tweets you sent my way thank you in reply to freeplay #
  • @freeplay I am quoting from a book I am reading… doing a bit every morning… will reveal the book when I am done with it in reply to freeplay #
  • For me "There is no goal!' is not good enough… so I'm looking further… you are welcome to be with me as I look 🙂 #
  • @freeplay I am not here to convince you or even argue… I don't know you that well to invest that kind of energy in you in reply to freeplay #
  • @freeplay I try to keep an open-mind about things, answers and truths don't hold up well over time… questions r more interesting 🙂 in reply to freeplay #
  • @freeplay peace 🙂 in reply to freeplay #
  • @freeplay there is a quality of faith that is free of religion… after years of practice it revealed to me new possibilities in life in reply to freeplay #
  • @Nickdrumr2 I believe there is more to it then that 🙂 if we give it time it may appear 🙂 in reply to Nickdrumr2 #
  • @Nickdrumr2 intuition & faith in reply to Nickdrumr2 #
  • @freeplay this next set of tweets is dedicated to you 🙂 #
  • "Biological evolution can be seen as a process by which weak Dynamic forces at a subatomic level discover stratagems for overcoming #
  • huge static inorganic forces at a superatomic level…by selecting superatomic mechanisms inwhich anumber of options are so evenly balanced #
  • that a weak Dynamic force can tip the balance… their primary vehicle is carbon… #
  • …. carbon [is] unique… the lightest and most active of the group IV atoms whose chemical bonding characteristics are ambiguous. #
  • .. The group containing carbon is half way between metals and nonmetals.. carbon combines with metals, nonmetals… itself… #
  • ..Carbon bondingwas a balanced mechanism…[Dynamic subatomic forces] could steer to all sorts of freedom…by selecting bonding…variety #
  • …What distinguishes all the species of plants and animal is, in the final analysis, differences in the way carbon chooses to bond. #
  • .. th einvention of Dynamic carbon bonding represents only one kind of evolutionary strategm… the other kind is preservation. #
  • ..A Dynamic advance is meaningless until it can be find some static pattern with which to protect itself from degeneration. #
  • …Evolution can't be a continuous forward movement. It must be a process of ratchetlike steps in which there is #
  • a Dynamic movement forward up.. then, if the result looks successful, a static latching-on of the gain that has been made.. #
  • ..the Dynamic force had to invent a carbon molecule that would preserve its limited Dynamic freedom from inorganic laws and #
  • at the same time resist deterioriation back2 simple compounds of carbon again..Dynamic force got around this problem by inventing 2molecules #
  • : a static molecule able to resist abrasion, heat, chemical attack and the like; #
  • and a Dynamic one able to.. 'try everything' in the ways of chemical bonding. #
  • @raymondpirouz great to know I have a listener in this crazy little experiment 🙂 in reply to raymondpirouz #
  • The static, chemically 'dead' plasticlike molecule called protein, surrounds the dynamic one and prevents attack.. that would…destroy it. #
  • The Dynamic one, called DNA, reciprocates by telling the static one what to do, replacing [it] when it wears out, #
  • replacin itself even when it hasn't worn out, and changing it's own nature to overcome adverse conditions. #
  • @raymondpirouz and the "twitter-flooding" 🙂 format is inspired by you! in reply to raymondpirouz #
  • The division of all biological evolutionary patterns into a Dynamic function and a static function continues on up through higher levels… #
  • …semipermeable cell walls to 2let food in & keep poisons out is a static latch. So are..clothes, houses, villages, rituals, laws&libraries #
  • ..On the other hand, the shift in cell reproduction from mitosis http://bit.ly/8LhM3 to meiosis http://bit.ly/1Y1uPE to permit sexual choice #
  • and allow huge DNA diversification is a Dynamic advace. So are sexual choice, death.. communication, speculative thought, curiosit and art. #
  • ..in a value centered explanation of evolution [these] are close to the dynamic process itself…pulling ..life forwad to greater…freedom. #
  • …Without Dynamic Quality an organism cannot grow. Without static qualiy the organism cannot last. Both are needed. #
  • Now when we come to the chemistry professor…studying his empirically gathered data, trying to figure out what it means… this person #
  • makes more sense. #
  • he's conducting his experiments for exactly the same purpose as the subatomic forces had when they 1st began 2create him billionsofyearsago. #
  • He's looking for information that will expand the static patterns of evolution itself ang give both greater versatility and #
  • greater stability against hostile static forces of nature. He may have personal motives such as 'pure fun', that is the Dynamic Quality of #
  • his work. But when he applies fir funding he will…tie his request to some branch of humanity's overall evolutionary purpose." #
  • phew… that was an intense part!! off to practice som yoga asana… goodness to you 🙂 #
  • @raymondpirouz I'm already working on making it more accessible in the end 🙂 in reply to raymondpirouz #
  • Cucumbers & Shakuhachi, Doubt & Faith: http://bit.ly/d4y47P #
  • contemplating designing for WordPress… reveals something about potentials of design itself: http://bit.ly/beknRg #
  • תזכורת אחרונה – התקהלות מיוחדת במוצאי שבת בתיאטרון תמונע: http://bit.ly/ac3iYV #

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